New Yorkers Would Have to Flash COVID-19 Passport to Enter Venues Under New Program

New Yorkers Would Have to Flash COVID-19 Passport to Enter Venues Under New Program

New York will be issuing passes that show you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. I find that odd since Nazis usually favor tattooing on the forearm is normally the way they identify people. And you will be forced to show your vaccination pass whenever you visit certain venues including concerts and sporting events.

Without your vaccination passport, you will be refused entry into such events.

Gov Andrew Cuomo unveiled the plan on Wednesday.

The plan is to test the “Excelsior Pass,” which will use secure technology to confirm that the bearer had indeed been given the vaccine. BTW, do not take them up on their offer of a free shower with 50 or 60 of your best friends.

The real question is what venues will not allow you in. Will it include airports? Subways? Other mass transportation?

The pass was tested at Tuesday night’s New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. They are very similar to airline boarding passes and each individual will have a number code which will be used to confirm that the person in possession of the pass did indeed get the vaccination.

Considering the fact that not everyone can even get the vaccine yet, many people will be excluded. All prison inmates will qualify, though!

Cuomo said:

“We’re doing everything we can to vaccinate as many New Yorkers as possible, as quickly as possible, while keeping the infection rate down and re-energizing our economy in a safe, smart way.” 

“The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal.” 

From The New York Post

MSG Entertainment praised the pilot program, saying, “We applaud Governor Cuomo’s leadership in reopening New York. The Excelsior Pass program, along with his decision to allow venues to begin welcoming fans, will play important roles in helping to get our City back on its feet.”

Last Tuesday, Nets and Knicks fans were able to watch their favorite teams play on the basketball court for the first time in nearly a year.

That was made possible after Cuomo said in early February that large sports and entertainment venues with at least a 10,000-person capacity can reopen with a 10 percent capacity limit starting Feb. 23, and people will only be allowed to enter if they produce a negative COVID-19 test.

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father

Dr Fauci’s daughter is a software engineer with Twitter. That platform bans people who disagree with her father also known as the Covid Clown because of the way he is wrong about every prediction and the way he keeps changing his opinions after it’s discovered that he is dead wrong.

Twitter not only censors conservatives but also crack down on people who disagree with the Covid Clown. Alison Fauci has been working at the company since graduating in 2014.

Alison Fauci is part of the Twitter blog page where she has had one posting titled, “Introducing Serial: improved data serialization on Android.” Fauci wrote:

“Smooth timeline scrolling on the Twitter for Android app is important for the user experience, and we’re always looking for ways to improve it. With some profiling, we discovered that serializing and deserializing data to and from the database using standard Android Externalizable classes was taking around 15% of the UI thread time.”

Her position with Twitter seems to be a conflict of interest considering how they censor anyone who disagrees with the BS her father puts out Remember when he said masks were not necessary?

Then he said that a mask was a must and then people need 2 masks and then back to one mask. I could make better predictions by tossing darts at a dartboard. At least I would have a 50-50 chance of being right.

From The National Pulse

And the platform has used its powers to censor users who defy the recommendations of Alison Fauci’s father.

A high-profile example of this censorship is the platform’s decision to ban Donald Trump’s son from the platform for “posting misinformation about hydroxychloroquine” – a potential treatment for COVID-19.

Twitter ordered Donald Trump Jr. to delete the misleading tweet, adding that it would “limit some account functionality for 12 hours.”

The platform also removed videos of doctors holding a press conference on Capitol Hill to defend the potential treatment which had not yet garnered support from Fauci.

Let me be clear on one thing. It was not my intention to make it appear that Alison is as incompetent as her dad.

I am sure she does a great job for Twitter.

Ilhan Omar Calls Out Biden Administration, Introduces Bill To Sanction Mohammad bin Salman

Ilhan Omar Calls Out Biden Administration, Introduces Bill To Sanction Mohammad bin Salman

Ilhan Omar is calling out the Biden administration for refusing to sanction Mohammad Bin Salman after it was revealed that he personally okayed the torture and killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The Biden administration decided not to sanction bin Salman for fear it would harm US Saudi relations. Ilhan prefers the more radical Muslims. She complained that Congress was not informed of the attack in Syria.

I can understand why they did not disclose that information beforehand. The more radical elements in the Democratic party might have warned the Iranians.

If Trump had done this, he would have been impeached….again. But since it is a Democrat charging him with a crime would be racist, xenophobic and white supremacy.

Biden has taken some heat over the raid on Iranian assets in Syria.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar introduced legislation to sanction Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on Tuesday after the U.S, intelligent report named bin Salman as the one who sanctioned the attack on Khashoggi. S

he named the Biden administration in the offering of her bill.

She wrote:

“Starting with the Biden Administration, it is vital for all world leaders to ask themselves if they are prepared to shake hands with a person whose culpability as a murder has been proven.”

The bill calls for bin Salman’s assets to be frozen, any transactions between bin Salman and the U.S. be cancelled and his ability to travel to the United States be immediately revoked.

From The Daily Caller

The report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said the Crown Prince directly ordered his own security detail to “capture or kill” Khashoggi, a Saudi dissident who previously wrote for The Washington Post. Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry has called the report “negative, false, and unacceptable,” rejecting any responsibility for the assassination.

President Biden was hesitant to directly sanction bin Salman due to concerns it would strain the diplomatic partnership between the U.S. and Riyadh, according to The New York Times. The administration has said it is pursuing a “recalibration” of the relationship between the two countries.

‘Rules Don’t Apply To Us?’ — Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader Slams Pelosi’s COVID Bill

‘Rules Don’t Apply To Us?’ — Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader Slams Pelosi’s COVID Bill

Democratic Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader slammed his party’s COVID-19 relief bill Monday over their insistence that the bill includes a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage even after the Senate parliamentarian rules that the provision cannot be passed through reconciliation.

Rep Kurt Schrader asks if the rules apply to Democrats.

They have two options for dealing with the situation.

The Senate can amend the bill to leave out the $15 dollar an hour minimum wage and return the bill to the House for a new vote that would be voted down by the Democratic extremists, or they can defy the parliamentarian and hope the Supreme Court upholds the bill.

That seems likely since liberals seem to have a voting majority at the court.

But, will they take that chance? Probably.

Schrader said:

“Why are we not allowed to represent our districts? There’s a ton of stuff in here that has nothing to do with COVID, nothing to deal with the emergency at hand. Some of it’s very good, you know, good stuff, but not at all related to COVID. You know, that’s, that’s being I think, disingenuous to the American people or the Oregonians. The minimum wage increases ruled out of order by the parliamentarian and we did it anyway. The rules don’t apply to us?” 

“I’d argue respectfully, as a small businessman for 30 plus years, there’s not a small businessman or woman out there that thinks raising the minimum wage in the middle of a pandemic when we’re trying to get them to hire people, makes it good, makes good sense. Particularly in struggling restaurant and hospitality industries. It makes no sense at all.” 

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted the loss of 1.3 million jobs if it passes.

Other groups are predicting even higher numbers of those who would lose their jobs.

Some as high as 2.1 million jobs lost. And when you add in the open borders policies and Biden handing out green cards like candy, employment for Americans will be dismal indeed.

From The Daily Caller

There were “a number of very huge problems, number one is there was no legislative process. I mean, we were presented with 1.9, not allowed or encouraged to offer amendments … The voice of the elected representatives not heard in this package at all, it was a take it or leave it approach and $1.9 trillion dollars, every other COVID package that we’ve done, not only has been bipartisan, but has gone through an extensive vetting process, you know, before, during and after the after, you know, that came together,” Schrader said in the interview.

KY Lawmaker Who Proposed ‘Breonna’s Law’ to Stop ‘No-Knock’ Warrants Arrested!

KY Lawmaker Who Proposed ‘Breonna’s Law’ to Stop ‘No-Knock’ Warrants Arrested!

It was a busy night again in Louisville, thanks to BLM  for the second night in a row. Attica Scott was arrested alongside daughter Ashanti and at least 24 others were arrested in the parking lot of the First Unitarian Church.

Rioters took refuge there after the nightly curfew was reached. Scott is the politician who introduced “Breonna’s Law and legislation to do away with no-knock warrants.

Both Scott and his daughter were arre4sted and charged with are facing charges of first-degree rioting as well as failure to disperse and unlawful assembly.

The police were reacting after the rioters smashed the windows of a nearby library and a flare was thrown into the building. This is a common occurrence by Democratic rioters. If you can’t read a book, burn them just like the Nazis did.

Over 1,000 BLM members rioted after only one of three police officers was charged with anything. None were charged in her shooting because Taylor’s boyfriend started shooting and police were acting in self-defense.

The arrest of a single officer in the shooting sparked protests across the country including New York and St Louis. For some reason, BLM rioters think they should be allowed to vandalize and burn buildings but don’t you dare arrest them for it.

Rioters from BLM and antifa have done over $2 billion in damages during their riots. But Democrats do not consider that to be a crime but walking through the Capitol Building after police escort you into the building is an armed insurrection even though no one had guns. All this for a three-hour riot but nothing for a five-month riot.

From The Mail Online

Around 1,000 Black Lives Matter activists had taken to the streets of Louisville during the day Thursday to protest after only one of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing while mistakenly raiding her home on a no-knock warrant was indicted over the shooting, though not for firing the shots that killed her.

The news reignited demonstrations across the country, many of which have been ongoing since the killing of George Floyd in May, including in LA where one protester was run down by a truck in an unprovoked attack.

In St. Louis, protesters blocked westbound lanes of Interstate 64, and in New York City, a large group of demonstrators marched into Manhattan from Brooklyn over the Williamsburg Bridge.
Psaki Refuses To Answer If Biden Cares About Doctors Who Object To Performing Controversial Procedures

Psaki Refuses To Answer If Biden Cares About Doctors Who Object To Performing Controversial Procedures

Why does Jen Psaki the White House spokeswoman even bother to hold press conferences? She takes questions from reporters and then refuses to answer them. I think it is because she won’t answer any question that is embarrassing to Joe Biden, which basically breaks down to any policy he pushes. She probably has the second toughest job in Washington. The hardest job is trying to keep Biden from saying anything embarrassing.

Her most recent foray into nonanswer answers is the current legislation that would strip religious freedom for every American in the country.

In the bill, doctors will be forced to perform abortions and sex-change operations even if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. The Democrats are trying to do this even though it conflicts with the very first Amendment to the constitution:

Just to review, here is the text of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Psaki was asked if Biden was worried that the Equality Act would force doctors to perform surgeries that conflict with their religion. She never answered the question although she said Biden was a big supporter of Roe V Wade.  I guess that means he is not a supporter of the US Constitution. The House also passed the Covid relief bill even though it has been ruled that the Democrats cannot pass the minimum wage through budget reconciliation.

Here is the exchange:

OWEN JENSEN, EWTN GLOBAL CATHOLIC NETWORK: There’s pro-life groups right now very concerned about the the phrase ‘pregnancy discrimination’ in the Equality Act. You’re familiar with that I’m sure, that it would force doctors to perform abortions even if it violates their conscience. There are also concerns the bill would force doctors to perform gender transition surgeries and sterilizations again, even if violates their conscience, what does the president, President Biden, say about those concerns?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The president’s been a longtime supporter of Roe v. Wade. It has been his consistent belief that should be law and he will fight to continue to protect that as being law.

JENSEN: The conscience concerns is not a concern of his?

PSAKI: [Inaudible], I think again, I’m just gonna state with the president’s policies are. Did you have another question?

JENSEN: Will President Biden keep the conscience and religious freedom division at HHS, the office that was put in place under President Trump, but keep it in place to receive conscience complaints from those doctors?

PSAKI: You’ll have to talk to future Secretary Becerra once he is confirmed.

What she 8s saying is that Becerra has to be confirmed before he will reveal what he would do in office. No one that refuses to answer should be confirmed. Republicans should no9t buy an Anna Navarro in a poke.

Report: Border Crossers Released into U.S. by Biden Officials Test Positive for Coronavirus

Report: Border Crossers Released into U.S. by Biden Officials Test Positive for Coronavirus

As I am sure you already know, Joe Biden is refusing to allow tests of illegal aliens being released into the United States.

But if extreme lockdowns are really needed as Democrats keep insisting why would we not test them before they are sent throughout the country?

This problem gets worse as some of these illegals are tested for COVID-19 either by getting tests on their own or are tested by Texas authorities. (Don’t mess with Texas)

Would you believe that over 6% of those tested have been diagnosed with COVID. Even worse is the fact that those who have tested positive will be sent all over the country at taxpayer expense.

Remember, these are people we know that have the virus. How can we take the Democratic rhetoric seriously when they do not take it serious themselves?

How many Democrats who have approved Draconian measures on restaurants and other businesses have been caught violating their own edicts?

report by NBC News on Tuesday confirmed that border crossers are testing positive for the coronavirus after being released by DHS officials into the U.S. interior:

Miriam Izaguirre, a 35-year-old asylum-seeker from Honduras, crossed the Rio Grande at dawn Monday with her young son and turned herself in to the authorities. [Emphasis added]

A few hours later she was released, and the first thing she did was take a rapid test for Covid-19 at the Brownsville bus station. They told her her test came out positive. [Emphasis added]

Several of the asylum-seekers who tested positive told Noticias Telemundo Investiga they were planning to leave Brownsville for their destinations; one of them bought a bus ticket for the journey. Eva Orellana, 29, who is from Honduras and who tested positive, said she was going to take the bus to North Carolina with her 3-year-old daughter. “On the way, we were wearing a mask all the time, gel, washing our hands,” she said. “Really, I don’t feel anything.”

In Brownsville, Texas, site of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s concert with the extended version of “Free Bird” I witnessed many years ago, they are testing border crossers since January 25th, they found that 6.3% of all that were tested came back positive.

Even so, Biden is releasing them all across the country on taxpayer-financed flights. So not only do we get COVID-19 patients but we have to pay to release them on our population.

In Major Blow to New Admin, Joe Biden’s “Toxic” Pick For OMB Director Neera Tanden Withdraws Nomination

In Major Blow to New Admin, Joe Biden’s “Toxic” Pick For OMB Director Neera Tanden Withdraws Nomination

Joe Biden did all he could to get Hillary’s close friend Neera Tanden confirmed by the Senate as the head of the OMB. (Office of Budget and Management) But now that quest is over as Tanden has withdrawn her nomination. My guess is that Biden will appoint her to a job that the Senate does not need to confirm.

Tanden was one of the major boosters of the Russia Collusion hoax. She is also the author of many hateful comments about Republicans.

She must not have made a good impression on RINO Lisa Murkowski, her last hope for confirmation with whom she met in an effort to get the 50th vote she needed.

Ironically, some of her nasty comments about Republicans are the same people she now needed on her side. The good news is any position she will get will be in an advisory capacity and not an authoritarian one.

This is a major blow to Biden who spent a lot of p0olitical capital in trying to save her nomination even as she had no pathway to victory.

Tanden was a controversial pick from the beginning but Biden who still believes he got 81 million votes thought he could wield enough power to get her confirmed. Biden is not in a good position with many of his proposed initiatives.

His $1.9 trillion alleged COVID 19 stimulus package is doomed to failure or at least a revision over the proposed minimum wage of $15 that AOC now insists should be $24.

The Congressional Budget Office has predicted a loss of 1.3 million jobs if passed. That does not even take massive inflation into account.

From The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s pick for OMB Director Neera Tanden withdrew her nomination on Tuesday.

This is a blow to Joe Biden because he continued to back Tanden as Senators circled the wagons and announced they would vote against her.

Joe Biden nominated a toxic, liberal conspiracy theorist to direct the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Neera Tanden was one of the most vocal Russiagate conspiracy theorists. She not only attacked Republicans while she was working for Hillary Clinton, but also went for the throats of Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Last month, Senators from both sides of the aisle slammed Neera Tanden during her confirmation hearing over her past attacks against lawmakers.

One Man Has Singularly Stopped the Killing of the Filibuster

One Man Has Singularly Stopped the Killing of the Filibuster

The Democrats have been roaring for a while that they would kill the filibuster but one man alone has stopped them. Joe Manchin.

Manchin has announced that under no circumstances would he vote for doing away with the filibuster.  However, it could get worse for the Democrats. Much worse. After Manchin effectively killed the nomination of Neera Tanden, he began getting very nasty responses from liberal voters and several Democrats who called the move racist.

If they do the same with the filibuster, they could accomplish what others have tried to do for years. They could drive Manchin into switching parties, giving the Republicans control of the Senate.

At that point, the filibuster becomes moot. I can see that happening. That would effectively give the Republicans veto power over any bill Nancy Pelosi rams through with Biden’s blessing.

For Manchin, there is no downside to making the move. In fact, it would be a huge plus for him. Becoming a Republican in West Virginia would help him win easy reelections after his home state has turned bluer than blue.

But, if he continues to remain a Democrat during this period of extremism it could flip his seat red when he runs again. The Democrats are all about killing coal and coal is a large part of the West Virginia economy even now.

Actually, Manchin might not be needed anyway as Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz has already stated she opposes the move and is absolutely not willing to change her mind. But by voting together they could cancel out votes by Romney, Kennedy, or Murkowski, three top RINOs.

From Fox News

Progressive Democrats see the filibuster as an outdated relic that can be used by the minority Republican Party under McConnell to derail Biden’s agenda, and they want to do away with it. They point to the way the filibuster was wielded during the 20th century to stall civil rights legislation, and warn of a repeat.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell —after learning about Manchin’s and Sinema’s opinion last month– set aside his demand that a provision preserving the legislative filibuster be included in his power-sharing agreement with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. It almost certainly means that Democrats, many of whom have said they want to get rid of the filibuster, won’t be able to do so for at least the next two years.