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AZ Planned Parenthood Chair: Calls For Riots … “BE READY TO BREAK SOME SH*T”

Democrats have wanted Trump arrested for saying to his supporters to march peacefully because, of course, he is the evil Orange man. But what do you think they will want to happen after the AZ Planned Parenthood Chair called for riots in the streets and for people to break things? Chris Love was reacting to the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to allow babies to be cruelly ripped apart in the mother’s womb.

Besides, look at all the income PP will lose if they can’t sell the aborted baby body parts. What love is inciting riots is the Supreme Court’s refusal to overturn the Texas “Heartbeat Bill.” That bill does not allow abortions after the baby has a heartbeat. Love and others of her ilk claim that prohibiting abortions even after birth is unconstitutional. But, do they really want this court to explore if abortion is constitutional?

After all, Roe V Wade was not really decided based on the constitution. A very liberal court had to make up nonsense about shadows and clouds in order to make abortion legal. This court decides cases based on the constitution, not something they would have to make up in order to justify a ruling in favor of abortion.

PP would have to shift to another line of business, like pulling weeds. They could run commercials and say that no longer would you have to to a back alley someplace where a man would pull your weed painlessly with a rusty coat hanger. Just call Plant Parenthood and have your weeds removed with a hoe and a chainsaw.

From The Gateway Pundit

The “heartbeat” law will effectively outlaw abortions in the state after 6 weeks and also gives any citizen – including those outside Texas – the right to take legal action against anyone who ‘aids and abets’ the termination of a pregnancy after the cut off point.

Love was absolutely triggered that SCOTUS had the gall to prevent unborn babies from being slaughtered.

Love: I mean, what exactly did you all expect? You’re devastated, but you consistently ignored every single sign. I’ll write something coherent in the morning, but just know that fighting back doesn’t mean pussy hats or petitions. Be ready to break some shit.

If you went to bed early last night, you’re waking up to news that SCOTUS did not to intervene in Texas, so SB8, a bill that bans abortion at 6 weeks, is now law. If you’re like me, your timelines is awash with folks being all varieties of upset as Roe is essentially done.

The call for rioting comes at a suspicious time as Biden’s DOJ is pursuing a punitive investigation against the Phoenix Police for stopping riots, and violent crime continues to surge.



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