According to the Biden administration, saving American jobs for Americans is immoral.

Psaki was asked if Joe Biden would be extending the hold on  H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L, and J-1 foreign visa workers. President Trump had made this move because so many Americans are out of work. But putting Americans back to wo0rk is not a priority for Biden and the Democrats.

Are you tired of Biden yet? You will be if yo0u lose your job to someone from India that will work for half of what you get paid.

You have to wonder if the first words out of the mouths of Joe Biden and the other Democrats was, “Suckers!!!” after the last election. I mean they aren’t even pretending to be representing Americans.

Since the inauguration, the Democrats and Biden have done great things for Russians, Iranians, and the Chinese but nothing for Americans.

Trump eliminated the visas in order to free up 600,000 jobs for Americans. When Psaki was asked about Biden extending those bans to protect American jobs, she replied:

“Let me talk to our Department of Homeland Security. It’s likely a conversation that would happen in coordination with them.” 

“Obviously, the president’s view is that the approach of the prior administration was immoral but also ineffective in terms of addressing the many challenges of an outdated immigration system. But I don’t have an update on those particular requirements.”

So, giving American jobs to Americans is immoral? I have a suggestion. Let’s give the presidency to someone from India, vice president to someone from Mexico and all Democratic seats in congress to immigrants from countries throughout the world. Seriously, could they possibly do any worse than the Democrats? Let’s see how moral they think that would be.

From Breitbart News

Protections for the U.S. labor market are some of the most popular policies among likely voters despite their overwhelming opposition by the big business lobby and corporate interests who are invested in spiking their profit margins by cutting the cost of labor.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,250 likely voters reveals that 74 percent want a reduction to legal immigration levels which are currently set at about 1.2 million green card admissions a year. Similarly, 65 percent say it is better for businesses to raise U.S. wages and try harder to recruit jobless Americans instead of importing foreign workers. Another 61 percent say the U.S. labor market has enough so-called “high-skilled” workers and does not need more.