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Biden Admin Dumps Alaska Oil Drilling Project Started Under Trump That Was Slated to Create Thousands of Jobs

At a time when gasoline prices have jumped $1.25 a gallon since Biden took over and home heating prices are expected to rise by 54%, Joe Biden has stopped an already approved oil field that would have created thousands of jobs, he has begged OPEC to raise their production to ease things in the States. But he refuses to let us go after our own. Under Trump, we became energy independent. Biden has killed that in just 9 months.

We are now left begging countries that hate us to do us a favor and they refused naturally.  If we have a cold winter, people could die.

But, Biden does not care.

I’d be willing to bet he will make sure illegal aliens have heat, but all Americans will get is a “Good luck”. It is just like I predicted. Under Biden, the borders will be flooded with illegal aliens from all over the world.

I just pray my second prediction is wrong. I predicted terrorists will enter this country freely and attack us from within.

Biden killed a major oil and gas drilling project in northern Alaska that would have bolstered America’s energy independence.

Additionally, it would create thousands of construction jobs and eventually hundreds of high-paying energy jobs.

It gets worse. Biden has nominated a communist to be in charge of all of our national banks. Biden on Sept. 23 nominated Saul Omarova, a law school professor at Cornell University, for the office responsible for the regulation and supervision of all national banks.

She was born in Russia and graduated college there as well. She praises the Soviet Union regularly. Her college thesis was on Marxism.

From The Blaze

The Department of the Interior declined on Monday to file an appeal of a federal district court decision that blocked the project, known as the Willow Master Development Plan, in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, the Daily Caller reported.

The project, which was being developed by the Texas-based oil and gas firm ConocoPhillips, was slated to produce as much as 160,000 barrels of oil per day to the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, according to Must Read Alaska. The increase would have provided a 32% boost to the throughput of the pipeline, which is currently averaging less than 500,000 barrels per day.

The multibillion-dollar project was greenlit by the Bureau of Land Management under the Trump administration in 2020. But after President Joe Biden’s election victory, environmentalist groups sued to stop the project.

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