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Biden Says He’s Beat Inflation, Ingraham Just Burst His Bubble

Joe Biden wants to pretend like he has defeated inflation but “the numbers do not lie”, Fox host Laura Ingraham said as she burst his little delusional bubble. The former speechwriter for the Reagan administration slammed Biden’s bogus claims of ‘defeating’ inflation during her show ‘The Ingraham Angle’:

“I mean, this is catastrophic. Politicians lie, my friends. You saw those numbers. The media outlets, they lie, but the numbers do not lie. Now, let’s take a look at recent history. Real-world median household income under Trump rose from $66,657 in 2016 to $71,186 in 2020.

That’s an increase of 6.8% in only four years. That was despite the effects of COVID, and remember, there was no inflation then. But now? By spending trillions on nonsense programs and printing hundreds of billions of dollars, Democrats and Joe Biden are robbing you blind. A new report just came out from the Census Bureau today saying that real median household income fell from $71,186 in 2020 to $70,784 in 2021.

In other words, the U.S. economy under Trump, when we were shut down from COVID, generated better results for the average person than the U.S. economy under Biden — when we had a vaccine, and when the country should have totally reopened.”

While Biden celebrated his fake victory saying that his new bill is the “single most important legislation passed in the Congress to combat inflation and one of the most significant laws in our nation’s history,” the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled in real time amid concerns about rising prices, having its worst day since June 2020.


Biden’s victory speech and celebration were such an embarrassment that most networks cut away from the coverage to talk about more important matters—Like the Dow drop. Meanwhile, the White House doubled down on Biden’s claim when reporters pressed for answers just pushing the last semblance of trust voters might have been clinging to beyond the breaking point.

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