Biden Transportation Secretary Proposes VMT To Tax You by the Number of Miles You Drive

Biden Transportation Secretary Proposes VMT To Tax You by the Number of Miles You Drive

Pete Buttigieg, the Incoming Transportation Secretary who has zero experience in transportation, has proposed taxing Americans for the number of miles they drive.  Yes, you read that right.  He wants to tax you for every mile you drive. This is a policy he pushed when he ran as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

The Democrats are saying that Buttigieg has experience for the post because he was a mayor.  Again you read that right, because he was a mayor.

The Biden administration is desperately trying to find ways to fund a $1 trillion infrastructure plan.  Either way, it’s going to come out of your pocket.  The government has no money of its own.  Every dime the government spends comes from working people in taxes.

Buttigieg recognized that there are privacy concerns that go with implementing a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) program, and declared that it is being considered as a potential replacement for the gas tax.  I bet no one in the mainstream media will ask if it is to replace gas tax then how are they going to reach the $1 trillion goal for an infrastructure plan?  If they replace the gas tax this VMT then how are they going to fund all the stuff that the gas tax pays for now?  This a scam.  They are going to implement a VMT tax and keep the gas tax.  One of the things that Democrats have always been consistent about is they never give up money that’s already coming to them.  The hardest thing to kill is a government program.

Think about it.  You are now going to be taxed to drive to work, and to go food shopping for your family.  You’re going to be taxed to drive somewhere on vacation, and forget driving across the country just to see it.  How can you afford that?   The Woke Supremacy of socialism doesn’t care, they want their money.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) asked Buttigieg during his confirmation hearing if he supports increasing the federal gas tax, which is how the federal government pays for the Federal Highway Trust Fund.

“I think all options need to be on the table, as you know, the [federal] gas tax has not been increased since 1993, and it has never been pegged to inflation, and it’s one of the reasons why the current state of Highway Trust Fund is that there’s more going out than coming in,” Buttigieg said in response. “In the long term, we need to bear in mind also that as vehicles become more efficient and as we pursue electrification, sooner or later, there will be questions about whether the gas tax can be effective at all.”

Virginia, whose governor is a radical progressive that we still don’t know if he was the guy in the Klan outfit or the guy wearing black face in his high school yearbook, has already begun charging “highway use fee” to drivers who have what the state considers fuel-efficient.  This amount of the fee depends on how fuel-efficient the government determines the vehicle is, and the state government can change the tax rate at will.

And that’s not all.  The state’s Department of Transportation began looking into starting a system where they are going to tax drivers for the number of miles a person drives.  Maybe Buttigieg can get some tyranny pointers from Governor Ralph Northam for his plan.

Not to worry, because Buttigieg thinks tying the gas tax to inflation as well as the VMT model will be considered.   We thank God for that, am I right?  #SMH  I thought they were going to replace the gas tax with the VMT?

“A lot has been suggested recently about the idea of vehicle-miles-traveled-based, so if we’re committed to the idea of user-pays, then part of how you might do that would be based on vehicle miles traveled [VMT],” he said. “But that raises, of course, concerns about privacy and there remains some technological questions too. These are examples of some of the things that could be part of the solution, but I know that’s going to have to be a conversation, not only in the administration but with Congress too.”

One of the ways discussed on how time implement a VMT system is for the federal government to create a tracking device, not unlike an EZ-Pass transponder that you will have to keep in your car so that the tyrants in DC can monitor not only how many miles you drive but where you drive as well.  This is a complete violation of privacy and it violates the Fourth Amendment.  Where are the civil liberties liberals?  Why are they not screaming from the rooftops over this?

I ask this same question every time I write about what the Biden administration is doing: why would an American president do this to the American people?  Already one can feel the district difference between the last administration and the Biden administration.  Under the Trump administration, Americans felt they were in control of their lives.  Whether you raised your standard of living or not was up to each individual, because the government got off your back.  Under the current administration, you already feel you have lost control.  You are being punished with taxes and regulations that are going to harm your standard of living and the federal government doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of its actions. 

This is some real dystopian stuff.  Does anyone believe that the American people voted for this? First of all, I still believe that the Democratic Party stole the election from Donald Trump.  So things like this just add insult to serious injury as far as I’m concerned.  Will the American people put up with this?

New Outlets Rip CNN Deeming ‘Anonymous’ Source Claiming Trump Left Biden Without a Vaccine Distribution Plan as ‘Not True’

New Outlets Rip CNN Deeming ‘Anonymous’ Source Claiming Trump Left Biden Without a Vaccine Distribution Plan as ‘Not True’

CNN is catching heat for doing what they do best: lying their arses off.  They published an anonymously sourced story (anonymously meaning the person doesn’t exist) that the new Biden administration is now going to have to “build everything from scratch” concerning COVID-19 vaccine distribution from scratch because as they reported, the Trump administration had no plan to distribute the vaccines. The problem with this is that reality reveals a completely different story.

Joe Biden said that he wants to get things up to speed so that his administration can see to it that 100 million Americans get vaccinated in the first 100 days of his administration.  Once again, Joe Biden says we should do things that President Trump had already been doing.  As of right now, the Trump administration has the country on par to reach 100 million vaccinations by Biden’s first 100 days.  So the cognitively-declining president is trying to take credit for something someone else [Trump] already did.  Didn’t he do that with a speech once or twice?

CNN reporter MJ Lee put out a story, a work of fiction in this case, that was touted as a “great SCOOP” on “how bad this situation is with vaccine distribution.”  Lee quoted anonymous sources claiming to have knowledge of the administration’s work with COVID saying that they were left with “nothing for us to rework” and that there was no plan whatsoever, “just further affirmation of complete incompetence.”  It takes a special kind of scumbag to print something like this knowing it’s a complete lie.

Sam Stein, an editor for Politico said that the allegations in CNN’s story are “not true,” pointing out that a distribution plan was part of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed.

“Biden folks are spinning here or trying to lower the bar strategically,” he tweeted. “There was, indeed, a plan from Trump. I listened in on govs calls on vaccine distribution. The plan had obvious shortcomings. but to say there’s nothing to rework is not true.”

Even the Washington Post’s Dan Diamond said the CNN story is an apparent “gambit to lower expectations,” pointing out that the Trump administration set up a system that has already distributed 36 million doses of vaccines to the states.

Imagine what kind of people would lie the way CNN did.  Joe Biden pulled the 100 million people vaccinated by the first 100 days of his administration out of his rear end.  After he got into office, his people more-than-likely told him they would not be able to keep that promise.  So either the White House contacted CNN or the other way around, and they put out a story of lies, using “anonymous” sources to push the lies, so that they can say “we wanted to do 100 million vaccinations but the Trump administration left us with nothing so it will take us a longer time to reach that goal.”  And the entire story is a lie.

Biden’s self-created goal of 100 million people vaccinated in his first 100 days, according to simple math, comes to about 1 million people a day.  Bloomberg Business data revealed that the rate to make that mark has already been reached as Trump left office.

“Either the situation on the ground is better than team Biden acknowledges, or Biden’s target is less ambitious than it seems,” Diamond wrote.

Other critics pointed out that CNN was trying to frame the narrative to be favorable for the new administration.  That’s not journalism, and that’s probably why so many other outlets are letting CNN have it.  They know that CNN is no longer a news network and it embarrasses them that they are in the same industry.

“This is a very weird story to base entirely on anonymous sources,” conservative write Andrew Egger of the Dispatch wrote. “Of course Team Biden is going to favor a narrative that Team Trump did none of the vaccine distribution legwork.”

Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner also took to social media to tweet his response and it wasn’t pretty.

“this is a lie.

CNN is allowing itself to be used as a PR shop to spin events in Biden’s favor. if the admin meets its goal of 100M vaccines in 100 days, which we are on course to do anyway, they take credit. if they don’t meet that goal, they can claim they never had a chance.”

Ari Fleisher, a Fox News contributor tweeted out a question about CNN running the story.

“Why is CNN granting anonymity to whoever gave them these quotes?” Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer asked. “The Trump Admin is gone. No one will lose their job. The info is not classified. If the media wants more credibility, make these sources go on the record.”

For four years CNN daily reported lies about Donald Trump and the Trump administration.  They made things up out of whole cloth and many times used the anonymous sources tactic.  If they want to publish a story that trashed Trump, but they couldn’t corroborate any of it, they just went ahead and reported it anyway citing anonymous sources.  This time they didn’t get away with it, because they went too far and reported a lie that was too easily debunked.  Hopefully, the other networks start to keep an eye on CNN the way CNN attacks Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News Network.

Dr. Fauci Contradicts Himself on Past Comment About President Trump During Appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show

Dr. Fauci Contradicts Himself on Past Comment About President Trump During Appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show

On Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci made an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” and told the host that the Trump administration had blocked him from being able to go on her program.

“I’ve been wanting to come on your show for months and months,” Fauci said to the leftist conspiracy theory host. “You’ve been asking me to come on your show for months and months and it’s just gotten blocked! I mean, let’s call it what it is! It just got blocked because they didn’t like the way you handle things and they didn’t want me on.”

Considering how political the left made COVID-19 it makes sense that the Trump administration did not want a leftist like Anthony Fauci on left-wing cable news programs to trash the administration, either intentionally or otherwise.

“I mean, it was so clear when they sent it down, ‘Why would you want to go on Rachel Maddow’s show?’ Well, because I like her and she’s really good. ‘It doesn’t make any difference. Don’t do it,’” Fauci continued to a chortling Maddow.

The little Woke ambassador to the COVID Left told Maddow the Biden administration more-than-likely would not hold him back from speaking to the media and that now she will see “a lot of transparency” from the new leadership in the federal government.  Well, why not? Rachel Maddow is part of the Woke Supremacy that spreads misinformation to the masses on a daily basis.

“You might not see everybody as often as you want, but you’re not going to see deliberate holding back of good people when the press asks for them,” Fauci explained.

Here’s the thing about Fauci. In an interview one time, Fauci said that no one could have done more than President Trump and his administration to combat the coronavirus.  And in a press conference, he said that President Trump took action on every recommendation that he and Dr. Birx took to him that came from the medical and science team.


Here’s Fauci testifying before Congress saying that he believed every measure that President Trump took saved lives and that he himself was very involved in the decision making process for those measures.  The thing about it is the medical staff and the scientist can make all the recommendations they want but it is up to the president of the United States to decide what he thinks is best for the American people.  Fauci had already said that the president adhered to every recommendation that they gave to him.  That’s the important thing here and not the bit about Fauci not being able to be starstruck by going on shows Rachel Maddow’s.

Fauci, who was asked by the Thief-in-Chief President Biden to be a White House adviser during the transition, said that working for Biden has been “liberating.”

“I can tell you I take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president, so it was really something that you didn’t feel you could actually say something and there wouldn’t be any repercussions about it,” Fauci said Thursday. “The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know, what the evidence and science is, and know that’s it — let the science speak — it is somewhat of a liberating feeling.”

So Dr. Fauci was either lying back when he said that President Trump and he were in agreement with everything that they did to combat the virus or he’s lying now when he said on Maddow’s show that it was “chilling” how President Donald Trump “distorted” and “rejected” science.  I wish at least one reporter would have the courage to ask him that.

Because on Maddow’s show Fauci said it was “chilling” how President Donald Trump “distorted” and “rejected” science.

Fauci said, “It was such an unusual, aberrant situation where you had at the very top — and I don’t take any great pleasure in criticizing president leadership or the people around a president, but we had a situation where science was rejected, and a lot of pressure was put on individuals and organizations to do things that were not directly related to what their best opinion would be, vis-a-vis the science. I had pressure put on me, but I resisted it. I had to do something that was not comfortable, but I did it, and I had to be directly contradicting not only the president but some of the people around the president who were saying things that just were not consistent with the science.”

He continued, “I am not a political appointee. So, you know, this whole idea about, you know, we’re going to fire him and that kind of stuff. I mean, I didn’t want to be at odds with the president because I have a lot of respect for the office of the presidency, but there was conflict at different levels with different people and different organizations, and a lot of pressure being put on to do things that just are not capable with the science. I think the only way that happens is when you have leadership from the very top and people surrounding the leadership that essentially let that happen.”

He added, “I’ve served now, this is my seventh administration, and I’ve been advising administrations and presidents on both sides of the aisle, Republicans and Democrats, people with different ideologies, and even with differences in ideology, there never was this real affront on science. So it really was an aberrancy that I hadn’t seen in the almost 40 years I’ve been doing this. So it’s just one of those things that are chilling when you see it happen.”

This man is a two-faced backstabbing liar who shouldn’t be trusted with the nation’s health.  He wants to keep his job so now he’s telling the Woke Supremacy that President Trump didn’t do all the mitigation things that he previously said that the president did to combat the coronavirus.

National Guard Troops Allowed Back into Capitol Aftger Being Pushed into Cold Parking Garage, the Optics Were Not Good For Democrats

National Guard Troops Allowed Back into Capitol Aftger Being Pushed into Cold Parking Garage, the Optics Were Not Good For Democrats

National Guard troops who were moved into the nation’s Capitol, pretty much for Democrat-created hyperbolic theater were “banished” to a small parking garage after doing their duty to protect Washington, DC, in the aftermath of the Capitol building riots, have been allowed back into the US Capitol.

On Thursday, the Guard said in a statement, “Brig. Gen. Janeen Birckhead, Inauguration Task Force Commander confirms that troops are out of the garage and back into the Capitol building as authorized by the USCP (U.S. Capitol Police) Watch Commander and the troops will take their breaks near Emancipation Hall going forward.”

Fox News reported that because of the disgusting way the troops were treated the governors of Florida, New Hampshire, and Texas decided they were recalling their Guard members and bringing them home.

Images of the troops sitting around the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage floating around the Internet brought some outrage from lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who called the move “outrageous.”  I’m just wondering if Schumer suddenly became outraged after it was reported that Donald Trump gave the troops permission to stay at the DC Trump International Hotel, and the Democrats could not have that.

Since the Democrats fixed the optics hoping their blunder will go away, the Trump International Hotel is still allowing law enforcement to stay in the hotel.

Yet some of the members of the National Guard when asked by reporters who put them in the garage situation said that they heard that “some senator” saw them inside the Capitol building and wanted to get rid of them because having military personnel there seemed unsightly.

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), an Iraq War veteran, said in a tweet: “Just made a number of calls and have been informed Capitol Police have apologized to the Guardsmen and they will be allowed back into the complex tonight. I’ll keep checking to make sure they are.”

After midnight, she added: “Troops are now all out of the garage. Now I can go to bed.”

Capitol Police on Thursday had asked the National Guard to move their troops out of the building after they started using it to rest during their shifts to protect the very people who had them moved out, according to Major Matt Murphy a National Guard Bureau spokesman.

“As Congress is in session and increased foot traffic and business is being conducted, Capitol Police asked the troops to move their rest area,” Murphy said. “They were temporarily relocated to the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage with heat and restroom facilities.”

According to Fox News on Friday, Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman argued against that assertion.

“I want to assure everyone that, with the exception of specific times on Inauguration Day itself while the swearing-in ceremonies were underway, the United States Capitol police did not instruct the National Guard to vacate the Capitol Building facilities,” Pittman said.

“And on Inauguration Day, the Guard was notified and encouraged to reoccupy the spaces in the Capitol and CVC at 2 p.m.,” she continued.

Pittman then added,  “It was brought to our attention early today that facility management with the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Office Building reached out directly to the National Guard to offer use of its facilities.”

A National Guard Bureau spokesperson on Friday said, “We remain an agile and flexible force to provide for the safety and security of the Capitol and its surrounding areas. Our troops are going to hotel rooms or other comfortable accommodations at the end of their shifts.”  What else are they going to say?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said he decided to bring his troops back home.  The governor took to social media to make the announcement.

“Last night, I ordered our Adjutant General to bring Florida National Guard soldiers home from the National Capital Region.”

DeSantis also said on “Fox & Friends” that the giant effort to protect the Capitol was a “half-cocked mission at this point” pointing out that the Democrats started doing background checks of National Guard troops over their political ideology ahead of the inauguration.  They didn’t even wait for Biden to be sworn in before they started insulting the troops.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), who also had aired complaints about background checks for the troops and tweeted out his response to the insult.

“I have instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state. @TexasGuard

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) has also said that he too is recalling his state’s National Guard.

“I’ve ordered the immediate return of all New Hampshire National Guard from Washington DC. They did an outstanding job serving our nation’s capital in a time of strife and should be graciously praised, not subject to substandard conditions. @NHNationalGuard

The Capitol Police gave a statement on Friday claiming that it “immensely appreciates” the National Guard’s assistance.  Then why did they move them into a cold parking garage?  Because they were told to, probably by a Sergeant at Arms, who was told by either Chuck Schumer (D-NY) or Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), because the Sergeant at Arms from both chambers of Congress report to the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

“The United States Capitol Police immensely appreciates the integral support of the U.S. National Guard in helping to secure the Capitol Complex leading up to, and including the Inaugural ceremony. The Department is grateful for their service and our strong partnership during this time,” it said.

Trump Speaks Publicly For The First Time Since Leaving Office

Trump Speaks Publicly For The First Time Since Leaving Office

On Friday, former President Donald Trump made his first public comments since leaving office and said that he’ll make a comeback in some way but he didn’t expand on it.

“We’ll do something, but not just yet,” Trump told Rob Crilly of the Washington Examiner on Friday. He didn’t come forward with any kind of details.  And that’s just fine with me because we know that any time Trump said he was going to do something the mainstream media did everything in their power to thwart him.

Trump made the comment as he was eating at the International Golf Club in West Palm Beach Florida.

Wednesday morning, before he left for Florida, the then President made remarks that were also about being “back in some form.”

“I will tell you that the future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration great luck and great success. I think they’ll have great success. They have the foundation to do something really spectacular,” Trump said to supporters only hours prior to Joe Biden being inaugurated.  I don’t think he believes that for a split second and neither do any of us.   I think he had to say it because he was the outgoing president and wanted to appear presidential but he knows that the Biden administration with the Democrats in the House and Senate are going to bring us to Venezuelan levels of poverty and chaos.  They’re bringing in the same kind of deadly Democratic socialism that destroyed the once rich and vibrant Venezuela.

Trump was referring to the economy when he told supporters “you’re going to see incredible numbers coming in” and it would get even better if the Biden administration let his policies remain unchecked.  But that ship has already sailed as Joe Biden has already signed enough executive orders to really harm the American working class.

On day one, Joe Biden wrote a bunch of executive orders to undo a number of Trump’s executive orders on immigration, suspending the Keystone XL pipeline, removing Trump’s 1776 Commission, and more.  Every order he undid was good for America.  We reported on Biden’s amnesty program which is geared toward building up illegal aliens, giving them amnesty, and allowing them to take American worker’s jobs.  The result of the program will be to screw over American workers because their wages will go down again by the Biden administration increasing foreign work competition.  And the amnesty freaks are telling us that working Americans will feel good about themselves as they watch their jobs and wages get diverted to migrants, foreign graduates, and of course Wall Street.

On Tuesday, Trump said in a video that was posted online, “I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. There’s never been anything like it.”

Stephen Miller, former Trump adviser said on Friday that “Florida is really the perfect place to be the new HQ of the MAGA movement and a launching pad for the president’s next endeavor.”

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were known to interfere in their successor’s policies and decision making, of course, both successors were Republican presidents.  Trump has the opportunity to play a role politically, Miller said.  But how much do you wanna bet that the Fake News Woke Supremacists will scream and moan that Trump is no longer the president and should remain silent?  If the Woke didn’t have hypocrisy they wouldn’t be the Woke.

“He leaves with the certain knowledge that he put everything you have into the mission,” Miller added. “This movement is beginning. This movement is a young movement.  It’s still in its infancy and the president… his own journey is still only begun.”

Some people close to the former president say that he’ll probably get involved in the 2022 midterm elections and he could possibly run for president again in 2024, that is if enough Republicans grow a spine in the Senate and refuse to vote to convict Trump in the bogus Chuck Schumer impeachment trial after Trump has already left office.

“Trump has a number of goals over the next couple of years … winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness,” said another former adviser, Jason Miller, earlier this week.

Miller asserted that Trump will “emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voter integrity.”  He better, because millions of American voters believe the Democrats stole the 2020 election from him.

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Don Jr. Says Biden Killed Keystone XL Pipeline For Different Reason Than He’s Letting On

Even before Joe Biden’s inauguration, he and his team of Wokers were calling for an end to the Keystone Pipeline. The part of the energy project known as Keystone XL was delayed, then started back up again, and delayed again by three presidents since 2015 now, including Biden.

Environmentalist whackjobs howled at the moon making the pipeline a symbol of the struggle over climate change and fossil fuels.  That’s the official story we’ve been fed by the Woke media, Woke environmentalist groups, and now the Biden administration.

Well, on his first day in the office that many believe he stole, President Joe Biden signed an executive order invalidating the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, ending construction in the United States.

TC Energy Corp. said it will now have to lay off thousands of workers because of the order, many of them union members.  The company’s president said the layoffs would necessarily come to more than one-thousands.  The company estimated back in October that the pipeline would hire 11,000 Americans in 2021, generating over $1.6 billion in real wages.  The Democrats couldn’t go one day without killing American jobs.

The Keystone XL pipeline is an international project that has been in the works for years now.  Absent support from the US government and it’s officially dead in the water, which is exactly what the Woke wanted.

The pipeline, all 875 miles of it would deliver heavy crude oil from Western Canada to Steele City, Nebraska and from there it would mix with another line stretching to refineries in the Gulf Coast.  All the jobs that go with the pipeline will now go away.  The Woke in the mainstream Fake News media are going to tell you that it’s not really 11,000 jobs that are going away or that they were mostly temporary jobs but the fact of the matter is there are other jobs that have no direct work on the pipeline itself.   For example, someone has to manufacture the actual pipe, someone has to manufacturer the vehicles that are used for the workers to get the pipeline, someone has to create the tools that the pipeline workers will use to build, fix, and maintain the pipeline, and people have to do all of the other things that are necessary to help the project be a success.  We’re talking about millions of jobs overall.

Biden’s executive order revokes the permit that then-President Donald Trump granted on March 29, 2019 because he says it will be harmful to the environment.  At least Trump was a businessman who knows how to hire people to analyze a situation like this, while Biden has never held a real job in his entire adult life and he knows nothing about the oil industry outside of what the Woke Supremacy believes.

Do you know what kind of environment will be harmed because of Biden’s action to shut down the pipeline?  How about people in the wintertime who won’t be able to afford oil to heat their homes?  How about all the plastic products that we use in our lives like Saran wrap and pens and mobile phones and computer keyboards etc that will see the prices skyrocket because of a shortage of oil?

The Woke will say that the halting of this pipeline isn’t going to stop any production of oil but the reality of it is the halting of the Keystone Pipeline is just the beginning. Biden has already violated one of his campaign promises by banning fracking on federal lands. During the campaign, Biden and Kamala Harris both said numerous times on video that they were for banning fracking.  In one of the debates against Donald Trump, Biden responded to President Trump who brought the point up that Biden would ban fracking by saying that he never said he would even though we all watched him say it numerous times all around the country. Well, he banned fracking, didn’t he?  He says the pipeline and fracking are dangerous to our environment.

However, Donald Trump Jr. sees this latest delay from a completely different angle.  He believes Biden acted as Democrats in power always do by providing a kickback to powerful rich donors who helped them get elected.  It’s why Jimmy Carter destroyed our public school system after the teacher’s unions gave him money to get elected.  This is no different

Don Jr. pointed out that major donors to the Democratic Party, like billionaire Warren Buffet (who owns a railroad) and others will benefit from the halting of Keystone XL.  The oil will still be delivered one way or the other unless the Democrats really do want to take us back to the 18th century (that’s the 1700s for those of you in the Woke Supremacy).  But instead of the oil being delivered efficiently through a pipeline, which with today’s technology is safer than it’s ever been, the mode of transportation of the oil will be from the use of rail lines then transported over to semi-trucks, and the cost of the oil by the time it gets to the consumer by a much less efficient manner will absolutely go up.  You Biden voters should remember that when your heating bill skyrockets or when gasoline prices at the pump go up.  Not a problem, because the Woke will somehow find a way to blame Donald Trump.

So, does Biden’s executive order help the environment?  Not on your life.  Since most of the concerns of the Woke have been dismantled, there was no reason to make changes in the delivery of oil that will most likely cause more harm to the environment than the pipeline itself.  The Woke should see this move as a less carbon-friendly decision, but that’s up to the Fake News media to cover it or not.  At least now you know the truth.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Offers to Help With Vaccine Distribution After Sitting Silently For a Month

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Offers to Help With Vaccine Distribution After Sitting Silently For a Month

On Wednesday, not long after the man who stole the 2020 election was sworn into office, Amazon made an offer to the Biden administration to help distribute the coronavirus vaccine.  How come they never made such an offer to the Trump administration, and if the Democrats hadn’t stolen the election from him would the tech giant ever have offered to help?

According to Axios, “As you begin your work leading the country out of COVID-19 crisis, Amazon stands ready to assist you in reaching your goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in the first 100 days of your administration,” Amazon senior vice president of worldwide operation Dave Clark offered in a letter to Biden.  Trump never got a letter, so it’s not really about helping distribute the vaccines as much as it’s about supporting the Woke Supremacy that has taken hold of the country.

“We are prepared to leverage our operations, information technology, and communications capabilities and expertise to assist your administration’s vaccination efforts. Our scale allows us to make a meaningful impact immediately in the fight against COVID-19, and we stand ready to assist you in this effort,” said Clark.

I’m sure they are, just so long as Parler isn’t involved, right?

Clark also asked that Amazon’s 800,000 employees, who he deems as “essential workers,” should be prioritized for vaccination.

Biden made the gesture that he wants to have a hundred million Americans vaccinated during the first 100 days he is in office.  The Woke have corrupted everything and you cannot believe a thing you are being told.

Over 16 million vaccines have been given so far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Of course, the Woke are giving Biden the credit when it was all done by the Trump administration.

Clark contacted the Trump administration on December 16 regarding the coronavirus vaccine. However, instead of offering to help with the distribution of vaccines, Clark lobbied the CDC to grant priority to Amazon employees for vaccination

“We request that [the CDC panel] continue to prioritize these essential workers who cannot work from home,” Clark wrote to the CDC.

Amazon hasn’t made it clear why they waited over a month to offer to help with distribution, other than they hate Donald Trump.

Word came in from state and federal authorities that the vaccine rollout has been more difficult than they expected.

The Trump administration was hoping to be able to have twenty million people vaccinated by the end of 2020, but because of logistics, etc. they only reached a fraction of the goal.  At least Trump still did get two vaccines out in under a year, but he never gets credit for it.

Dr. Fauci on December 31 admitted in an interview that the distribution of the vaccine had been “disappointing.”

According to Amazon, they have been in contact with assorted government officials and agencies over the past nine months in regard to the pandemic.  They have also held extensive talks with the Food and Drug Administration concerning coronavirus testing.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, who made over $70 billion by his count thanks to the Democrats in states shutting down small businesses, was reported in May he was in contact with the White House regarding assistance to help with the pandemic.  Yet they never came through.

Amazon and the Trump administration didn’t have the best relationship.  Big tech hated Trump because he wasn’t woke, and the president was a loud critic of tech giants.  He even floated the idea that companies like Amazon should pay a higher tax rate because they undercut small businesses.  Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Democrat governors and mayors pretty much did it for them.  You see what they did here was they destroyed the donation money that came from the backbone of the Republican Party, small business owners while helping big rich corporations like Amazon at the same time.  People couldn’t buy the things they needed when small businesses in their communities were forced to close so they turned to services like Amazon.  It was planned that way to be just another cog in the plan to harm Republicans in the 2020 election.

Joe Biden Gets Rid of Mask at Lincoln Memorial Hours After Signing Executive Order Forcing Americans to Wear Mask on Federal Property

Joe Biden Gets Rid of Mask at Lincoln Memorial Hours After Signing Executive Order Forcing Americans to Wear Mask on Federal Property

Here is a great example of how socialism is for the people and not the socialist.

Joe Biden’s very first, numero uno, foremost, primary executive order as president of the United States forces  Americans to wear face masks on federal property.  And it didn’t take long for old Lunchbox Joe to violate his own order because shortly after signing the order he went to the Lincoln Memorial and was not wearing a mask.

Some Woke celebrities were there and were also not wearing masks.

I remember when the press went nuts because President Trump did not wear a mask when he gave speeches and press conferences. The idiots in the media knew full well that you cannot get into the White House without being tested and you certainly can’t get anywhere near the president of the United States without being tested for COVID yet they continued to trash the man because he didn’t wear a mask when no one was around him and he was giving a presser or a speech.

No one from the Woke Supremacist news media will trash president Biden.

Within hours of being sworn in the Thief-in-Chief signed an executive order declaring face masks must be worn on federal property (unless you’re the guy who signed the order, apparently).

Biden’s Executive Order on “Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing” calls for:

“The heads of executive departments and agencies (agencies) shall immediately take action, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to require compliance with CDC guidelines with respect to wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and other public health measures by: on-duty or on-site Federal employees; on-site Federal contractors; and all persons in Federal buildings or on Federal lands.”

“This executive action will direct the agencies to take action to require compliance with CDC guidance on mask-wearing and physical distancing in federal buildings, on federal lands and by federal employees and contractors,” Jeff Zients, Biden’s soon-to-be COVID-19 czar said.

“Wearing masks isn’t a partisan issue — it’s a patriotic act that can save countless lives,” Biden tweeted Wednesday night. “That’s why I signed an executive order today issuing a mask mandate on federal property. It’s time to mask up, America.”

Within hours after dictating that Americans must wear a face mask on federal property, Biden was at the Lincoln Memorial and he was not wearing a mask.  He had to of known he was going to be filmed. What was the point of him not wearing a mask right after he ordered the rest of us to wear masks on federal property? Was it a show of I’m in charge and screw you?

Here’s the kicker. Americans have been wearing masks since the beginning.  I got my first mass back in March of 2020 and I’ve been wearing one outside ever since.  Biden acts as if people aren’t wearing masks but they are. When he first called for his 100-day mandatory mask program I thought to myself where the hell is this man been throughout The COVID pandemic? Oh yeah, that’s right, he spent most of that time in his basement where he didn’t have to wear a mask.

He didn’t even practice social distancing.  The only difference between him and the other hypocrite California Governor Gavin Newsom is that they weren’t serving dinner at the Lincoln Memorial.

Bruce Springsteen performed and he wasn’t wearing a mask either.  I guess Springsteen is also immune from Biden’s executive order.

Tom Hanks was there maskless too.  I bet I would have been arrested if I was there without a mask.  I mean, it’s an executive order after all.

Jen Psaki the new White House press secretary actually announced bidons new executive order where he forces Americans to wear a mask in federal buildings and she wasn’t wearing a mask while giving her pressor inside the White House. you cannot make this stuff up.

“To combat the deadly virus, the president launched his 100-day masking challenge, asking Americans to do their part and mask up for 100 days,” Psaki said.  “He’s doing his part as well, issuing a mask mandate that will require anyone visiting a federal building or federal land, or using certain modes of public transportation to wear a mask.”

Meanwhile, she’s not wearing a mask.


Click here and watch the new press secretary try to find an excuse why Biden didn’t wear a mask.

This is the kind of stuff that would have made the leftist journalists’ eyes bleed.  CNN and MSNBC anchors would have called for Trump’s impeachment for not wearing a mask.  I’m not at all sure that they didn’t.  The activists who sit around on news sets with their coffee mugs with corporate logos on them would have called the president a potential murderer because he could have spread COVID to someone.  Again, I’m not sure that they didn’t.

It’s going to be a long 4 years of this type of hypocrisy.

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams Was Asked For Resignation By Team Biden

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams Was Asked For Resignation By Team Biden

The US Surgeon General Jerome Adams was asked for his resignation by the Biden administration and he has complied.

Adams, who is a highly-skilled anesthesiologist and the former Indiana health commissioner took to social media on Wednesday to make the announcement and tweeted, “I’ve been asked by the Biden team to step down as Surgeon General. Its [sic] been the honor of my life to serve this Nation, and I will do all I can to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve and maintain health.”

And the Woke Supremacists chimed in about an hour later with their hatred.

How about we look up how many people caught and/or died from COVID since noon on January 20?   Should we blame Joe Biden for those deaths?  If we were to be consistent then yes, but the Supremacy is never consistent.

Adams’ added a link to a Facebook post where he goes over his successes as the 20th United States Surgeon General, including his efforts to best manage the country’s collective public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From some of the most he explains how humbling it was to serve by saying, “In the face of a once in a century pandemic, I sought to communicate the rapidly evolving science on this deadly adversary, and arm people with the knowledge and tools they needed to stay safe. I wasn’t always right — because no one was, and this virus continues to humble all of us — but I was always sincere in my efforts to speak to every day Americans, and address the terrible health inequities this virus exposed.”

Dr. Adams added, “I want to thank those of you who supported me and my family — my wife who is undergoing cancer treatment, my brother who is struggling to overcome addiction, my mother who suffered a stroke earlier this year, and my kids who sacrificed time with their dad so that he could serve this Nation. And thanks to those of you who have become part of my family — the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, my dedicated support staff in the Office of the Surgeon General, the amazing colleagues and friends I’ve met across government, and the many people across this great Nation who constantly pray for my wife and kids, and ask about my dog Bella.”

What a class act.

The doctor concluded, “I hope in 2021 and beyond, we can focus more on what unites us, and rise above what divides us.  Because Americans working together can overcome any obstacle or adversary. I stand at the ready to help in our mutual quest for recovery, resilience, and health, and thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to serve.”

The Woke Supremacists will never allow the country to come together.  They live theirs lives based on the hatred of the Others, the people who don’t buy into their socialist Supremacy.

Biden wants to replace Dr. Adams by nominating former US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy who served previously under the Obama administration according to the Washington Post,

Murthy will have to go through Senate confirmation, which hasn’t yet been scheduled, but the Democrats will put through anyone Biden’s handlers tell him to nominate.

The Post added, “Three people with knowledge of the decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it said the Biden administration would choose an acting surgeon general shortly, bypassing Deputy Surgeon General Erica Schwartz, a longtime public health official.”

Schwartz is retiring so says a former Trump administration official.

“RADM Erica Schwartz, a career HHS official, served our country with honor and distinction for more than two decades,” said Trump’s HHS assistant secretary for health Admiral Brett Giroir. “It is unfortunate that the American people will no longer have her expertise and dedication as we continue to battle the covid-19 pandemic and prepare the Commissioned Corps for 21st- century challenges.”