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Biden Secretly Asks Mexico For Help With Surge of Migrants, Exactly What Trump Did Until Biden Ended It

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

It’s being reported by “anonymous sources” that Mexico was asked for help by the Biden administration to slow down the flow of migrants flooding our southern border thanks to the old guy in the White House who is in way over his head.

Reuters has reported that Mexico is preparing to step up their efforts to detain migrants heading to our southern border by stopping them at their own border with Guatemala after a gazillion paupers from Central America heard the news that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party wants all of their votes and started heading north.

Of course, the Biden administration will never credit the Trump administration for solving our immigration problems by negotiating with the Mexican government to stop the flow of migrants and to keep them on their side of the border while they await hearings for their phony asylum claims and not credit for the deals Trump made with governments of Central America where the migrants/future Democrat voters originate.

Two of the anonymous sources said the National Guard that helped bring down the number of illegal migrants crossing Mexico’s southern border during an increase in 2019, would be back at it to help contain the overflow of future Democrat voters.

“The operations will be more frequent, more continuous and we will be taking part,” said a National Guard member who spoke on condition of anonymity. Knowing our phony news media, the anonymous sources may not even exist.

Joe Biden created a crap storm when he signed executive orders that pretty much negated everything the previous administration did to make immigration legal again and to bring sanity back to what was an out-of-control system.  Biden has now made our immigration system insufferable.

Just think about it. The Biden administration is actively seeking people who have no skills, no money, and no way to support themselves to come into our country by the tens of thousands for the sole purpose of using them for votes for the Democratic Party. There is no other reason to bring these people into our country the way Biden has designed what’s currently going on at our southern border. And the worst part of it all is that you and I are being forced to pay for all of it.

The number of migrants hitting our border topped a record for the month of February and according to the apprehension numbers, it’s going to get much worse for March. For helping the administration with migrants who the Mexican government should already be stopping at their own border according to their own immigration laws, the Mexican government is asking for Biden to give them some COVID-19 vaccines to help them with their shortages. That would mean that Joe Biden would actually have to admit that the Trump administration ordered far more vaccines than our population needed.

According to the Reuters report, the Biden administration is refusing to acknowledge that they asked Mexico for help, and that’s because everything Democrats do is for symbolism over substance.

When a spokesperson at the US State Department was asked about the Mexican plan, she simply said that the US appreciates Mexico’s efforts to help stem the flow of migrants and that we are going to continue with close cooperation. In other words, a snow job.

The administration did not comment on specific operations and refused to respond to a question on whether the Biden White House asked for help or knew about it in advance.

After all the trashing of President Trump and the Trump administration about how they handled the border being overwhelmed with illegal border crossings and how Biden would show empathy because Trump didn’t is a load of bullschtein. A person familiar with the matter in Washington said that the Biden administration has recognized the growing need for the Mexican government to help the Biden administration.

Biden ended Trump’s agreements with Mexico on his first day in office to send a lying message that Trump did things that were unnecessary, and now he’s begging Mexico for help after his executive orders created the nightmare crisis going on at the border that this administration won’t even admit is a crisis. Biden is implementing one of Trump’s border policies to save his hide, but he’s such a political tool that he doesn’t want anyone to know about it because it looks bad on him. Isn’t that obstruction? You will never get honesty from the Biden administration.

Even the newspaper whose only good use is found at the bottom of a dirty birdcage, The New York Times, did a piece last week about Biden urging Mexico to do more to help him with the mess he created.

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