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Bannon says Lawyers Trying to Retrieve Hunter’s Biden laptop Means it is his, Emails About Joe Biden Need More Scrutiny Before Election

Steve Bannon broke very important news Saturday night on an important show in Australia with Sharri Markson and said that by Hunter Biden’s lawyers attempting to reclaim Hunter Biden’s laptop they are in fact admitting that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden, which means the emails about Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden colluding with foreign countries, is getting closer to being established as real and therefore need more scrutiny.

In the following video clip is Steve Bannon, who was asked by the show hostess about Hunter Biden’s lawyers contacting them about the return of his laptop.

“Yes, we are breaking news on your show. They actually in a panic called,” Bannon said.

Bannon went on to talk about what may turn out to be that Biden couldn’t remember which shop his laptop was dropped off, was sending messages to numerous shops in the Willmington area, and was attempting to retrieve the laptop, according to Bannon’s comments.

“He was saying I gotta get my hands on this right away,” Bannon said, referring to Hunter’s emails to Willmington shop owners.

“We haven’t released that yet. We are holding that back to make sure that if they fall into the trap, we are going to drop it on them. Because right now this is just lies. My training under Andrew Biretbart is put it out there, let them lie, then Bang! Drop them on the line, put more out, let them lie, put it out there again,” Bannon said.

“What you are seeing is a full meltdown by the American elite, trying to spin the Russian story and the Russian narrative. And Russia is a sideshow to a sideshow,” he said.


Newsweek reported on the announcement:

“Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, has claimed that Hunter Biden emailed a computer repair shop to reclaim a hard drive now at the center of an FBI probe into Russian disinformation.

The New York Post this week detailed alleged conversations between Hunter—the son of Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden—and an executive at Ukrainian gas company Burisma, on whose board Hunter previously served.

The Post cited emails reportedly found on a hard drive supplied by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has long been involved in Trump’s political machinations in Ukraine and has reportedly been flagged by U.S. officials as a potential conduit for Russian government disinformation.“

Read More from Newsweek.

Even people critical of Bannon and Guiliani have to admit that the Biden Laptop story is authentic and powerful. Lee Stranahan, a former Breitbart writer and now Independent journalist posted on Twitter today with a reaction to Bannon’s comments:

A radical far- left Senator from Connecticut reacted, pushing a conspiracy theory  that alleges that Russia is in control of the United States and wrote,”Joe Biden – and all of us – SHOULD be furious that media outlets are spreading what is very likely Russian propaganda.”

Glenn Greenwood, a journalist reacted to Chris Murphy and wrote, ” Does it matter if the Hunter Biden emails are, you know, true? If they’re not true – forgeries – why hasn’t Hunter or the Biden campaign said so (which of course they would do). And if they are real, how is that not a legitimate story to report (even if their origins also are?).”


This story is still developing…

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