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Biden Signed an Executive Order Admitting on Hot Mic He Didn’t Know What He Was Signing [VIDEO]

Joe Biden on camera said, “I don’t know what I’m signing” after his people placed executive orders before him onto his desk.  In the video posted online, someone whose voice is not identified told him to “sign it anyways.”

He could have just declared war for all he knows!

About 74 million Americans have been concerned about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, something the mainstream news media has still failed to report on even though it was fully apparent during the 2020 campaign.   And it’s important.  He has the nuclear codes.  I can see it now: “South Korea?  Ahh. I thought I said nuke North Korea.  Did I say South?  Gimme a break.  Come on, man.”

The video shows Biden, acting as sober as a Southern Baptist Pastor with no humor in site, say that he has no idea what executive order he is signing.  Someone then gestures toward Biden’s left hand.  Not knowing what it is, Biden then goes ahead and signs it anyway.


Biden defenders will say that it’s not worth mentioning, but did you ever hear of a president who had a ceremony surrounding him, knowing that he was on camera for the said ceremony, openly admit that he had no idea what he was about to sign?   For progressives, it appears that signing things and taking oaths, and making promises is just a formality of the job.   Those things are not really all that important because the progressive can do whatever the hell they want anyway at any time and without notice.

This incident wasn’t the only problematic thing we’ve seen since Biden’s inauguration.  There is another video on Inauguration Day when Biden and his wife were entering the Capitol and two Marines were holding open the doors by standing in front of them while open.  As the couple approached Biden said out loud “Salute the Marines,” and he never saluted them.  First off, a higher ranking officer does not initiate a salute, and since Biden is now the Thief-in-Chief, er, I mean the Commander-in-Chief he is the highest-ranking officer in the military.  Also, protocol and etiquette dictate that neither Marine could salute, because they were using their bodies to hold the doors open for the CIC.


What happened was President Biden was wearing an earpiece and someone was communicating to him and he repeated it out loud.  This has become necessary as the 78-year-old Biden for months has been saying things that make no sense at all.  Progressives make excuses for his behavior or they dismiss it out of hand or they don’t even acknowledge that this man is in cognitive decline.  The rest of us are scared to death.

Another weird video clip has Biden in the White House on Wednesday, droning on about his COVID appointments when some unknown man can be heard talking about a plea sentence until someone behind the iron curtain heard it and cut the audio feed of the plea bargainer.


Conservatives have been concerned about Joe Biden’s mental abilities for some time now.  He was always known as the Gaffe King who would say something incredibly stupid while in public and he’s done that for years.  He’s not a very bright man.  But now things are different because as POTUS he is in cognitive decline and because he is known to make a lot of gaffes, the media uses his history to give him a pass even now when he is clearly acting as a puppet to the progressives that surround him, and we worry that the radicals will get him to do things that will harm an awful lot of Americans.  Minus the cognitive decline, this is exactly what we have seen happening with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. When it came out that his high school yearbook had a photo in it of him, and we still don’t know if he was in the KKK outfit or he wore blackface, the progressives told him that if he wanted to stay in power he would have to be their puppet.  So almost instantly Virginia governor coming out with progressive policies that shocked the state.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. D.F. Beckley

    February 26, 2021 at 9:46 am

    Since this story was posted it seems that around 30 congressional Democrats have taken note of Biden’s so-called gaffes and come to the realization that Biden couldn’t be trusted to do the right thing especially when it concerns nuclear war. These Democrats are pushing Biden to give up sole control of the nuclear football giving that control to a committee made up of the Vice President and the Speaker of the House. One has to ask what have these Democrats seen that leads them to make this request of Biden? Maybe they finally realized all the videos and reports of Biden’s cognitive decline weren’t phony. Maybe they’ve witnessed, first hand, examples of Biden’s gaffes and realized what a danger he really is. It makes no difference, their call to spread the responsibility for nuclear war is literally a vote of ‘no confidence’. The blind finally see.

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