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Biden Makes Major ‘Gaffe’ in Thanksgiving Message But No One Notices Because No One Was Watching

Former Vice President Democrat Joe Biden made a major mistake in a Thanksgiving address, and suspiciously the media was very quiet about it, most likely because less than 1,000 people watched him at the time.

Biden improperly referred to the Book of Psalms in the Bible as “palms” and that should have triggered the media to point out that it is highly likely that Biden has not heard reference to, at least, that Book of the Bible.

According to the Biblical scholars, “The Book of Psalms include songs of praise and worship, pleas for God’s protection and forgiveness, and prayers requesting justice and the punishment of wrongdoers. Some were written for special occasions such as the King’s accession (Psalm 2 & Psalm 110), a royal wedding (Psalm 45) or the celebration of a victory (Psalm 18).”

President Donald J. Trump would never have escaped such a major mistake without being dragged thru the media for weeks. In fact during the 2016 Presidential election Trump referred to what is commonly called “Second Corinthians” as “Two Corinthians” with a full blown attack media for medias, dragging into questions every characteristic of Trump, his lineage and his family members over it.

But not so with Biden, a favored and protected person, then again, perhaps no one was watching, even the media.

When Trump said “Two Corinthians,” it was national news for days and was often brought up during his presidency Yet when “devout Catholic” (LOL) Joe Biden does not known how to pronounce the most widely known book in the Bible, no one reports on it,” one poster wrote.

Comedian Terrence Williams had picked up on the lack of interest by fans of the former VIce President with a funny video:

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