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Bannon’s War Room: Eastman said ‘Supreme Court has to decide if they will let us in to Discuss the Merits’

Professor, Attorney for President Donald J. Trump, Dr. John Eastman, who Steve Bannon calls the “calvary” was on the War Room Podcast on Thursday and talked to him about the Texas Lawsuit in front of the United States Supreme Court, which Trump filed a motion to intervene in so his legal team can present their evidence of his injury.

18 States have filed to join that case.

Bannon said, “The buried lead is that 49% of the country say that the election was not fair, according to Fox News Poll.” Eastman said, “Yes, the country needs to see that this matter was taken seriously.”

The two talked about the longstanding understanding in the public that US Elections have over integrity in the voting process.

“We can not allow the fraud to exist that we have known about for a long time, and there is finally some pushback under President Trump. There is strong evidence of fraud, we should have done this a long time ago. Dead people voting in Chicago is a joke people tell, but it is illegal. People have known for a long time that the very nature of our elections is in question,” Eastman said.

“As the Supreme Court has already found in a few cases, Emergency powers don’t give you the right to disregard the US Constitution, and this is a long-standing dream of the Democrat Party to flood elections with Absentee ballots and the Pandemic is just cover to let them do that,” Eastman told Bannon.

Eastman talked about the lawsuit:

“The logic behind the lawsuit is article two gives plenary power to the state legislature and there were lawsuits before the election that changed the way state’s election law is made.
Georgia changed the signature in a consent decree that would protect against fraud.
PA changed the deadline and disregard vote and signature ID laws and it all calls into the validity of the election. WI and MI override the laws to protect against fraud,” Eastman said.

“The critical issue is that the federal law says that the state legislature has Constitutional power over the electors, elections, and that process, and they can reclaim that power at any time,” he said.

“Some people are asking why Texas or the States, the Supreme Court gives them exclusive jurisdiction between states. Because Texas has jurisdiction and Trump has an injury and the combination of the two is a very powerful case. Their jurisdiction and Trump’s injury – and legal experts are not concentrating on anything material, no they are focused on the statement I made about the 1960 election, which was an immaterial statement.”

“The Supreme court is taking it seriously, but we have legal remedies that go all the way to the day of Inauguration,” Eastman said.

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