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Biden Spokesperson: Ocasio-Cortez Won’t Be Disappointed By What Biden Is Going To Do

Biden spokesperson Kate Bedingfield  spoke with Chuck Todd about the distrust that progressives have for Joe Biden.

Bedingfield claimed that AOC will be very happy with Biden’s agenda. But, will she? I would highly doubt it. I don’t believe she will be happy with anything short of socialism and the kind of extreme agenda that would make Stalin blush.

Bedingfield insists that Biden will be a progressive president. How will he do that? He would need a progressive cabinet, and unless Mitch McConnell wilts, Biden won’t get that.

Any legislation must also be approved by the Senate and the House is no longer a sure thing since the margin between parties will be so small.

AOC unveiled a $93 trillion dollar Green New Deal but Biden only wants to spend between 3 and 5 trillion over ten years. How happy will that make her? He will make her happy on illegal immigration with his open borders policy. And free medical coverage for illegals. Now that the election is over he can go back to banning fracking.

Todd said:

“Some people hear the word consensus on the Left and they think it means you’re gonna sell the Left out. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this in an interview about her expectations on how the Biden administration will be to the Left of the party, and she says, ‘The history of the party tends to be that we get really excited about the grassroots to get elected, and then those communities are promptly abandoned right after an election.’”

“Let me ask you this: do you believe that she’s going to be disappointed or not when she sees the agenda of the Biden administration in the first six months?”

Bedingfield replied:

“No, I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda. Take a look, for example, at his climate plan. It’s the boldest, biggest climate plan that’s ever been put forward by, you know, by a nominee running for president, and now a president-elect.”

“He’s gonna make good on those commitments. I mean we, you know, he spent time during this campaign bringing people together around this climate plan. He was able to get the endorsement of groups like the Sunrise Movement and the endorsement of Labor for this plan. It’s a big, aggressive plan. It’s a perfect example of the kind of, you know, big effort that he is going to make to meet this moment and to meet these crises that we’re in.”

Time will tell but I think you will see a fight between the progressives and everyone else for the next two years if Biden is elected.

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