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AZ Insurrection – Violent Planned Parenthood Mob Attacks Arizona Senate Building (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood event becomes violent.

If January 6th was an insurrection, then yesterday’s assault on the Arizona Senate sure is. The mob that was gathered by Planned Parenthood and Radical Women Phoenix immediately became violent, which is what I suspect the two groups had planned to begin with and they kicked open the door to the Arizona Senate Building before forcibly entering the Senate chamber as that body was taking votes in an effort to close out the legislative session.

Police fought off the crowd and began firing tear gas into the crowd to disperse them. No word yet on any possible arrests, but surely there must be arrests and prosecutions in order to prevent a repeat of these actions. Those arrested must not be allowed bail or visits by their lawyers or family. They must be served undercooked food which they must eat in vermin-infested cells and denied necessary medications and health care.

Why should they be treated any differently than the J6 prisoners?


This insurrection occurred while the Senate was in session and doing the work of the people of Arizona. The FBI should, but won’t investigate the Planned Parent Hoods and Radical Women Phoenix. And if they are arrested, AZ AG Mark Brnovich would just let them go anyway. Thankfully, he will be out of politics entirely after January of next year. The Senators had to be evacuated and they had to find another location in order to finish their business.


From The Gateway Pundit

After rallying across the street, the violent mob formed a massive crowd in front of the Senate building. Thousands of rioters began punching, kicking, and breaching the Arizona Senate doors. One masked thug managed to kick the doors open, endangering all inside of the building.

Shortly after the violence began, Arizona State Police Officers came out in full riot gear scattering the mob at first. However, rioters continued their uncontrollable behavior, taunting officers, even as the officers geared up with gas masks.

Within minutes, tear gas was fired into the mob and the entire area was cleared. Police continued to sweep the area and fire tear gas rounds at the remaining insurrectionists.

Steven Ahle
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