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Beware the Ides of April 15th….Biden to Weaponize the IRS Against Conservatives of All Income Levels

Joe Biden claims he is adding people to the IRS in order to make sure billionaires pay their fair share. If you believe that I have some land in Florida that I will sell you real cheap. It’s surrounded by water….on all six sides. Use some common sense. He wants to hire 87,000 new agents to keep an eye on 614 billionaires. Even if you add all of the millionaires 87,000 is very excessive. So what are they really for?

The Democrats who occupy the Oval Office have a long history of weaponizing the IRS to go after their enemies. Every single woman who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment was audited at least once. A woman on the beach told Clinton, he was a terrible president. She was audited as well. Remember under Obama conservative groups could not get tax-free status.

Who got audited under Obama:

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

The New York Post reported:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Rep. Lauren Boebert teamed up to rip President Joe Biden’s effort to double the staff of the Internal Revenue Service in a bid to crack down on ultra-wealthy tax cheats.

To put the proposed staffing boost into context, the Colorado Republican compared it to the workforces of Tesla and Apple, which employ 70,000 and 154,000 individuals, respectively.

“An increase of 87,000 supposedly to monitor the 614 billionaires in America,” she tweeted Sunday, prompting a response from one such billionaire, Musk — worth some $311 billion.

“The IRS already has dedicated audit teams for high net worth individuals. The doubling of staff is for everyone else,” Musk warned, without offering any further explanation.

The proposed hiring spree is part of the Biden administration’s Build Back Better agenda as it seeks to boost funding to the IRS by some $80 billion and crack down on tax dodges, according to Politico.

No matter how you slice it, Biden seems to be targeting the middle class and conservatives at all income levels. The cost will be astronomical. Just in salary and benefits alone, you are looking at $6 billion and on top of that, you have offices, phones, cars, and expense accounts. Could they possibly pay for themselves or are they just weapons to be used against conservatives? Expect them to target anyone who contributes money to Republicans.

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