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Censoring Social Media

Babylon Bee CEO Says Goodbye To the Woke Email Company Mailchimp After Suspending the Satire Site By ‘Mistake’

SOURCE: The Babylon Bee

Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, is saying goodbye to Mailchimp, the popular email marketing company after the satire site’s account was suspended.

Several woke companies have already tried to say that the Babylon bee is a biased conservative entity even though it’s a satire site.

Dillon took to social media to share a screenshot of an email he received from Mailchimp notifying him that Babylon Bee was suspended for “violating our Standard Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy.”

“I’d email everyone to let them know @Mailchimp just suspended our account but Mailchimp just suspended our account.”

Mailchimp responded quickly to Dillon’s post, which was stirring a lot of backlash against the company among Babylon Bee fans.

“Hey Seth. We got this in front of our Compliance team and they’ve reinstated the account. Our team followed up in an email with more details. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

But Dillon isn’t buying any of it. As with most if not all left-wing woke social media companies, a.k.a. the tech tyrants, they always err on the side of punishing conservatives for free speech that they politically dislike. And the Bee’s keeper has had enough.

“Thank you, but we’re moving to an email service provider that doesn’t make these ‘mistakes,'” Dillon tweeted back at Mailchimp.

He added, “We’d also prefer to be on a platform that doesn’t censor conservatives for being ‘hateful’ or ‘misinformative.'”

Think about this for a minute. Conservatives have financial agreements with social media and other tech companies. The tech tyrants make money off of conservatives and yet they pounce on them for things that are far less likely to be a violation of their “terms of service” (which are usually written so vaguely that they can mete out punishments based on ideology) than leftists do constantly. I have seen leftist posts on Twitter that even made me cringe and yet I’ve been suspended for posting the truth about ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other things that the Big Tech jerks don’t like. I can’t yet prove it but I think they are in cahoots with high-ranking Democrats where the lawmakers say we’ll let you alone to make millions of dollars and you cover for us. And that usually entails censoring, suspending, and banning conservative speech.

Dillon told Fox News that Mailchimp did not give a specific reason why the Bee’s account had been suspended. Mailchimp then told Dillon that the suspension was the result of an “automated system” that flagged the account over so-called “harmful information” and that Mailchimp then manually reinstated the account.

“For a long time now, Mailchimp has been exercising viewpoint discrimination under the guise of protecting the public from harmful misinformation. We have no interest in staying on a platform that’s looking for excuses to censor us by literally scanning the content of our emails,” Dillon told Fox News. “The reversal in this case gives us no confidence that it won’t happen again, and perhaps the suspension will be permanent next time. So we’re moving on to an email service provider that actually values free expression.”

I have been suspended by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites for posting things that are the truth but my content goes against the Woke Supremacy narrative. These tech tyrants never give you a specific reason why you were suspended. They just tell you that you violated their community standards. And the only company that has ever responded to an appeal I made for a suspension, to their credit, was YouTube.

However, I’ve had numerous videos flagged by YouTube saying that they violated community standards. I appeal, and almost immediately the appeal gets denied. Anywhere from three weeks to months later, I will receive another email telling me that they realize they have made a mistake and they reinstated my video. They are full of crap. They didn’t make a mistake at all. They intentionally blocked my videos because they went against the Supremacy narrative for that current news cycle, and they wait until the cycle has expired to reinstate my video.

Mailchimp is not the first woke company the Bee has had to deal with. Dillon had a huge victory against The New York Times last week when they had to retract a claim that the Bee “trafficked in misinformation.” For goodness’ sake, they are a SATIRE site.

“We can’t take this stuff lying down,” Dillon said to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “We actually, as satirists, want to joke about this stuff. We just want to poke fun at The New York Times. The problem is, like it or not, The New York Times is considered a reliable source. So when the social networks are looking to decide who’s satire, who’s misinformation, who’s fake news, they look to The New York Times, they look to Snopes, they look to CNN.” All three of those push misinformation more than anyone.

“And so when they’re making these mischaracterizations about us, we have to take it seriously and even if we don’t want to—we want to keep things light, we’ve got to send demand letters, we’ve got to threaten to sue because otherwise, we’re going to get mischaracterized and we’re going to get the boot from social media,” Dillion explained.

Dillon has the right answer. This is what we have to do. We have to hit them in the pocketbook. If enough conservatives fight back and take their business elsewhere, it will eventually get the attention of billionaire tech tyrants that it’s not a good business plan to anger half your customer base.

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