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Biden Cabinet Picks Show Climate Change Has Become a Cult For the Thief-in-Chief, Get Ready For Tyranny in 2021

If you’ve been paying attention to Joe Biden’s choices for Cabinet positions, it looks like his Climate Change ideology is a litmus test for getting on the team.  The Cheater-in-Chief has raised Climate Change to the level of a cult.

He named John “Lurch” Kerry a climate czar.  If Representative Deb Haaland (D-NM) who was named to head up the Department of the Interior, gets confirmed, she will be the first Native American Cabinet member in history.  Remember, qualifications don’t matter as much to liberals in power as do getting a “first.”  That’s what liberal diversity gets us, people who are diverse in race, but not in thinking because they’re all leftists who have drank the Kool-Aid, or should I call it the Kook-Aid?

Another first for Biden would be if Michael Regan gets confirmed as the first black head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Joe Biden has made it abundantly apparent that he is all in on using the federal government to shove whacko environmental policies down American throats, and after what the country was just put through via COVID, you can believe he will do it whether it is needed or not.  I say that because many environmentalists believe our environment is already doing well thanks to technology brought on by capitalism, something the current crop of election thieves disdain.

Biden will rule as a dictator right up until the time he declares he has to leave and lets the true progressive nightmare, Kamala Harris, take over.

Here’s some questions for all the climate tyrants out there who believe that government has the power to actually change the climate, which even a first grader understands it doesn’t, why hasn’t the government been able to stop natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis and rains that cause flooding?  How come if the television news meteorologists can’t accurately predict the weather 72 hours out, we are supposed to believe that the “science” is there to predict we are all going to die in less than twelve years if we don’t allow the politicians to spend more of our money on ridiculous climate policies?

State governments (and federal CDC and some other departments) have already tried to condition Americans into believing they have the power to lock them down, to shut down their businesses, and force people out of work.  Again, they do not, but we no longer live in a society where law and order applies to elected leaders who are Democrats as we have seen where Democrat governors and mayors have disregarded their own lockdown orders, leading to the people they are supposed to represent to believe the leaders themselves do not believe in the policies they are employing on them.

Democrats at every level have shown they have zero regard for the working class families and the small businesses they have destroyed by using COVID-19 to justify a dictatorship mentality.  Democrats have eroded our freedoms and liberties long enough, and the people are starting to revolt.  You can’t lock people down for a year and then tell them the lockdown policies have to continue even longer before people start to take matters into their own hands.

So, after experiencing the lockdowns and forcing people to wear masks, even though the top epidemiologists in the world have said that lockdowns and masks do not work to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, does anyone really believe that the American people will stand for a Biden administration forcing all kinds of stupid Climate Change regulations onto them in the name of saving our planet?

I have always referred to the global warming nuts as watermelons, because they are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.  They have always used the platform of saving the planet to justify spending more and more of our tax dollars, which is what it’s really all about: power and control.

And during 2020, the armpit of calendar years, we have learned that everyone in the Left’s camp has worked in unison to deprive the rest of us of our Constitutional rights.  We have Democrat politicians enforcing rules they make up out of thin air with no resemblance of how a republic works.  Most of the COVID mitigation rules across the country have not come from the due diligence of state legislatures, but out of unconstitutional mandates made by governors and mayors who claim they care about your health enough to force you into compliance with their orders.

We’ve also learned of the limits the mainstream now mostly Fake News industry will go to promote the lies of the Left and to censor truth.  CNN and MSNBC tell whoppers day in an day out, and the New York Times and Washington Post are best suited at the bottom of a dirty birdcage.   Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd said he would not allow any guests on his show who did not drink the Climate Change Kook-Aid.  That’s total censorship by a major news network.  The press has a Constitutional protection from government censoring the news that is an important part of keeping our country free, and yet we watch them spit on their role and obligation to allow news from all sides to be heard.

We watched as elected Democrat whose main priority is to protect the people they serve allow riots and looting to happen all across the country causing mayhem, destruction, and even death.  Not only did we see Democrat leaders allow the riots to continue, but they actively and very publicly told the Trump administration to not step in to help shut them down.

We saw that the tech giants were willing to actively censor free speech in order to protect Democrats and leftist ideological causes, even though they know full well that everyone knows they were doing it.  Everyone knew the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop yet Twitter continued to censor the story, knowing that everyone already knew about it.  The tech giants censored any speech their leftist cohorts disagreed with, and they’re still thriving.

We saw public schools care more about the employment of adults than the education of our children.  The Democrats didn’t care one iota about the psychological problems lockdowns and virtual learning would cause to our kids.  Instead, we saw teachers unions demand more pay for not working.

We’ve also seen that the Courts are thoroughly corrupted.  It has become wholly apparent that Democrat judges no long believe in the Constitution as they continually rule against the rule of law.  We saw judges at the beginning of the Trump administration make rulings just to screw over the Trump agenda, ruling that were not based on Constitutional principles at all. For example, a federal judge shot down Trump’s travel ban claiming it targeted Muslims when it did not.  And even if it did, the United States in the past has done travel bans specifically on Muslims.  Barack Obama specifically did a travel ban against Iran and the word Muslim was in the order.  In fact, Trump’s travel ban was based on the six countries that the Obama administration declared had the highest propensity for ISIS operatives to infiltrate refugee groups to get into the US and cause damage.

Here’s the problem with rogue judges.  The judges realize they don’t have to face any accountability.  Leftist judges understand that their rulings will be held until an appeal overturns it, which usually takes upwards to 18 months to hit the Supreme Court. and then, after their ruling is overturned, there is no blowback on the judge who knowingly ruled against the rule of law for ideological purposes.  And we just witnessed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refuse to hear a case on election fraud because he feared riots.

That’s the world in which we now live.  Do the powers of darkness really expect us to believe that America just voted for even more of this?   Does anyone believe the Democrats, after living through 2020, will be less likely to attempt to get away with murder?

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