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Believing in Systematic Racism Creates a Harmful Victimhood Mentality

One of the things that makes America unique is that anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or status, can come to the United States and have the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In the past, America has struggled to fulfill this vision, particularly against black people. It took a gruesome Civil War in the 19th century to abolish slavery and great civil unrest led by Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1950s and 60s to desegregate the country.

These flaws show the imperfections of our country, which can be expected because no country is perfect. While our system is good in principal, the politicians and rulers in our systems often create policies that prevent us from realizing our vision. But over time, our society has evolved to realize that vision to the best of our abilities.

However, groups like Black Lives Matter are perpetuating a narrative that is attempting to keep black Americans in a state of victimhood. They focus on specific instances of police brutality – such as the deaths of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor and Trayvon Martin – to claim that the American system is purposefully looking to oppress them through fear and unjustified police force.

On the “About” page on there website, the mission of the organization is to strive for “a world where Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise.”

While this might seem noble, it is based in flawed logic that black Americans are systematically oppressed.

The police killings mentioned above were not racially motivated. While the cops in some of these instances do not behave in a manner worthy of their badge, most cops do not intentionally seek to harm black people. They take a handful of deaths, tragic thought they are, and use them to claim that the entire American system is against them.

Furthermore, Black Americans in today’s society have more opportunities to pursue their constitutional rights than ever before. While racism still exists and black Americans still face issues such as poverty, they are not purely the result of a system that seeks to oppress them.

After all, if the system was seeking to subdue them, would Barack Obama have been able to become the first black president in United States history in 2009? Would blacks be able to be in the vast majority of player representation in the NBA and NFL? Countless other examples show that black Americans are not systematically sought out and squashed under the governments thumb.

But organizations like Black Lives Matter shift the focus from these positives and continue to think black Americans are oppressed because they ultimately want the same power that their so-called “oppressors” have.

This does not solve the problem. They wasn’t racism against them eliminated and to have equal opportunities to build a life of happiness. Both of these are honorable, but simply overthrowing the current government and inflicting the same level of oppression on others will not solve the problem, it will simply reverse roles.

Black Lives Matter is doing more to destroy America than to improve it. We must recognize this and stop them in their tracks.

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