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Biden Commits Impeachable Offense…Abandons 14,000 US Permanent Residents in Afghanistan and Lied About It

In the future, all political lies will be based on the Biden Scale. That is because when it comes to telling whoppers, the Biden administration makes Richard Nixon look like George Washington and the cherry tree. Remember Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the story that only 100 Americans were trapped behind enemy lines? Then last week they claimed the number was nearly five hundred? The new number is 14,000.

This is a stain on this country that will never wash off. Is it just me or are the Democrats racking up an incredible number of reasons why no American should ever vote for one again? I can see the Virginia election results spreading across this once great nation, fueled by people who want to Make America Great Again. At the same time that Biden abandoned 14,000 Americans in Afghanistan, he flew about 100,000 unvetted Afghanis out of the country and has brought 70,000 into this country so far with a possible 53,000 to come later.

Foreign Policy reported:

The State Department believes as many as 14,000 U.S. legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy has learned, as the agency faces increasing scrutiny from Congress about the status of U.S. citizens and green card holders that are still stranded in the Taliban-controlled country…

…The finding, disclosed by a congressional aide familiar with the matter, has been transmitted by the State Department to aides on Capitol Hill in private, but officials demurred on revealing the figure when questioned by Republican lawmakers on Wednesday, insisting the agency doesn’t track the figure.

“Isn’t the operating assumption about 14,000?” Republican Rep. Chris Smith asked Brian McKeon, deputy secretary of state for management and resources, at a hearing on Wednesday, referring to the figure briefed in private.

“We don’t track [legal permanent residents],” McKeon responded. “It’s a good question why we don’t,” he added, suggesting the lack of clarity might be because the State Department does not require Americans and legal permanent residents traveling abroad to report their whereabouts.

Many of the 14,000 are green card holders, who are permanent residents of the United States. The finding, disclosed by a congressional aide familiar with the situation follows the State Department transferred to Capitol Hill in secret. Brian McKeon, deputy secretary of state for management and resource was questioned during a Congressional hearing, but he would not confirm or deny the 14,000 figure.

McKeon said:

“We don’t track [legal permanent residents]. It’s a good question why we don’t,” 

On Aug. 19, Biden told ABC News:

“If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.”

US Troops were evacuated on August 31st but Biden did not deliver on his promise.

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