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BECAUSE LOGIC: If Antifa Thinks Biden is a Fascist, then aren’t all of his Supporters Fascists too?

On Democrat Joe Biden’s big day getting sworn in to take the White House, there was violence in his name with a group of rioters in Portland who smashed windows and burned flags and decried him, yet all the media is talking about is Trump supporters.

It is very convenient for the left to have a group of Trump supporters to demonize as scapegoats. The Democrat’s foundation for charging Trump supporters as all sorts of crazy things was the events of January 6th when a number of different groups of Americans gathered to express their frustration with the US Government in Washington DC.   Without any investigation, the left sprung into action while events were still unfolding, to declare that all Trump supporters are violent and need to be de-programed. Well, they are hypocrites.

Consider this story  by The Millenial Post about violence on Joe’s Big Day:

“Many of the suspects charged at the Inauguration Day Black Lives Matter-Antifa riots in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday were previously arrested and released at other riots throughout 2020.

On Jan. 20, BLM-Antifa rioted in Portland in coordination with other pre-announced Antifa-themed violent protests in Seattle and Denver.”

Where is the outrage and doxxing?  The media knows exactly how to find these people.

So we were told that Trump supporters were so out of control violent that the Nation’s  Capitol had to be turned into a War Encampment to protect the lives of Government workers, and there were no acts of violence there at all on their big Inauguration Day.

Yet there were real acts of violence by a group known as “Antifa,” who are well known violent offenders on Inauguration Day, and the story the left is obsessed about is STILL Trump supporters.

Recall John Brennan called out Trump supporters on National TV for being “violent extremists”:

We are all aware of the number of tactics used, at this point to discredit, defame and accuse Trump supporters and President Donald J. Trump himself for the deaths of Trump supporters that day at the US Capitol.  It was a perfect cover for the left’s underlying theme of discrediting Americans who don’t vote with the Democrats.

However, what needs more scrutiny is the tactics and attitudes by the left about the long-time violent revolutionary movements, like Communism, Maoism, Leninism, Marxism which many of the Mainstream Media (MSM)  outlets actually encourage and even promote.

For months, under cover of police reform, the left, the Democrats, and the media applauded the street violence that leftist and Democrat-sponsored groups carried out, without a word of caution to anyone who proudly identified their involvement in such actions. The left made cottage industries over identifying themselves as rioters. Still, now they are alarmed and demand concentration camps full of Moms and Dads who were at the Capitol when the “big action” happened.

How does anyone take them seriously anymore?

Andy Ngo, a reporter from The Millenium Post, who has studied Antifa and their violent movements, wrote about the Inauguration Day violence:

“Around 150 Antifa dressed in black first rallied in the afternoon at Revolution Hall in southeast Portland behind banners that read, “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN—WE WANT REVENGE,” “WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE” and “A NEW WORLD FROM THE ASHES.” The banners were accompanied by symbols of communism, anarchism, a Kalashnikov rifle, and the Iron Front logo.

Antifa then marched unimpeded to the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters, where they proceeded to smash windows one-by-one using hammers, batons, and other tools. They then pulled dumpsters into the street and started a fire.”

That sounds a lot like a group of people attempting to give the Biden camp some distance from the violent groups, yet there was no word of rebuke by Biden or any Democrats.

It feels like more “Kabuki Theater,” to be honest.

Think of this, if Trump supporters were to adopt the mindset of the left, we would start cottage industries to accuse all Biden supporters as “fascists,” right?

Because if Antifa is against Biden, that means he is a  fascist, then Antifa is against all of these “80 Million” supporters as fascists too.

But where is the doxxing of Biden supporters and the focused harassment of Biden supporters? Where is the cancel culture against Biden supporters?

Do you see how ridiculous the left is?

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