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Biden Administration Threatening ‘Planned Inspections’ & Fines Of $136,532 on Businesses That Don’t Comply With Vaccine Mandate

On Thursday, Biden administration officials warned that there will be “planned inspections” and substantial fines to make sure businesses are complying with a new COVID-19 vaccine mandate set for a January 4th deadline.

The administration is going to make sure that businesses force American citizens to take a medicine they don’t want to take. The final indignity to enslave a person is to remove their sovereignty over their own body.

“Papers, please. Could vee see your papers, please?” Es ist nicht so gut für mein.

If the Democrats think they are going to do well in future elections after pulling this kind of crap, they are delusional.

A senior Biden official spoke to reporters about the measures they are planning to take to enforce an Occupational Safety and Public Health (OSHA) mandate [which is unconstitutional] for businesses with over 100 employees to force them to get vaccinated for the coronavirus or test unvaccinated employees weekly and mandate them to wear masks.

Will anyone in the press corps ask the administration if vaccinated people can catch and spread COVID just as much as unvaccinated people, how come only unvaccinated people are being singled out and forced to get tested and wear masks? That is government-sanctioned discrimination.

“We also will be having some programmed or planned inspections where we do go to workplaces to check to make certain that the workplace is in compliance with the rule,” the official said.

The official added that they are going to focus much of their vaccine mandate enforcement efforts on employers where employees complained about their working status.

The administration created a standard where businesses could be made to go bankrupt if they don’t comply with violating the Nuremberg Code by forcing their employees to take an experimental medicine that they do not want to take. There is no vaccine approved and available in the United States and that means the three vaccines available are still under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) which makes them experimental. The Comirnaty vaccine was approved by the FDA for BioNTech and the company said that it will not be available to the US until at least 2023. This means that under federal laws, the government can not mandate the COVID vaccination.

Employers will be fined $14,000 per violation, and that penalty is set to rise if the company refuses to be complaint and could reach up to $136,532.

“For example, if we identify that an employer is willfully violating a standard, then that penalty is significantly higher than a workplace that is not willfully doing so,” the official noted.

These people are evil. Get the jab, pay for weekly testing, or stop feeding your family. What kind of president would do this to his own people?

The Biden administration also threatened health care facilities that the government will terminate them from Medicare and Medicaid programs on top of the other penalties if they do not comply with the mandate. Last year, Biden called those workers heroes, and now he’s threatening them.

“Termination would really only occur if, after providing a facility with an opportunity to make corrections and come into compliance, they chose not to do so,” the official said. Don’t you believe it. This administration has blatantly broken numerous laws in almost every department since January, so what makes anyone think they will adhere to any rules they set up that they have to comply with?

On Thursday, OSHA filed their official emergency temporary standard for vaccine requirements. OSHA does not have the authority to do it, but here we are. A virus is not an occupational safety problem created in the workplace.

“The bottom line is, vaccination requirements work,” the official concluded. “And the actions we’re taking tomorrow will lead to millions of Americans getting vaccinated, protecting workers, saving lives, strengthening our economy, and helping it to accelerate our path out of this pandemic.”

And that is all a load of bullschtein. The vaccines aren’t working. They wane over time. That’s not a vaccine. That’s a medicine. There are therapeutics that doctors are using around the world to treat COVID patients successfully. Forcing people to get the vaccine is not a sign that it’s working. It’s a sign that you are an evil tyrant who is taking away the right of American citizens to have sovereignty over their own body. I never thought I would live to see this happening in America, and yet here we are.

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