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Bannon’s War Room Watch: Giuliani Lawsuits to Throw Out Votes Could be the “Kill Switch”

Rudy Giuliani was on Bannon’s War Room, with Stephen Bannon on Monday to talk about the numerous lawsuits he will file on behalf of his client, President Donald J. Trump against numerous states calling into question the final tabulations of voter ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election.

“These lawsuits will be powerful, going for all of the problems and fraud and to get discovery in the federal courts,” Bannon said. “Throwing out illegal votes could be the kill shot to end this whole thing,” Bannon said.

“In this lawsuit, we have over 50 witnesses who will say that the vote count was over 800,000 in Pennsylvania and the count was unlawful,” Giuliani said. “We have 55 Republicans ready to testify.”

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Giuliani appeared on Newsmax later in the day to talk about the lawsuits he mentioned.

“We will be filing lawsuits all week, starting with today in PA challenging the entire count based on many things. saying that he will file will be against the state of Pennsylvania for the entire vote based upon numerous things, including over 50 witnesses who say there was voting going on past the legal time,” he said.

“We have a lot of unlawful votes,” he said.

CBS News reported on the announcement of lawsuits and said, “rump lawyer says lawsuit will seek an injunction preventing PA from certifying its vote so campaign can “discern” whether ballots were “illegally counted.” Suit will also question whether voters in certain counties were permitted to “cure” their ballots, but not others.”

Here’s @RudyGiuliani on @newsmax right now: “the epicenter of the fraud was Philadelphia.” He adds: “Dominion Voting Systems will be the next lawsuit” in Michigan. He adds: “we don’t have to go looking for this fraud. They call us.” It sounds like Rudy has all the receipts.

Giuliani has been posting about voter fraud on numerous occasions and expressing confidence that he would win for the Trump administration.

Giuliani was making the media rounds with the new and emerging independent media.

There would be no reason Philadelphia would be excluding the @GOP inspectors if they were doing a legitimate #VoteCount .Why would they want me to sue them for doing this if all they had to do was show us the ballot?”

“The Media says there is no proof of fraud and that we are not doing anything, but we have been out there every day putting information out, they are just ignoring it,” Giuliani said.

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