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Biden Administration Continues Making Up New Terms To Twist Reality To Fit the Latest Narratives

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Things are getting “complicated” in Washington, DC these days. In classic Orwellian fashion, Democrats are changing the meaning of words we thought we knew and understood our whole lives to mean things that are confusing if not downright stupid.

In George Orwell’s world that he created in his classic book, 1984; the language was referred to as “newspeak.” The author wrote the book as a warning to the people about future tyrant leaders like President Joe Biden and the woke Marxists he has surrounding him.

Like the Soviet communists who changed words like “drug” [pronounced droog], meaning friend, to “tavarish” meaning comrade, the Democrats are doing the same.

White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki recently started using a new term to replace a current word while at the same time diluting the seriousness of the issue that the word is used to describe. Psaki used the term “irregular migrant,” which was originally called an illegal alien. Several years ago, the Democrats tried to dilute that term and demanded we call illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants.” Undocumented was a less damaging word than illegal. Instead of being an alien, they’re now immigrants. This is why many leftists now conflate illegal aliens with legal immigrants, and that was done on purpose. Irregular is not threatening at all, and migrant sounds like a legal person traveling to another country.

If you don’t understand one of the Biden administration newspeak terms and you ask Psaki to explain its origin, she’ll tell you that she will “circle back” on your question so that she can pocket it for the moment so that she doesn’t have to respond to it right then and there. And therefore, it means she will never “circle back” with an actual response at a later time.

Many of the irregular migrants will soon be considered part of human infrastructure. That’s another newspeak word the Democrats have created; human infrastructure.

The Democrats created this term to help them do Olympic-style stretching to include spending on human beings that have nothing to do with what we traditionally thought of as infrastructure.

As Americans, we normally think of roads, highways, and bridges and things like that as infrastructure. So the Democrats wanted to stuff spending provisions that had nothing to do with infrastructure into a so-called infrastructure spending bill. When it was pointed out to them that welfare payments to secure future votes are not considered infrastructure, they created the term human infrastructure so they could add anything they want to the infrastructure spending bill. Because delivering those assistance checks you and I are paying for to future Democrat voters who have joined the Flat Ass Society and don’t want to work takes infrastructure to do, I guess. Nobody really knows.

They just started calling horse’s reins whips so that they could accuse Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian illegal migrants when not only were they not whips, but no one was whipped or strapped by anything or anyone.

Another term the Democrats have used that doesn’t mean what you think it means is “follow the science.” The reason it no longer means what you think it means is because the Democrats have corrupted science. And they themselves do not follow the science. One week, they will tell you that you don’t have to wear a mask, and the next week they will tell you that you must wear a mask. The real science says that COVID-19 cases exploded after mask mandates started. So if they were following the science, they would say you shouldn’t wear a mask. But since that goes against the Democrat authoritarian narrative, they will never admit it.

A Democrat will tell you that the vaccines are safe and effective and that they protect you, and then using the very same breath, they will tell you that unvaccinated Americans are making vaccinated Americans sick with COVID. They have gone from 15 days to “flatten the curve” (another term they invented) to indefinite authoritarian rule. So rather than admit that the vaccines are not working the way that they thought they would work, the Biden administration and the Democrats decided to tell you that people must get vaccinated because the vaccines work and to save the vaccinated people from unvaccinated people. If you could follow that logic, could you please explain it to me?

The actual science says that people who have been vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine are creating protein spikes for COVID that have a high viral load and therefore they could spread COVID to unvaccinated people, but Biden continues to distort science and present it the other way around.

We now have a president who attacked unvaccinated Americans saying in a speech to the nation that we are living in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (another newspeak term) and that he understands why vaccinated Americans are so angry with unvaccinated Americans, possibly causing anger and resentment among the two Biden-divided groups of Americans and all while not following the science. Joe Biden, the great uniter, split the country in half, telling the American people that it is the unvaccinated people who are making vaccinated people have to continue to live in a Soviet like world.

The Biden administration will tell you that the total failure withdrawal from Afghanistan that the whole world witnessed was a great success, even though they left hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines.

This is what socialist supremacies do all the time. If terms or words hurt their narrative, they just change them. And most leftists today have been so brainwashed their entire lives that no matter how much empirical evidence you can provide to show them the truth, even done scientifically, they will continue believing in the leftist narrative like mind-numbed robots.

Remember, leftist Democrats believe science says that if a man puts on a dress and identifies as a woman, he is a woman. That is the mentality we are dealing with in this administration.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Henry

    September 28, 2021 at 2:29 am

    Personally, I don’t pay any attention to Joe Biden being that he’s a known chronic liar to pump himself up in addition to being an exceedingly stupid man from years back and who hasn’t changed one bit.

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