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Biden Has a Week so Bad Not Even Psaki Could Lie About It…But, She tries Anyway

Biden was hoping that last week would be the best one he’s had since his Uncle Jed missed a rabbit and struck oil, but it turned out so bad that even Granny’s tonic couldn’t make him feel better. He has angered the right, the moderate left, the independents, and the far left. Jen Psaki was asked about it in her press conference and all she could do was name his accomplishments, like finding a matching pair of socks.

Where do we begin? The Supreme Court knocked down his vaccine mandate on businesses with over n100 employees. Kyrsten Sinema declared that she would vote no on eliminating the filibuster. His Build back better and Democratic Cheating Rights Bills both bit the dust. Inflation has risen to 7%. And to top it off one poll has his approval rating at 33%.

Even CNN declared that Biden had a week from hell.

Biden admitted he has a lot of work to do, like memorizing his own name and the fact that Kamala harris is not the president:

“There’s a lot of talk about disappointments and things we haven’t gotten done. We’re gonna get a lot of them done, I might add.”

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a bookie willing to cover that bet.

Bloomberg’s White House correspondent Justin Sink said:

“I mean, frankly, things just seem like they’re going pretty poorly right now for the White House. You know, Build Back Better is being blocked. Voting rights is being blocked. Diplomatic talks with Russia doesn’t seem to have brought us back from the brink of war. Inflation is at a 40-year high. The virus is setting records for infection.”

From The Blaze

Sink said the administration is in “pretty rough shape.”

“I’m wondering, at what point do you take stock and say that things need to change internally, whether it’s your outreach with the Hill, whether it’s the leadership within the White House,” Sink told Psaki. “You seem to be stymied on an incredible number of fronts right now.”

Psaki dodged the laundry list of issues plaguing the Biden administration.

“Well, let me give you a little bit of a different take on this,” Psaki pivoted. “More than 200 million people are vaccinated. We’ve had record job growth, record low unemployment rates — historically, in this country, over the last year.”

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