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Biden Gets Record-Setting Support From Anonymous Donors

Biden and some Democrats have voiced disdain from accepting money from anonymous donors in recent years.

However, that did not stop the president-elect from accepting a record $145 million in “dark money” donations this past election. “Dark money” is funds that come from “social welfare organizations” that are allowed to raise money to influence through means such as advertising but are not required to disclose donor information.

The previous mark for most anonymous funds raised was $113 million in support of Mitt Romney in 2012.

By contrast, in the most recent election, Trump only gained $28.4 million.

As part of his agenda, Biden wants to ban “certain types of nonprofits from spending money in elections and requiring that any group that spends more than $10,000” to release donor information to the public. Critics have long claimed that receiving anonymous money shrouds the integrity of the funds.

But if that is the case, why is it ok for Biden to raise a record-setting amount of money through dark money?

The answer is what it has always been in politics: As long as it works for the politician in question for as long as he wants, then it’s ok. 

Money is everything in politics to sustain a candidate’s push to office, and Biden has plenty of it.

But now that he can set rules for how future politicians raise money – including those who might challenge him four years from now – he could tighten his reign on potentially earning a second term simply through superior funding.

And with all of his shady business deals with the Ukraine, Iran, and Russia, there is a good reason why Biden would want to wait until his presidency to set this new standard.

Biden likely has something to hide with his money, but we’ll likely never know what it is because he can now change the rules of the fundraising game. The double standard shown here is quite discouraging.

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