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Biden Administration Wants To Take Border Patrol Agents Off Southern Border And Send Them To Poland To Process Their Border

Joe Biden has allowed over 2 million illegal aliens into our country in 2021 and I’m sure there will be more than that this year. The Biden administration has violated nearly every immigration law we have, and so it comes as no surprise that Joe Biden does not like safe and secure borders. I’m sorry. I meant Biden doesn’t like safe and secure borders for America. Other countries’ borders matter more to our irresponsible nimrod in charge.

Take, for example, a memo that went out to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers who are working on the US/Mexico border that asks CBP agents to volunteer to work temporarily in Poland to help assist Ukraine-Americans, legal US residents, and their immediate families trying to get out of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

You may think this is just another absurd idea coming from the Biden administration, and it probably is, but isn’t this exactly what they did when they processed Afghan refugees only 6 months ago? They said they were getting Americans and Afghan refugees out, and it turned out they took far more Afghan citizens, the majority of which never worked for the US government in Afghanistan, and they left a lot of American citizens behind. Will we see a repeat of such buffoonery here?

The memo asks the CBP agents to leave their assignments at our southern border and go to Poland to help process people evacuating Ukraine. Why not? It’s not like the Biden White House is allowing them to do their jobs here anyway with the millions of illegals the agents are ordered to let come into the country. The agents are told they would be deployed to Poland for about a month for what has been named “Operation Ukraine Support.”

From the memo obtained by Just the News:

“The Office of Field Operations is seeking volunteers to assist with the possible evacuation of U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and their immediate family members from Ukraine,” the memo sent to field operations executives said.

“We may select eligible employees who volunteer for this situation to serve a temporary duty assignment in Poland to facilitate travelers for entry into the U.S., to include providing guidance and problems resolution to other government agencies.”

The Biden administration sent troops from the 82nd Airborne Division to Poland last week. They are helping Polish forces setup processing centers.

Biden said no American troops will fight inside Ukraine. His State Department has also made is crystal clear that it will not rescue Americans who are trapped inside Ukraine as Russian troops invade and kill people. This begs the question, what does Putin have on Biden? I think we all know the answer to that. But an even bigger question is, since Ukraine has a lot of information on Vice President Joe Biden threatening former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko to withhold $1 billion of military aid unless he fires a prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter Biden, you would think Biden would do something to help the Ukrainian people? I’m not talking about

What kind of president refuses to protect his own people and help to get them out safely? This is the second time he has done that.

The Pentagon has stressed that it’s possible that several million people will leave Ukraine to avoid the invasion, with most of them heading into Poland. This could be the largest movement of refugees in Europe since around 1 million Syrian refugees headed to Europe in 2015.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), run by another feckless boob, Alejandro Mayorkas, has told CBP agents who do volunteer that they will be deployed to Poland within 2 or 3 days? Yobski much?

Joe Biden lets our own border stay open and the flood of third world paupers coming in are overwhelming the agents we have there now, and instead of hiring more border agents he’s asking the slim number of agents we have now to go to Poland, not to help rescue Americans, but to help Poland process Ukrainian refugees. Once again, this administration has shown just how screwed up their priorities are.

Just like in Afghanistan, Biden isn’t sending anyone into Ukraine to help rescue American citizens get out of the country. He has left them on their own to fend for themselves and avoid being killed should the invasion come across their path while they are trying to exit stage left.

Our president has once again embarrassed us on a global scale.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky turned down an offer by the US government to evacuate from Ukraine.

According to a senior American intelligence official who has knowledge of the conversation, Zelensky responded saying, “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride.”

My respect for Zelensky has soared. Only a couple of years ago, he was a late night talk show host, a comedian. Now, he is a convincing war leader, as he sticks around to face the enemy head on and to fight to protect his people in any capacity he has left. Unlike the Canadian coward Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who ran away from peaceful trucker protesters, Zelensky is facing bullets, bombs, and the prospect of being assassinated along with his family, and he’s staying until the bitter end. Godspeed, Volodymyr!

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