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Authorities Have “Identified” the Nashville Bomber

He planned his own death.

Nashville’s police chief says that officials have identified the Nashville bomber who on Christmas morning detonated an RV that was parked in download Nashville, Tennessee as a 63-yhear-old Tennessee computer contractor Anthony Quinn Warner.

Officials have matched human tissue recovered at the blast site to Warner’s DNA.

“We’ve come to the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the bomber,” US Attorney Donald Q. Cochran, Jr. said Sunday night during a news conference.  Warner was “present when the bomb went off” and “perished in the bombing,” said Cochran.   He added that forensic scientists have confirmed the DNA match.

Authorities said that no one else was near the RV according to surveillance video they watched.  This makes them believe Warner acted alone.

“Anthony Warner is the man believed responsible for this horrible crime,” said Nashville Police Chief John Drake.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Director David Rausch said that forensic scientists processed evidence from the crime scene and compared it to evidence that was collected from a vehicle used by Warner. They found a DNA “match at both locations.”  Douglas Korneski, the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the FBI’s Memphis office, said “human remains discovered at the scene” were Warner’s. “There is no indication that any other persons was involved. We’ve reviewed hours of security video…we saw no other people involved around that vehicle,” he said.

Authorities told Fake News CNN that the explosion was likely a suicide bombing.   Officials mentioned during the news conference that in order to label an act as domestic terrorism it must be tied to a political or social ideology. “We haven’t tied to that yet,” they said.

It has been reported that the AT&T building that was hit by the bomb’s explosion is where the Dominion voting machines were being stored to get ready to be audited.  It would not surprise me in the least.

In an eerie peculiarity, authorities said that Petula Clark’s song “Downtown” by was playing from the RV just before the explosion. The lyrics begin with, “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown…”

Evidence shows that Warner may have been preparing for something for weeks.  He ended a job earlier in the month, and it has been reported that last month he gave us his house to a woman for nothing.

Warner was single with no kids and was self-employed working in the IT industry, according to a neighbor.  There are state records that indicate that he once worked with burglar alarm installation.

The antisocial loner Warner lost his father and his brother in recent years.  He only had a few living relatives. Authorities said they were able to match items from Warner and a relative to conduct the DNA match.

Neighbors said that the FBI and the ATF were at Warner’s house along Bakertown Road in Antioch, Tennessee, a neighborhood of Nashville.  According to documents, Warner transferred the home to a Los Angeles woman last month.

Apparently, Warner told the company he was doing computer consulting as a contractor earlier this month that he was not going to continue to work for them.  The owner of the first said that Warner seemed “very personable” and that the bombing was “quite out of character” for him.  Warner’s work there was fixing broken computers for the company.

Warner had roots in Nashville. discovered an old picture of Warner from a 1974 Antioch High School yearbook when he was a high school junior.   It was obvious even then that Warner was a loner as the yearbook didn’t show any signed that he belonged to any clubs, sports teams or even social media accounts.  So far, nothing shows he participated in anything.

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