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Biden Sounds Like an Old Klan Member Talking about Increased Riots as Black Voter Support Increases for Trump

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Bidden has been making a number of comments about the continuance of violent uprisings by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, at the same time support for his opponent President Donald J. Trump with Black voters is widely increasing, making some people see the connections to the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) threats to Black Americans not to vote by burning crosses and lynching them.

One tweet from Bidden caught the attention of a lot of people, who were alarmed at the tone of the tweet that Biden has been escalating since the Republican Convention,especially and while polls showed Trump was gaining momentum with Black voters.

The Tweet:

The Federalist reported, “Biden just made Democrats’ election subtext public. He said the quiet part loud: The chaos will continue until voters pick Democrats.”

It is even worse than that.

Biden was tweeting about violent attacks, as Black Lives Matter and Antifa members were literally attacking Trump supporters in the street after attending Trump’s acceptance speech for the Republican nomination.

Violent uprisings were happening at the same time with Republican Senators, Congressman, and others who were harassed and chased walking in the streets. Rand Paul said that he felt the crowd wanted to “kill him”.


Is Biden a prophet? What is his message here? How could he have prevent the pandemic? How will he solve these problems and is he insinuating he knew about the future pandemic along with his media allies?

We don’t know, he refuses to talk to the press.

Biden gaslights Americans, as he couches his remarks about the cause of the violence in Democrat-led riots and Pandemic control measures, mostly in the Democrat-led States, never suggesting what he would do differently than the Democrat Governors who have their states shut down.

Biden has notably refused to addressed Black Lives Matter,who many Black Americans feel terrorized by, and other Community Organizers who perpetuate violence against Americans.

Rasmussen pols show that a majority of black voters feel threatened and do not support the Marxist movement of the Black Lives Matter to defund the police and destroy the Black Family unit, which are stated goals of the BLM.

At the same these comments are unfolding from Biden campaign, polls are showing a major shift in the Democrat base with Black voters showing increasing support of Trump.

The Washington Times reported Tuesday:

“President Trump’s approval rating among Black voters jumped by 60% during the Republican National Convention even as Democrats and progressives sought to brand the Republican president as racist.

A HarrisX-Hill poll released Friday showed Mr. Trump’s net approval with Black voters from Aug. 22-25, which included the first two days of the RNC, rose to 24%, up from 15% in the pollster’s Aug. 8-11 survey.”

It is not that far of a stretch to image what would happen if Bidden admired the KKK tactics, because it has happened and they say nothing:

What would they say if a White Supremacist supported Biden and he made these comments about riots continuing? Nothing.:

Imagine what Democrats would say if Trump did these things.

The Federalist said it best:

“This nation is in sore need of governance. Even just a basic “pay your bills” sort of governance, nothing fancy, would be a billion times better than the rising chaos at all levels of our society.

But Democrats aren’t interested in governance, or in allowing governance to even happen. They’re too busy holding the nation hostage to their four-year psychosis over losing an election. Every single massive fake news cycle of the past four years has been a variation on this same hostage situation: Russiagate, Michael Flynn, impeachment, the Supreme Court, the Resistance, coronavirus shutdowns, and now the rioting.”

The Question is, are Americans so beaten back by these Democrat -gaslighting tactics and that they cash pushback? We will soon find out.

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