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Attacking Trump

Biden Driven by a Myth, Most People Know Trump did not say White Supremacists are “Very Nice People”

One of the most used criticisms of President Donald J. Trump by activists and social justice warriors online is the false criticisms that Trump had sided with people considered to be “White Supremacists” at a rally in Virgina, where tensions rose and resulted in the death of a protestor to the rally.

The far-left demands that Trump is a racist based on this false narrative that he had called White Surpremists “Very fine people”, but according to a new poll they haven’t been as effective as they had hoped.  In other words, most people don’t believe that false narrative.

Democrat hopeful Joe Biden has been trotting the false narrative out, hoping to discredit the major shifts in support Trump has gotten from the Black community. At the Democrat National Convention earlier in August, Biden accused Trump of spreading hate, and racism and said that was why he decided to get into the Presidential race in the first place.

“Just a week ago yesterday was the anniversary of Charlottesville, remember the violent clash between those spreading hate and those who had the courage to stop it, remember when the President said there were very fine people on both sides,” Biden said.


According to highly accurate polling service Rasmueseun,” Most voters don’t remember President Trump’s remarks about the 2017 racial melee in Charlottesville, Va. the way Joe Biden does. But the false narrative embraced by the president’s opponents has become fact for a sizable number,” they wrote in a statement, Friday.

In their statement, they said, “A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters correctly believe that the president was critical of radical protesters on both sides of the incident but added that there were also “very fine people” on both sides who were present that day.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) say instead that Trump just praised white supremacists in the incident as “very fine people.” (To see survey question wording, click here.) ”

So less than 40% of people polled remembered what Biden remembered. Which never actually happened at all.

Even CNN had the truth. “The President did condemn neo-nazis and white supremacists, so he is not saying that Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are very fine people,” Jake Tapper said.


But that doesn’t case the media or social just warriors to stop misassigning the statement to Trump.

Besides that, an actual White Supremacist, the one who organized the Charlottesville rally is supporting Biden for President.

“Richard Spencer, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and organizer of the infamous 2017 Charlottesville riots, announced yesterday on Twitter that he will be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 election.

A Twitter user asked Spencer if he will be voting for Biden or sitting out the election, given his belief that “Biden/Kamala will be tougher on crime/BLM than Trump.” Spencer responded, “I plan to vote for Biden and a straight democratic ticket. It’s not based on ‘accelerationism’ or anything like that; the liberals are clearly more competent people,” The Federalist reported.


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