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Bannon’s Legal Team Accuses Chris Wray’s FBI of Secretly Spying on His Defense Attorney

Have you ever wondered how low corrupt FBI Director Christopher Wray can go? I know the answer. He can walk under a pregnant cockroach without stooping. Steve Bannon has learned that the FBI has been spying or attempting to spy on two of his lawyers. The FBI quietly got his Attorney Robert J. Costello’s phone records and emails. This is unheard of outside of Venezuela and mother Third World countries.

The FBI has also sought communications belonging to another one of his lawyers Adam Katz. Discussions between a citizen and their lawyer is privileged information, but the FBI claims that the lawyers are witnesses. They have gone after both the professional and personal records of both lawyers. Bannon’s team has now filed for full discovery from the FBI on the extent of their spying.

It is disgusting to see how the FBI tries to manufacture crimes by conservatives such as the Russia Collusion Hoax, while at the same time turning a blind eye to obvious corruption such as the Biden Crime family and how they sold out to China. They made $31 million dollars in the shady dealings there and unless I miss my guess, the best is yet to come. What is the going rate for Taiwan I wonder?

The Daily Beast reported:

Bannon’s legal team got the evidence last month but made the revelations in court filings Friday evening, calling it “outrageous and inappropriate government conduct.”

“The undersigned counsel were shocked to learn, upon accessing these documents, that almost all of the documents reflected efforts by the government to obtain telephone records and email records from the personal and professional accounts of defense counsel, Robert J. Costello, Esquire,” Bannon’s legal team wrote.

These kinds of spy tactics are sure to raise public concern, because prosecutors don’t usually spy on a target’s own lawyer. The court filings allege that prosecutors started getting the records they’d requested just a week after Bannon was indicted on criminal contempt charges in November for refusing to testify before the congressional panel, which is examining the circumstances of the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building last year.

The Justice Department seemed to have acknowledged engaging in that surveillance in a letter it wrote to that legal team on Jan. 7 this year, when it said Costello is “a witness to the conduct charged in the indictment,” ostensibly because he had been advising Bannon not to talk to the committee. Bannon refused for weeks, claiming that former President Donald Trump had retained some sort of “executive privilege” leftover from his time at the White House—a bogus legal theory that was rejected by a federal judge, an appellate panel, and ultimately didn’t sway the Supreme Court.

In the letter to Bannon’s legal team, federal prosecutor Amanda R. Vaughn let them know that the Justice Department also considers another lawyer who was giving Bannon advice, Adam Katz, a witness.

FBI agents tried to get incoming and outgoing phone call logs and records showing who Costello texted, according to Bannon’s side.

To spy on the lawyers, they would need a warrant. Did they have one? And if they did, let’s hear the name of the corrupt judge that issued it.


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