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Biden Admin Sends 27 Refugees Back to Communist Cuba Yet Allows 50,000 Migrants Into US Without Court Dates

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

This week, in a transparently hyper-partisan manner, the Biden administration sent over two-dozen Cuban refugees back to their home to be met by the brutal communist regime, and they did this despite tens of thousands of migrants from all over the world coming across our southern border illegally only to be released into the interior of the United States, without COVID-19 screening, and without being given a court date to show up for a hearing.

These are people who risked their lives, who would rather face drowning at sea over having to live another day under the ruthless authoritarian Cuban government.

This reminds me of Elian Gonzales, the six-year-old Cuban boy who arrived on our shores after his mother died on the trip to America where she wanted her son to grow up in freedom to have a better life. He was settled with blood relatives in Florida and he was thriving. This was during the Clinton administration.

The Castro regime made a big deal out of it, and in the end, the Clinton administration delivered little Elian back to his Communist abusers and we never even got anything for it. To this day no one understands why the Clinton administration did it. I remarked at the time that in Europe during the Cold War we would never even think about throwing an East German dissident who made it to freedom back over the wall into Communist hands, and that’s what a Democrat president did. And another Democrat president just did the same thing to 27 refugees who tried to escape communism and came to us for help.

On Tuesday, a news release was issued that the US Coast Guard 7th District Southeast reported that crews had “repatriated 27 Cubans to Cuba … following two interdictions off Florida’s coast.”

The first interdiction allegedly was sparked from a “good Samaritan” – a rat – who reported seeing a 21-foot vessel with 22 occupants sailing about seven miles south of Key West, Florida, on Friday. The second interdiction occurred on Saturday, when bystanders – more rats – spotted a makeshift raft with five people on it that was floating about 15 miles offshore from Islamorada.

The reason the Biden administration is telling Cubans to stay home and sending them back when caught in the waters near America is because Cubans tend to vote Republican when they become citizens. There is no other possible explanation the administration can give for sending them back while allowing close to a million illegal migrants into the country that the Democratic Party sees as “Unregistered Democrats.”

It has been reported that all the Cubans are in good health and they were ultimately taken aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Charles Sexton to be processed and sent back to Cuba to face probable arrest and torture.

“Taking to the seas on unsafe vessels is dangerous and can result in loss of life,” Captain Adam Chamie the Commander of Coast Guard Sector Key West said in a statement. “We request all mariners to report any possible migrant voyages to help prevent loss of life at sea.”

It’s no different from walking a thousand miles through desert to get here with many assaulted and raped along the journey yet the Biden administration has a completely opposite message for them. In fact, the administration has encouraged them to come, even though they got Kamala Harris to do a phony statement that they should not come here so that the administration can point to that as if it cancels out the multitude of times they encouraged migrants to come.

Chamie’s statement echoed a dark and sinister warning that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas delivered earlier this month.

“Allow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” Mayorkas said in reference to the potential that Cubans would seek refuge in America while the Cuban government is breaking heads on the island nation of anyone who protests against the brutal dictatorship.

“If individuals make, establish a well-founded fear of persecution or torture, they are referred to third countries for resettlement,” Mayorkas added. “They will not enter the United States.”

I thought keeping illegal migrants in another county was evil? Not so says the Biden administration for future Republican voters. Folks, mark my words that’s exactly what these people are thinking.

Large-scale protests broke out on the island earlier this month where thousands of Cubans took to the streets to demand their freedom from the dictatorial communist regime, something that they knew could cost them their lives. In response, the Cuban government violently clamped down on demonstrators beating them and arresting them whenever possible.

The communist Cuban regime has even taken down Internet access on the island so that the protesters cannot communicate and coordinate with each other as they fight for freedom. Joe Biden could end that in a minute. President Donald Trump provided Internet access to Iranian dissidents during an uprising in the terror sponsor nation, but the Biden administration has refused to do anything like that. It’s probably because Democrats have always had a fondness and a fascination with communist dictators.

Unlike illegal migrants from south of our border, Cubans coming here by water are real refugees because unlike the illegal migrants from South America, Cubans are being persecuted by their government.

There is no better sign that the Biden administration is morally bankrupt than sending people back to a communist regime knowing they are going to be punished while allowing tens of thousands of illegals to come and stay in our country because they will forever be loyal Democrat voters after the Democratic Party gives them full amnesty prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

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