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Biden Administration To Give Away Taxpayer-Funded High-Speed Internet Access to Low Income Voters, er… Households

On Monday, the Biden administration got twenty US Internet service providers (ISP) to give “free” Internet access to Americans living in low-income areas. Don’t let them fool you. Nothing is free. Someone is paying for it, and it’s probably you, the taxpayer.

So here’s the scam. ISP companies like Comcast, Verizon, and others have agreed to offer up high-speed Internet access for only $30 a month, and the Biden administration announced that the taxpayers, who already pay for their own Internet access, are going to be on the hook to pay for what the regime labels a “federal subsidy” for low-income voters households that will pay $30 for Internet access, making the plan free to people can’t or don’t want to pay for Internet access. I can guarantee you that the taxpayer never came up in any of the discussions with anyone who mentioned this plan because they don’t care about what they do to the American taxpayer, especially the middle class.

I want to know if the ISP companies got anything else for making such a deal. How come I can’t get high-speed Internet access for $30 a month? How come you can’t either? What makes poor people so special that the rest of us have to pay for their Internet access?

So, in other words, the Biden administration is basing the program on from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Yeah, Karl Marx said the same thing. Where is it written that the government is allowed to take money from one American and give it to another American? That’s what this is when the Biden administration takes tax dollars from one group of people and uses it to give high-speed Internet access to another group of people. What do the first set of people get out of that deal? Nothing. In fact, less than nothing.

Will Hunter Biden be running this program?

And since it’s the Biden administration involved in this deal, what scheming reasons are behind them doing this? Are they going to announce online voting for the midterm elections? And if they do, that means you, the taxpayer, are going to fund votes for Democrats, the people who made high-speed Internet possible for them. It’s a quid pro quo without saying it out loud. We give you Internet and you vote for us.

So who is eligible to join this vote scheme they call the Affordable Connectivity Program? Americans can qualify for the program if their income is at or below 200% of the poverty line. On top of that, people can qualify for the taxpayer-funded freebie of they use any of a number of federal programs like SNAP food stamps, Medicaid, and veteran’s pension. That last one is the only one I would ever agree to, but no one ever asked me if I was willing to fund this pay-for-play scam. Did anyone ask you?

This program was passed as part of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan.  So now buying votes from poor people by giving them high-speed Internet access is considered infrastructure. Now you know why the Democrats fought so hard to change the understood definition of infrastructure spending. Up until the woke supremacy, infrastructure stood for roads and bridges. Now, Democrats say it could mean anything like high-speed Internet access. You see how that works?

Your tax dollars will give people who qualify for the plan download speeds of 100 MBPS. How many millions of American workers make over 200% of the poverty line and can’t afford a 100 MBPS Internet plan, but their tax dollars are going to pay for someone else to get it?

Nothing this administration does is under the guise of fairness.

I’d also like to know if with the Internet service will there be special messaging packages where the Democratic Party can tell them things they want them to do? There are a ton of questions I would love to ask, but I doubt I would ever get a response.

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