Biden Asserts Border Crisis Now ‘Under Control,’ Continues Blaming Trump For Problems At Border [VIDEO]

While President Joe Biden and his administration continue to blame former President Donald Trump for the crisis at the southern border, a crisis it took the administration over a month to acknowledge even existed, Biden said during an interview on NBC’s “Today” that the circumstances at the border are now under control. Poof! And it’s fixed. It’s like magic.

I don’t know if Joe Biden and his administration either don’t know what the term “crisis” means or what their definition of “problems” with the immigration system is because Trump and his administration fixed our illegal immigration problem. The crisis going on at our border is because of Joe Biden. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it. He solved the problems with our immigration system. Biden brought them back and on steroids.

It is insufferable to listen to the lies this man tells when blaming his screw-ups on Trump.

Since the day Biden was inaugurated, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has experienced an all-time high of illegal immigrants crossing our border into the United States. When Biden surrendered our border to future Democrat voters from South and Central America by signing executive orders that he didn’t have the authority to do, and his rhetoric on top of that which went out to the world about how he would allow anyone in, it motivated tens of thousands of paupers from third world countries to stampede for our border, regardless of how dangerous the trip is, knowing they will get free money, free food, free healthcare, and free housing all at taxpayer expense. And all they have to do is vote for Democrats for the rest of their lives.

Trust me, if it was a known fact that these people from Central America overwhelmingly voted Republican, the Democrats would be catapulting them across the Rio Grande 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year period

“It is getting urgent action. Now, for example, a month ago, we had thousands of young kids in custody in places they shouldn’t be, controlled by the Border Patrol. We have now cut that down dramatically…The failure to have a real transition. The two departments that didn’t give us access to virtually anything were the immigration and the Defense Department,” Biden said. “So we didn’t find out they fired a whole lot of people and were understaffed considerably.”

They were in detention because of Biden’s policies. Trump had them waiting in Mexico for their hearings for the most part and those that were housed on our side of the border had it pretty good. Biden took all of that away by the sheer number of illegals he incentivized to come here. The way the Biden administration cut down the number of illegal alien children sitting around detention facilities is not by deporting them back home – nay nay – rather, they just released them into the interior of the United States by putting them on buses and shipping them off to God knows which cities.

NBC’s Craig Melvin pointed out CBP had apprehended 170,000 illegal border crossers, which is a twenty-year record in April alone.

“Well, look, it’s way down now. We’ve now gotten control. For example, we have — they didn’t plan for, which it comes every year, this flow, whether it is 22,000 or 10,000, they didn’t have the beds that were available,” Biden said. “They didn’t plan for the overflow. They didn’t plan for the Department of Health and Human Services to have places to take the kids from the Border Patrol and put them in beds where there were security and people who could take care of them. So there is a significant change right now, significant change in the circumstance for children coming to and at the border.”


I can almost guarantee some months from now we’re going to find out that the Oval Office told the bean counters at the southern border to fake the numbers or to get the illegals out of the detention facilities within 24 to 48 hours as opposed to the 72-hour schedule that this administration placed on the CPB to gets them out and into the country. What’s horrible is that a lot of these people aren’t being tested for COVID and they’re shipping them off to be among American citizens.

Immigration officials are calling bullschtein on the Biden administration who keeps blaming them for when they worked under the Trump administration, saying that the poor conditions in the detention facilities seen now were because of a lack of planning.

“We didn’t need [Health and Human Services’] beds because we had the border secure. So we’re not going to have, you know, 10,000 beds available for people that aren’t coming across the border because of Trump’s policies. And for the administration not to call it a crisis is disrespectful to every man and woman that wears green there,” Thomas Homan, former acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

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