Just In: President Trump Is Now Projected To Win North Carolina & Its 15 Electoral Votes in The 2020 Race For The White House

Just In: President Trump Is Now Projected To Win North Carolina & Its 15 Electoral Votes in The 2020 Race For The White House

As the media and social media oligarchs continue to tell America that they are the ones who make the decisions about who the next president of the United States will be and ordinary Americans sit back and wonder if these groups have been partying with Hunter Biden, the eyes of the informed are on the courts and President Trump’s legal actions.

While Biden was able to make up a hundreds upon hundreds of thousands votes lead in PA … over night, and somehow close the gap in Georgia and pull ahead, according to the media, Trump seems to have secured the 15 electoral votes in North Carolina.  Again, this is if we are to take the media’s word on this.

MSN is reporting that ‘President Donald Trump has won the state of North Carolina in the 2020 election, Decision Desk HQ projected on Tuesday afternoon.Trump now has 229 electoral votes and President-elect Joe Biden, whom Insider and Decision Desk HQ projected to win the general election last Friday, has 279. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to clinch the presidency.North Carolina voted for a Republican in 10 of the last 12 general elections, reliably serving as a mainstay of the Republican candidate’s electoral vote count. The state is home to competitive down-ballot races for attorney general, in the House, and at the gubernatorial level.Control over North Carolina’s state government is split: the governor is a Democrat while Republicans hold both chambers of the state legislature. In Congress, North Carolina’s delegation is majority Republican, with Republicans holding 11 of 15 congressional seats.The state has 15 electoral votes and analysts expected it to be competitive.Read the original article on Business Insider The people who I have been talking to who are closest to the camping have all been suggesting that this race is far from over and that Trump has some huge aces up his sleeves.  I suppose only time will tell.  Regardless of what happens, remember to stay peaceful out there and avoid violent confrontations at all costs.  We must win in the arena of ideas, street brawls are for leftists.

Just In: H. Biden’s Former Business Partner Confesses That He Met With Joe About China

Just In: H. Biden’s Former Business Partner Confesses That He Met With Joe About China

This story is breaking and much more will be coming out soon.  Bobulinski just appeared on Tucker and we are working on pieces to cover the bombshells he dropped while on the show.  If anyone alleged these things about Donald Trump he would be in handcuffs already.

Is this the end of the Joe Biden candidacy?  I have to think it very well may be if Tony is able to back all this up …

Fox News reported:

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, will tell “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in an exclusive interview Tuesday evening that Joe Biden‘s denials of knowledge or involvement in his son’s foreign dealings are “a blatant lie.”

Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and the former head of SinoHawk Holdings —  which he describes as a partnership between the CEFC China Energy conglomerate and two Biden family members — told Carlson that he almost walked out of last week’s second presidential debate when Biden discussed the topic.

“In that debate, he made a specific statement around questions around this from the president,” recalled Bobulinski, who attended the debate as Trump’s guest. “And I’ll be honest with you, I almost stood up and screamed ‘liar’ and walked out because I was shocked that after four days or five days that they prep for this, that the Biden family is taking that position to the world.”

Text messages obtained by Fox News last week include an exchange between Bobulinski and James Biden, the Democratic nominee’s younger brother, in which Bobulinski asks James to “thank Joe for his time”.

The messages seem to indicate that a meeting took place, though it’s unclear what the substance of the meeting may have been. The messages are unrelated to the laptop or hard drive purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. 

You can read the rest of the report at Fox News.com.

On May 2, 2017, Bobulinski texted Hunter Biden: “Mrng plse let me knw if we will do early dinner w your Uncle & dad and where, also for document translation do you want it simple Chinese or traditional?” According to the Fox News report.

We will have more reports about the developments on Tucker asa the clips become available.

Vladimir Putin Defends Hunter Biden Over Alleged Business Ties In Ukraine And Russia

Vladimir Putin Defends Hunter Biden Over Alleged Business Ties In Ukraine And Russia

Mark Horowitz| On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin defended Hunter Biden and his past business involvement with Ukraine and Russia, according to Reuters. US President Donald Trump has focused on these business dealings to cast doubt on his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. Putin’s defense of Biden’s business dealings is ironic considering how much Trump’s alleged relationship with the Russian President has become such a focus for Democrats over the past four years.

Putin has praised Trump in the past because the president has said he wants to have better ties with Russia, and he has also been critical of Biden over the anti-Russia tone taken by him and the Democrats since the 2016 election. So far, despite the extensive talk about allegations against Hunter Biden, the source of the information remains dubious and the content has not been proven or verified.

While speaking on Russian state TV on Sunday, Putin’s rhetoric towards Biden has toned down a bit, while his attitude towards Trump became a bit harsher.

“Yes, in Ukraine he (Hunter Biden) had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” said Putin.

“But well yes he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this (being criminal),” He added.

Putin was also upset about comments that Trump made in regard to the former mayor of Moscow and Putin’s relationship with him. Trump accused the ex-mayor’s widow of making a payment to Hunter Biden, but Putin says that he has no knowledge of any relationship between Hunter and the ex-mayor’s widow. Joe Biden has denied the allegations against his son.

These new comments from Putin turn the tables a bit, by at the very least showing that both presidential candidates have business involvements all over the world. However, this is really not that uncommon. Typically, the type of people who rise through the political system and become a presidential candidate do all sorts of international business. As with most political matchups, there are plenty of reasons to dislike either candidate, but the hyper-focus on Russia that media outlets in the United States have taken in the past several years is extremely irresponsible, and it is created the environment for a new cold war.

Russia has been accused of interfering with elections in the United States, but the US military has a long and established history of influencing elections and other foreign affairs, and they don’t just buy social media ads, they take military action and overthrow democratically elected governments so the country is more friendly to western corporations and other western interests. Of course, China and Russia do this to some degree as well, these are typical games that are played by empires. It is a problem, but this is not a problem that is specific to Russia, and the United States is not innocent in this matter either.

Trump Releases Brand New Ad That Destroys The Entire Premise Of Joe Biden’s Campaign: Here Are 38 Times Trump Denounced White Supremacy [Opinion]

Trump Releases Brand New Ad That Destroys The Entire Premise Of Joe Biden’s Campaign: Here Are 38 Times Trump Denounced White Supremacy [Opinion]

Sleepy and corrupt Joe Biden began his campaign with the lie that President Trump has refused to denounce white supremacy.  The media has largely refused to call Joe on it … or anything else for that matter.  In their defense it is hard to question a candidate on something when that candidate never takes questions.

Even USA Today admitted Trump’s Charlottesville comments twisted by Joe Biden and the media

Sure, Donald Trump said there were ‘fine people on both sides’ but in the next breath he condemned ‘neo-Nazis and White nationalists.‘ Don’t leave that out.’

It’s not just Joe, Kamala also loves repeating the lie that Trump refuses to denounce the disgusting racist white supremacists.  For the record we want nothing to do with white supremacy, we are more interested in freedom.  Free markets, and freedom of expression.  Just last month The Hill ran a piece entitled: ‘Harris blasts Trump for refusing to denounce white supremacy.’

There is just one problem.  As usually, for Democrats that problem is … the truth.  Donald Trump has a new ad that lays their lies bare for the whole country to see.

Fox News reported on the new ad:

‘The Trump campaign on Tuesday released a video compiling more than three dozen times President Trump has denounced White supremacy, as his Democratic rival Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris of California continue to claim this week on the campaign trail that he has failed to do so.

The Trump campaign rolled out a nearly 5-minute-long video of the president, featuring video clips from as recently as this month, to his 2016 presidential campaign, and dating all the way back to an interview Trump gave to Matt Lauer in the early 2000s, where he denounced White supremacy and “disavowed” White supremacist groups.

The video comes after Biden and Harris have criticized Trump, casting him as a racist and claiming he has not denounced White supremacy, and also comes as part of the Trump campaign’s final pitch to win over Black voters ahead of Election Day.

“President Trump wants to prosecute the KKK as a terrorist organization and has condemned White supremacy at least 38 times. 38 times!” a senior Trump campaign official told Fox News.’

You can watch the video below : https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bd0cMmBvqWc

It would be a shame if all of Facebook and Twitter say this video, now wouldn’t it … Whatever you do, don’t share this EVERYWHERE 😉

More & More Celebrities Are Starting To Voice Their Support For Donald Trump

More & More Celebrities Are Starting To Voice Their Support For Donald Trump

Perhaps the greatest irony of our time is that the people who love to pretend to extol the virtues of ‘democracy’ are the ones least tolerant of anyone supporting different political ideas.  This phenomenon is more prevalent nowhere than in Hollywood.  Luckily for the country, there are still a few celebs left with common sense … and balls:

Republished with permission from our friends at A News Post.com| Mark Horowitz| Last week, 50 Cent created a huge controversy when expressing his support for US President Donald Trump, but he is just one of many celebrities who are sticking their necks out to put the power of their platforms behind the sitting president. Many of them, like Ted Nugent or James Woods, will come as no surprise to anyone, but some of these names are a bit shocking, such as punk rock legend Johnny Rotten.

Each of these celebrities offer different reasons for their political leanings, and some of them don’t give any reason at all. However, all of these people are millionaires, so they share some of the same class concerns, as 50 Cent noted last week when he expressed his frustration with Biden’s tax plan for the wealthy.

Below are a few of the celebrities who have voiced support for Donald Trump.

1. Kelsey Grammer

385849 10: Actor Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in NBC”s television comedy series “Frasier.” Episode: “Mary Christmas” – As excitement builds over his hosting the holiday parade, Dr. Frasier Crane hosts his radio show. (Photo by Gale Adler/Paramount)

Kelsey Grammer, Getty

Allen Kelsey Grammer is an actor, comedian, singer, producer, director, writer and conservative political activist, best known for his two-decade-long portrayal of psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane on the NBC sitcoms Cheers and Frasier. He was very open about voting for Trump in 2016.

2. Roseanne Barr

Rosanne Barr, Getty

Roseanne Barr is an actress, comedian, writer, producer, and former presidential candidate. Barr began her career in stand-up comedy before gaining acclaim in the television sitcom Roseanne. She has been openly supportive of Donald Trump for years, and has stirred up controversy as a result. https://anewspost.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-fastest-cache-premium/pro/templates/youtube.html#1BMhKFNoG94?feature=oembed

3. Dean Cain

Dean Cain is the star of the show Lois & Clark and he endorsed President Trump during the 2016 election. More recently, he defended Kirstie Alley against attacks for her support of Trump.

4. Kristy Swanson

Kristen Noel Swanson is best recognized for having played Buffy Summers in the 1992 film Buffy the Vampire Slayer and appeared in the 1996 film The Phantom. She has been very vocal about her support for Donald Trump.

5. Robert Davi

Robert Davi – Getty

Robert Davi is an actor whos is best known for his roles in The Goonies, Die Hard, and Licence to Kill. Davi is a vocal Trump supporter who has even contributed to Breitbart News.

6. Ted Nugent

The former rock artist Ted Nugent called President Trump the “greatest president of our lifetime” at a recent Trump rally in Michigan. https://anewspost.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-fastest-cache-premium/pro/templates/youtube.html#B8GQXKWia6o?feature=oembed

7. Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten is best known as the lead singer of the late-1970s British punk band the Sex Pistols, but has recently made headlines over his support for Trump. He was even photographed wearing a Trump shirt.

8. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington is best known for his role as Dr. Preston Burke in the first three seasons of the series Grey’s Anatomy. Washington supports the #WalkAway campaign, a movement urging people to “walk away” from the Democratic party and recently told Fox News that he supports Trump.

9. Jon Voight

Jon Voight, Getty

Jon Voight is an academy award-winning actor who starred in numerous blockbuster films.

10. Lee Greenwood

The country music star Lee Greenwood allows the Trump campaign to use his song “God Bless the USA” at rallies.

With the stigma that the left has put on daring to support anyone but who the hive mind tell a Hollywood celeb to support, it would not be surprising to learn that a lot more famous folks are not communists.   It’s a shame we will never know.

Police Furious, Rip Democrat Candidate Biden, Calling Him ‘Incompetent’ & ‘Insulting’ After He Repeated Tells Them To Shoot Suspects ‘In The Leg’

Police Furious, Rip Democrat Candidate Biden, Calling Him ‘Incompetent’ & ‘Insulting’ After He Repeated Tells Them To Shoot Suspects ‘In The Leg’

After seeing the [yet to be substantiated by a 3rd party] emails coming out of the hard drive that the New York Post has been publishing, it is no wonder that Joe Biden is critical of the police.  If my son were a (former?) crack addict (he may currently be sober, I’m not sure, but we have not seen him since the email scandal broke, so my GUESS is that he is either in rehab again, or on another bender, again, however this is just conjecture) I would be skeptical of people whose job is to enforce the law too.

If the allegation of pay for play as VP are true, there is even more reason for Joey B to run down the police.  All kidding aside, I would guess that Joe is only saying what his campaign advisors are telling him to say.  His would be constituents, his ‘base’ if you will, are out in the streets causing billions in propter damage, and some are claiming it is their right.  Some go so far as to call their theft ‘reparations.’

Well, now police around the nation have had enough after Biden’s latest comments about law enforcement.  The man who once said ‘”[If] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door,”‘ is now telling cops what they should be doing when their lives are on the line.

Fox News is reporting  ‘Law enforcement groups blasted Vice President Joe Biden for again suggesting training police to shoot suspects “in the leg” is a viable way to avoid fatalities, decrying the proposal as dangerous and ignorant.

During an ABC News town hall Thursday, Biden gave the shooting advice while talking about broader police reforms, which have been on the public conscience since the killing of George Floyd sparked nationwide racial unrest. 

“There’s a lot of things we’ve learned and it takes time, but we can do this,” Biden said. “You can ban chokeholds … you have to teach people how to de-escalate circumstances. … Instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg.”

Police officers and law enforcement groups pounced on the suggestion that officers would train to shoot someone in the leg rather than “center mass,” the largest part of the body that has long been the firearms training target.


John Evans, president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, told Fox News that Biden’s suggestion is “absolutely ridiculous” and “incredibly ignorant.”

“The guy’s clueless,” Evans said. “And I know he’s just trying to appease his left-wing base but it’s a really foolish statement.”‘

Joe Gamaldi, vice president of the national Fraternal Order of Police, dismissed Biden’s suggestion as “completely ridiculous, “unrealistic” and a “pandering talking point.”

Police are trained to aim at center mass because it’s the largest target, whereas aiming at a leg would be much more difficult because it’s smaller and a moving target.

“By aiming at legs we are much more likely to miss and we already only hit roughly 50% of the time,” Gamaldi said.’

What more proof do you need that Joe Biden, in his ivory tower, is out of touch with the men and women who actually ‘protect and serve’ our communities?  Instead of looking out for American citizens his instinct is to protect illegal entrant to America.

Instead of looking out for the men and women who risk their lives to keep the streets safe, he rips cops and sides with criminals, IMHO.

The choice in November could not be more clear.  Do you want to vote for someone whose supporters are criminals, illegals and violent rioters?  Or, would you prefer to vote for Western Civilization?  The ball is in your court America.

Video: The Moderator For The Next Debate Is Dem Hack Who Tipped HRC Camp Off About Questions Ahead of Time [Opinion]

Video: The Moderator For The Next Debate Is Dem Hack Who Tipped HRC Camp Off About Questions Ahead of Time [Opinion]

First it was the media that imploded and lost all of its credibility by refusing to tell the truth about, well, much of anything.  For years groups like the Media Research Center have been exposing just how biased the ‘main stream media’ is.  It’s no longer something that anyone disputes.  CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post et al. seem to all be in the tank for the Democrat Party.  Conversely, the commentary on Fox News is heavily pro-Trump … at night at least.  I think we would agree that OAN is geared toward conservative and Trump supporting viewers.

After the media burnt all of its credibility, the federal law enforcement apperatus was the next to fall.  The botched handling of the Clinton email investigation, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, the Podesta brothers, not to mention the entire Russian collusion hoax, the FBI and DOJ have managed to lose all credibility with the American people, in my view.

The latest establishment outfit to suffer the same fate, to be unmakes for their bias in the eyes of the public, is the Commission on Presidential Debates.  Bob Dole recently came out and said that none of the so-called Republicans on the commission support Trump, according to The Hill.

This should come as no surprise seeing as thus far each ‘moderator’ has, IMHO, acted more like they are debating Trump than moderating a debate or town hall.  Steve Scully, the man picked by the commission to moderate the debate that never occurred once Tweeted an article saying ‘No, Not-Trump, Ever.’

After mistakenly sending out a public tweet, and then lying about it, saying he was ‘hacked,’ Scully has been suspended by CSPAN.

During the first debate, Fox News’ Christopher Wallace was largely criticized by Trump and his supporters for being more of a Biden activist than a moderator.

Then, in the debate that wasn’t, due to the unilateral rule change of the Commission on Presidential Debates, Trump’s dueling town hall was ‘moderated’ by Ms. Guthrie.  One need only watch a few moments of the event to see that Savannah was less of a journalist and more of an activist, IMHO.

It is my conclusion, and that of many on the right, and quite frankly, it seems to be President Trump’s assessment as well, that the COPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) is in the tank for Biden.

Still not convinced?  Have a look at what Fox News is reporting about the up coming debate’s ‘moderator:

Fox News reported:

‘All eyes are turning to NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker as she prepares to host the third and final presidential debate Thursday.

But Trump supporters who took issue with hard questioning by previous moderators like Chris Wallace and Savannah Guthrie may find themselves pining for those combative hosts after Welker is done with the president.

Welker comes from an established Democratic family — who have poured cash into party coffers, and to Trump opponents, for years.

Her mother, Julie Welker, a prominent real estate broker in Philadelphia, and father, Harvey Welker, a consulting engineer, have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and close to $20,000 to Barack Obama alone.

There was also $3,300 for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and $2,100 for Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential effort against Trump. Another $7,300 was contributed to the Democratic National Committee between 2004 and 2020.

In 2012, Welker and her family celebrated Christmas at the White House with the Obamas.

Though Kristen Welker’s party registration is not listed today, she was a registered Democrat in Washington, DC, in 2012 and in Rhode Island in 2004.

“Mr. President, yes or no. … have you ever worked for Russia. Yes or no?” she demanded during a confrontation in January 2019,’ feeding into the now disproven conspiracy theory that Trump is somehow Putin’s puppet.

Is that enough to convince you of her bias?  Let’s say no, that is not enough.  Everyone has political opinions, she is allowed to be a Democrat, it is just her job to keep her opinions out of her ‘journalism’ (something that is impossible and why we wear our bias on our sleeve.)

I mean, ‘come on, man’ the COPD would never let someone who had ‘tipped off’ a candidate’s campaign about a question before a ‘spontaneous’ interview…. right? WRONG.

Fox went on to explain, ‘In March 2016 Welker was busted on live television tipping off Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri about at least one question she planned to ask her during a post-debate interview in Michigan. At the time Clinton was locked in a fierce fight for the Democratic nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders.’

The Post was told by a White House official that “Anyone who’s ever dealt with Welker knows she’s an activist, not a reporter. The White House press team views her the same way they would AOC or Pelosi if they walked in the office.”

Jordan Targets The Top Swamp Creature At The FBI, Wray, Demands To Know If He Is Investigating Hunter Biden

Jordan Targets The Top Swamp Creature At The FBI, Wray, Demands To Know If He Is Investigating Hunter Biden

I think we all instinctually know the answer to this question.  If Wray is doing anything he is working to protect Hunt*r and his father Joey B.  As we have all recently come to understand, there are two sets of rules in this country, one for you and I and another for Democrats.

Via The House Judiciary Committee – by Jerry Dunleavy, Justice Department Reporter | September 24, 2020 12:42 PM<

A top House Republican pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday about whether the bureau has been investigating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, following a GOP Senate report about allegations of corruption.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, told Wray in a two-page letter that Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin had “released an explosive report detailing misconduct and potential criminal activity during the Obama-Biden Administration” and asked “what investigative steps — if any — the Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken in response to the information in this report.” The congressman contended that the report “shows that the FBI has been aware of some alleged misconduct for years” and “detailed widespread concern within the Obama-Biden Administration about Hunter Biden’s role on the board of Burisma Holdings.”

The Senate Republicans’ controversial report on Joe and Hunter Biden, titled Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns, was released on Wednesday, detailing allegations of problematic foreign business dealings by Biden’s son as the former vice president helped lead the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

Much of the GOP Senate report’s focus is on Joe Biden’s role in guiding the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy while Hunter Biden received a lucrative position in 2014 on the board of an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, run by Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, which the Republicans said “created an immediate potential conflict of interest that would prove to be problematic for both U.S. and Ukrainian officials and would affect the implementation of Ukraine policy.” Johnson and Grassley also delved into other business dealings by Hunter Biden, his business partner Devon Archer, and others in the Biden family, including business dealings tied to Russia and China.

Andrew Bates, the director of rapid response for the Biden campaign, claimed Wednesday that Johnson had chosen to “subsidize a foreign attack against the sovereignty of our elections with taxpayer dollars — an attack founded on a long-disproven, hardcore rightwing conspiracy theory” and that the Republican senator was “attempting to exploit to bail out Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.” Democratic senators released a rebuttal report, claiming that Grassley and Johnson were amplifying Russian disinformation, which the Republicans have repeatedly denied.

“In addition to the over $4 million paid by Burisma for Hunter Biden’s and Archer’s board memberships, Hunter Biden, his family, and Archer received millions of dollars from foreign nationals with questionable backgrounds,” the GOP Senate report alleges, claiming that “Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow” and that Hunter Biden “opened a bank account with” Chinese businessman Gongwen Dong “to fund a $100,000 global spending spree” with Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, and James’s wife, Sara.

“Hunter Biden had business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and the People’s Liberation Army,” the report also notes. “Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash flow.”

The GOP Senate report further claims that Hunter Biden “paid nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

Jordan asked Wray to provide information “as soon as possible” in response to a number of questions, including whether the FBI was investigating Hunter Biden’s alleged “receipt of $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow,” his “payment of ‘thousands of dollars’ to individuals involved in human trafficking and organized prostitution,” or his “Chinese transactions involving potential criminal financial activity.”

“The FBI suffered from a pattern of misconduct and politicization at the highest levels of the FBI during the Obama-Biden Administration,” Jordan wrote to Wray on Thursday, referencing the FBI’s actions against Trump campaign associate Carter Page and former Trump national security adviser and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, adding, “The new revelations in Chairman Johnson’s and Chairman Grassley’s report only add more concern about the FBI’s actions.”

The FBI did not immediately respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Click here to read article.

Video: Joey B Flips His **** At CBS Reporter When They Have The Guts To Ask About NY Post Report: ‘I Have No Response, Another Smear Campaign’

Video: Joey B Flips His **** At CBS Reporter When They Have The Guts To Ask About NY Post Report: ‘I Have No Response, Another Smear Campaign’

When you are royalty (or when you think you are in this case) no one is allowed to question you, your family, your dealings, your corruption etc.  No single man better exemplifies this sense of entitlement than Joey B.

The way the media ignored the most important story of the election cycle, combined with how social media companies censored the story is all the proof I need to believe that there is a much, much, much different set of rules for Joe than there is for ‘The Donald.’  While Joey was not even asked about the email in the sham town hall a few nights ago, Trump was asked for the umpteenth time to ‘disavow‘ white supremacy.   View this post on Instagram  

Savannah Guthrie was hostile and ambushed Trump on Thursday night but it didn’t work. President Trump crushed it tonight and he went into savage mode after Savannah Guthrie asked Trump to denounce white supremacy….again.

A post shared by The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) on Oct 15, 2020 at 7:19pm PDT

Rather than hosting a town hall event, most people thought that Trump was actually debating Savannah Guthrie as a stand in for Joe Biden.

On the other hand it is very telling when you see how Biden reacts when finally being asked about, what appears to be,IMHO, bombshell emails exposing incredible corruption, all that has been alleged by Trump and researchers over the years.  Let’s be clear, the emails are not yet substantiated as authentic, however, the fact that the Biden camp is not saying they are fake, suggests to me that they are the real deal.

Fox News reported:

‘Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was finally asked about the explosive New York Post report that alleges emails show his son made millions trading on his father’s influence.

His response? “I have no response.”

After not being asked about the growing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden at the ABC News town hall by moderator George Stephanopoulos, the former vice president spoke to reporters outside his private jet Friday following his campaign events in Michigan. And when he was approached about the subject by CBS News reporter Bo Erickson, Biden went after the journalist. 

“Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?” Erickson asked. 

“I know you’d ask it,” Biden fired back. “I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

The Biden 2020 presidential campaign previously responded to the Post story on Wednesday, saying the former vice president “carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing,” and that “Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath.”

Some of the documents released contain the name of a man at the FBI who specializes in some of the most heinous crimes known to man.  For fear of being cens*red (again), I will not make any guesses as to the authenticity of the claims of if that agent is involved or why his name seems to appear in the documents.

Either way, these emails are not good new for Hunt*er or Joey B.  It’s like 2016 all over again, except this time there is no middle man, the Trump campaign has EVERYTHING.