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Biden Mocked After Stacey Abrams Claimed “Secheduling Conflict’ As the Reason She Didn’t Show At His Big Speech In Georgia

President Joe Biden was mocked on Twitter after Stacey Abrams, the progressive lunatic who ran a failed gubernatorial campaign in 2018 and went around giving speeches where she claimed she was the real governor, missed his vital speech in Georgia on voting rights and blamed a scheduling mistake for her absence.

Just to be clear, when the current mob of Democrats talk about voting rights, what they are talking about is their disdain for any election laws that make it more difficult for them to cheat in an election. Take Abrams, for example. She goes around accusing Republicans of voter suppression when there is no voter suppression she can point to in order to support her claims. In the 2020 election, black Georgians were the highest percentage group for voter registration and voter turnout. If there was voter suppression, then how does she explain that? She can’t, so she just keeps on making accusations about voter suppression. In a word, she is lying.

Biden, who campaigned as a moderate but once the Democrats were able to steal the two Georgia Senate seats in a runoff election, he got a progressive wake-up call, threw out the moderate speeches, and went completely radical leftist.

On Tuesday, Biden announced in his speech that he fully supports the efforts to end the filibuster rule in the US Senate so that the Democrats can shove any piece of legislation they want to send through with nothing holding them back. Of course, the big lie they are telling is that they have to do it because the Republicans are against the legislation that the Democrats will use to destroy our electoral system by forcing all 50 states to throw out their election laws, that state legislatures are solely authorized to create by Article 1, Section 4 of the US Constitution, because they want to rig every election for Democrats in the future. Other than the legislation working to destroy our republic as we know it, that’s how the Senate works. The filibuster is there to force both parties to have a debate and discussion of legislation rather than the majority simply ramming it through.

Abrams was not in attendance at the speech, even though it was considered an important one for the administration. This got a lot of attention and got many people wondering why she wasn’t there and if she was actually snubbing the president.

First of all, why does everyone treat Abrams like she’s an elected official or royalty? She’s just a progressive, radical activist who wants to rig elections for Democrats by crying voter suppression and race-baiting weak Republican RINO secretary’s of state into illegally changing election laws that favor Democrats. She’s running for governor again and she may win this time if the Democrats in DC pass the unconstitutional bill they want to use to rig all elections in the US.

The Democrats even had the gall to denigrate the name of the late Rep. John Lewis‘ name by calling the bill that will destroy our electoral process, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. John Lewis was a Civil Rights activist and as partisan as he was, I don’t think he would want such a bill named after him, because the legislation is as unamerican as it gets.

Biden was asked by a reporter if he was insulted over Her Majesty Stacey Abrams not being there for the speech and he said he wasn’t. (I think he was.)

“I’m insulted you asked the question!” Biden joked. But was he really joking? He was probably thinking, Where was that reporter on January 6?

“I spoke to Stacey this morning,” he added, “we’ve got a great relationship, we got our scheduling mixed up. I talked with her at length this morning. We’re all on the same page and everything’s fine.”

He may have talked to her but I guarantee it wasn’t in the spirit of a great relationship. She didn’t want to be seen with the worst American president ever elected.

“Politicians show up with presidents when they have 52% approval ratings, politicians don’t show up with presidents when their approval ratings may be in the 30s in a state,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough who looks like the kid with the banjo up on the bridge in the movie Deliverance.

“It is extraordinary that the president and VP are going to Georgia to talk about voting rights and the most prominent Democrat and prominent voting rights groups in the state have decided not to attend,” Willie Geist, the banjo kid’s co-anchor said.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) took to social media to respond to an article mentioning the potential presidential snub from the Free Beacon.

“The ‘conflict’ is that Stacey Abrams wants to be governor, but Georgia voters think that Joe Biden’s record is a disaster.”

“That Stacey Abrams can’t even be bothered to attend Biden’s speech about the allegedly extinction-level threat to our democracy emanating from GOP election bills tells you all you need to know about where this latest WH push is headed—absolutely nowhere,” replied Rich Lowry of National Review.

Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) who I believe had her Senate seat stolen from her, also responded to the story.

“A sign of how unpopular Joe Biden is. Even radicals like Stacey Abrams don’t want to associate with Biden — embarrassing.”

To be honest, when the President of the United States and of your party wants you to be at a speech in your home state, there are no scheduling conflicts. You go and support your president. But Abrams is running for governor again and she doesn’t want photos popping up on the Internet of her on stage supporting Biden because he is the new cancer to political polling.

Pay attention to how many other Democrats have “scheduling conflicts” this year before the midterms when Biden visits their little slice of hell expecting them to support him during a speech.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sassc2

    January 14, 2022 at 7:49 am

    That’s serious when someone like Stacy Abrams (that piece of work) snubs you.

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