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Biden Considering WA State Governor Jay Inslee for Energy Secretary

The election is still far from over, but presidential candidate Joe Biden is actively piecing together a cabinet in preparations for the event that he is declared victor over incumbent President Donald Trump.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that environmentalist activists are advocating to Biden that Washington State governor Jay Inslee should be appointed Energy Secretary.

Inslee is also being considered for Interior Secretary and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Inslee has been an outspoken proponent of climate change policies, and made climate change his key issue in his own bid for president in 2019. During his campaign, he announced his 100% Clean Energy Plan, a 10-year action plan to address climate change.

“We as Americans face a choice. Do we rise to the challenge of defeating climate change? Or do we shrink from this existential crisis and let our kids and grandkids suffer,” Inslee told CNN in the beginnings of his presidential campaign. “In this campaign, I will put forward plans that will defeat climate change, create millions of jobs, and build a just transition to an economy run on clean energy.”

Nationally-enacted, Inslee’s plan would have tackled clean energy standards in America’s electricity, vehicles, and new buildings.

Inslee was just recently re-elected as governor of Washington. If he were to accept a position in Biden’s cabinet, Washington state would need to elect a new governor.

According to Inslee’s spokesperson, Tara Lee, neither the governor nor his staff have any information on a potential cabinet position. Lee told the media that Inslee is “taking a few pre-planned vacation days off.”

This isn’t the first time Inslee’s name has come up in discussions about a position in a Biden administration.

In July, progressive groups were floating Inslee’s name for the U.S. Department of Interior.

However, Inslee has in months previous dismissed the idea of accepting a cabinet position. In September, he told Axios that he wasn’t in any talks with the Biden campaign about any cabinet positions.

“There is more work to do in my state,” he told Axios, “and I’m intent on getting that done.”

When Axios pressed him further on the matter, and asked him if he would take an EPA post, Inslee said, “No, I’m running for governor. I love the state of Washington.”

Ernest Moniz and Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, both of whom had positions in the Obama administrations, are also Energy Secretary considerations.

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