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Biden Threatens to Declare a National Climate Change Emergency – But is There a Bigger Plan?

Welcome to the Great Reset, Biden style.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden outdid himself with usurping more powers he does not have. Biden makes Barack Obama look like a real piker in this regard. Joe Biden approaches power the way Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) used to approach donuts; with peak enthusiasm.

In a speech in Massachusetts, Joe Biden acted as if he and he alone runs every branch of government. Biden acts as if either the Congress or the US Supreme Court does things he doesn’t like or want, he gets to do whatever he wants to change that. Biden ignores the Separation of Powers and that there are three co-equal branches of government, each with powers and limitations for checks and balances.

Biden, like all dictators throughout world history, says he can usurp all the power he wants because it’s an emergency. Never mind that he is the one who declared the emergency. It’s an emergency, nonetheless. There is no time for democracy or the American people being represented by members of Congress they elected. We’ve got an emergency to handle.

The president blamed Republicans for not being able to get anything done in Congress for the climate crisis when the Democrats control both houses of Congress and they have Kamala Harris to split a tie in a 50-50 divided Senate.

Think about all the wrongs that were done to you in the name of the COVID-19 emergency. Local and state government officials almost immediately created new powers they never had and never asked the people who elected them if they could. They just created new powers that took away your freedoms and your rights because there was a health emergency that consisted of a virus that had a 99% survival rate.

So we have an emergency on our hands, and only Joe Biden can solve it. We don’t have enough Americans who are vaccinated. It’s an emergency! You’re in your car driving alone and not wearing a mask! It’s an emergency. Your children aren’t exhibiting signs they are transgender yet! It’s an emergency! 

So, what is the emergency that Joe Biden has declared? Climate change. The climate crisis, of course. The Congress did not go for the Green New Deal, which is democracy in action, so Biden feels he can shove it down our throats in a series of unconstitutional executive orders.

Originally called global warming, which has Marxist ideological roots, climate change is a government gravy train cottage industry as phony as a Biden executive order. Climate change for many people has become a cult.

During his climate speech, Biden said that climate change is an existential threat. I don’t think he understands what that word means, but his handlers told him to use the word and so he did.

Dictators throughout history have used the concept of declaring a crisis or a national emergency in order to bypass rules, regulations and laws that limit their power. This is no different. We are not experiencing an existential crisis in climate change. I call the climate change alarmists “watermelons” because while they are green on the outside they are socialist red on the inside. These are politicians and bankers and billionaires who want to control your life. The whole global warming/climate change government gravy train cottage industry was created to control your life and your land by globalists via the UN, the Club of Rome, the World Economic Forum, and other groups who have been pushing for a Great Reset since the 1960s.

There is no existential threat from climate change. The watermelons at first were laughed at and then for a time they were ignored by the real science community. But as often happens, when leftists continue to push an agenda, they eventually convince enough politicians that there is something in it for them and then we suddenly have laws that remove our freedoms to handle the problem that was invented by them. In this case, it’s Joe Biden’s existential threat.

At the event, Biden said that because the Congress and the Courts have not moved on his agenda, he will go it alone by issuing executive orders.

I wish someone would explain to our president what an executive order is for because apparently he thinks they are used so that he can do anything he wants. Executive orders are called that because they clarify how a president will “execute” a power given to him by the Constitution or the Congress. And since Biden just got done saying that the Congress has refused to act, he admitted he has no power behind any executive order he would sign to do his Green New Deal workaround scheme.

Biden says that climate change is a settled fact, but remember when the liberals told us for 49 years that Roe v Wade was settled law? Climate change is not a settled fact so long as there are thousands of scientists who dispute the whole theory. And it is a theory based all on computer models.

These days leftist politicians lie to your face quite easily because they’ve had years to perfect it. They’ll tell you because of climate change the arctic region is melting without providing any real evidence and then when it’s discovered that there is literally an active volcano under the ice, they dismiss the idea that volcanic heat could be what was melting that glacier. The watermelons deny that volcanic heat causes ice to melt so they can push the climate change nonsense. That’s just one example of how these people get away with lying to you about climate change.

Biden said as president he has a responsibility to act with urgency when there is a clear and present danger. Climate change is neither clear nor a present danger. I would say Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to the United States.

Every dictator has declared an emergency when he wants to do something that he may not do. Democrats declare emergencies so that they can get around laws and usurp powers from the states and the people. Joe Biden lied by saying he has executive powers to do what the Congress will not do. Anything Biden does through executive action is unconstitutional without a law behind it created constitutionally by the Congress.

For decades now, liberals have been telling us we have 10 years to live if we don’t do something about global warming and now it’s climate change. They said 10 years, 5 years, 50 years, they’re all over the place. AOC said 12 years back in 2019, but no one asks her if we now have only 9 years left. It’s because they’ll all full of crap. How come no reporters ever ask a climate change alarmist why we’re all still here after their imposed deadline? These people are never held accountable when their goofy predictions don’t come true. And they never come true. They just move on to the next prediction.

Biden said that over the coming days his administration will unveil the god awful things the dictator has planned for us and I am very concerned he’s going to try to implement what globalist Great Reset politicians did in Europe and Sri Lanka and elsewhere that has the world in turmoil with revolts in multiple countries. I believe one of Biden’s dictates will be that our farmers can no longer use fertilizer because the watermelons have determined fertilizer causes climate change. Revolts are happening around the world because the people have no food because their governments forced them to stop growing food. They are starving and they are reacting. Whoever controls the food controls you. This is the Great Reset in action and I fear Joe Biden will bring it to America.



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