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Biden and BLM Ad Agency Is Promoting Angry Liz Cheney to Democrats in Wyoming

You can judge a person by the company they keep and this is true of Liz Cheney. She joined up with Democrats in voting for the impeachment of President Trump, based solely on lies. She then teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to form the J6 Committee, whose very makeup violate House rules. But the Democrats view rules the same way they view laws. When they get in their way, they just break them.

Now, Cheney has hired a firm to run her reelection campaign that has far-left clients such as Joe Biden and BLM. They are promoting Cheney to Democrats in Wyoming. The Democrats know they can’t elect a Democrat in that state, but they are hoping with Democratic voting and gullible Republicans, they can elect a RINO. She could very well be the first Republican ever to caucus with the Democrats.

Mark Levin lays out the Jan 6 committee nicely.  (It’s utterly corrupt.) From The Gateway Pundit

FOX News reported:

FOX News host Mark Levin went on a blistering tirade against the Democrat Party for their “war against Donald Trump” on his Sunday show.

The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host made the case that Democrats in Congress had abused their powers and colluded with the media to take down the former president because they view him as a potential 2024 threat.

He listed three Democrat-elected prosecutors who had targeted the Trump Organization for purely political motives, before he laid into the “so-called January 6 Committee” as a “Stalinist” “farce.”

“[It’s] nothing more than a front politburo type committee set up by Nancy Pelosi loaded with the most radical leftist Democrats you can imagine and two of the worst never-Trumper reprobates that you can imagine. There’s not a single lawyer on that committee’s staff, not a single representative on the committee’s staff to raise any objections to what that committee is doing. It is very Stalinist in its makeup,” he said.

Breitbart reported today that an advertising agency that worked with Biden and BLM is supporting Cheney’s effort for reelection in Wyoming:

A left-wing political advertising agency has reportedly begun promoting Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) to Democrats in the Wyoming Republican primary.

The agency’s name is People First but was previously known as “Main Street One,” according to the agency CEO’s LinkedIn page. The agency’s website indicates it is affiliated with far-left Democrat organizations, such as President Biden’s campaign arm, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter.



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