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Biden Sticks To The Plan – Cancels All Rallies To Prevent Public Blunders

Right on schedule, former VP Joe Biden cancels all rallies. Why, on schedule, you ask? It has become more evident with each passing week that Joe has a mental deficiency and even his supporters have been questioning his ability to pull off public events and debates. Dozens of disastrous online live speeches, small rallies in which unexpected things take place such as calling a supporter “fat guy” and challenging him to push-ups, or calling a female supporter a dog-faced pony soldier, has rattled those hoping he wins the Presidential election in three months.

In one of my previous stories on Mr. Biden, Joe forgot the years he was VP, where he was speaking at, he mixed up his wife for his daughter, forgot President Trump’s name, butchered multiple facts and figures, what jobs his son worked at, what decade MLK was assassinated, and even the opening of the Declaration Of Independence.

Joe has walked off camera, forgetting he was doing an interview and conducted an entire interview with a black face mask dangling from his ear.

After a series of blunders, one of Biden’s main political advisors told a group of supporters why it is good for Joe to be in his basement.

Now according to the CNS News

Biden Cancels Rallies, Says He Used Them to ‘Sense’ What People Want by ‘Look in Their Eyes,’ ‘The Plaintive Voices’

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he’s canceled all campaign rallies due to fears of the (Disease That Must Not Be Named) – but, he’d rather “be out there with the people” because that gives him “the greatest feel.”

In Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday, Biden held his first press conference in nearly three months and announced that he won’t hold any more rallies, due to “doctors’ orders”:

So here is how Joe is sticking to the plan. He just stays in the basement as the democratic party further weaponizes the “Virus” to shut down the country, demands mail-in voting, cancels rallies, and maybe even the Presidential debates. With Joe, not verifying the possible onset of dementia, they believe the media can cover from him. With the “huge” lead Joe has in the polls, the election is a sure thing, without any major gaffs during these last 3 months before the November third election.

To me, it’s absurd that we might have the first President elected, unable to perform the job day one, and a majority of his supporters are behind the plan. This is not hyperbole, the Democratic Socialist party, without God in their midst, is functioning now as the destroyer of our way of life, with no plan for the aftermath of their destructive policies. So crucial for American’s to vote to stop this My Weekend At Bernie’s re-run.

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