VIDEO: The Abused Women of Portland, Police and Mayor Stand Down While Elderly Women Defend Police

VIDEO: The Abused Women of Portland, Police and Mayor Stand Down While Elderly Women Defend Police

Two older American women, both white-haired and one who needed the assistance of a walker to move around,  were at the Portland riots Thursday, and were caught unprotected on video trying to put out a fire near a police station, and also trying to persuade an angry mob of people in black to leave the property alone, another woman was attacked at her home for the second night in a row after a dispute with the same mob.

John Solomon reported about the unfolding events and said “on Thursday night, Portland police declared an unlawful assembly outside a precinct and protesters were ordered to leave, after acknowledging concerns about the crowd intending to vandalize and burn the precinct, according to the Associated Press.”

Footage of the two women went viral and shocked a nation at the amount of raw hatred and violence that was aimed at them, while they defended property.

It is unclear who the women are, the Portland police posted that one of the women was in a walker at the scene of the riot. Journalist Andy Ngo posted about the attacks with more details. Far-left radical enabler and Mayor of Portland made a video Thursday night calling the mob “murders”, surprising people because he has been so welcoming of the mob.

The uprising was planned, organized and advertised by a group called PNW Youth Liberation Front. The Portland police were aware there would be an uprising.

But the only people seen defending the property and people inside are the two older women. Seen here one woman gets attacked by a mob, yelled at, and has paint throw on her.

Another woman tries to extinguish a fire at the same Police Station a distance away from the other lady, and pushed away by members of the mob.

The Portland Police were live-tweeting during the violent attacks.

Video of the woman getting paint poured on her went viral quickly.

After abusing the two elderly women, the mob of Antifa returned to the home of another woman they were harassing. Ngo wrote that the woman had already been attacked with Lasers and had been blinded.

This story is ongoing…

Cruz Humiliated Hirono, ‘Task Force on Violent Anti-Government Extremism’ Explained, Democrat Storms Out

Cruz Humiliated Hirono, ‘Task Force on Violent Anti-Government Extremism’ Explained, Democrat Storms Out

An explosive Senate hearing on Anti-Government extremism on Tuesday exposed the radical left’s own anti-Government beliefs when far-left radical Democrat Senator Maize Senator Hirono from Hawaii, stomped out of the hearing room after making a plea to ignore historic violent uprisings around the country, calling the “Freedom of Speech” and tried to shame the chairman for having the hearing.

“I am leaving,” Hirono said.


Jonathan Turley testified about Antifa and said,”It often appears that Antifa is either the new al Qaeda or the new “Big Foot.” President Trump wants Antifa classified as a terrorist organization while various Democratic politicians insist it is just a conservative phantom.”

Democrats insist that the uprisings are peaceful.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz humiliated Hirono as she barked at him off-mike after she shut off her mike, scolding him, saying that Republicans use deaths for making political points, defending Black Lives Matter.  “We have a pesky thing called Freedom of Speech, and we should all join hands and denounce violent extremism.  You are not listening, and I am not listening anymore. I am leaving,” Hirono said.

“She said nothing negative about Antifa,” Cruz said. “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now.”

Hirono refuses again. Walks out of the room.


It was a very serious hearing.

At the hearing it was explained that US Attorney General William Barr directed to two US Attorneys to lead a task force to combat violent Anti-American extremists of all persuasions, investigating anyone who seeks to harm America and find ways to disrupt events before they harm Americans.


Full opening statement:

What the White House is combatting is an increase in crimes and violent uprisings meant to help defund local police departments.


The United States Government established the interagency CVE Task Force to unify the domestic CVE effort. The Task Force brings together experts from DHS, DOJ, FBI, NCTC and policy guidance from non-security agencies to coordinate investments in and dissemination of research and analysis, enhance engagement and technical assistance to diverse stakeholders, support the development of innovative intervention models, and cultivate communications and digital strategies according to the Department of Homeland Security Task Force.




Journalist Andy Ngo, who has studied Antifa and other violent groups,  testified that Democrats refused to listen to the amount of violence that was unfolding.


Group Linked to Jihad Host Billboards for Black Lives Matter

Group Linked to Jihad Host Billboards for Black Lives Matter

At a time when Christianity must keep it’s self hidden and shut down, it is uncomfortable for many Christians to see that a longtime pursuit for Muslims of advertising their faith on Billboards across America has not taken a pause, but according to the group responsible, ICNA that is known to support Jihad, their attempts to educate Americans about Islam, have grown.

Late July a  billboard campaign paid for by the Islamic group showed up drawing ties to the George Floyd protests and showing their alliance with Black Lives Matter, who are the main Community Organizers for numerous recent civil uprisings.

According to terrorism expert, ICNA is “The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) was founded in September 1968 as the American affiliate of Jamaat-e-Islami, South Asia’s largest Islamist group. Jamaat’s militant wing, Hizbul Mujahideen — aka Hizb-ul Mujahideen — owned the Pakistani compound where Osama bin Laden was living at the time of his death.”

Breitbart News wrote about the Billboards in 2019:

“These billboards are the handiwork of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), according to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, and a report by Discover the Networks is linked to radical Islamic movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the pro-Sharia organization from which Hamas and al-Qaeda come.

The ICNA’s hatred of the Jews is so fierce that it taunted them with a repetition of what Hitler did to them… The ICNA openly supports militant Islamic fundamentalist organizations, praises terror attacks, issues incendiary attacks on western values and policies, and supports the imposition of Sharia.”

According to ICNA Sacramento president Ijaz Arif, racial justice is one of the religion’s “cornerstones”, and he emphasized the billboard campaign isn’t limited to Sacramento — ICNA chapters nationwide are doing the same.

The Sacramento Bee reported on the Billboards late July 2020:

“The nonprofit grassroots organization decided to take action in light of recent instances of police brutality; not only has it erected the billboards, but it’s also galvanizing projects spearheaded by Black Muslim leaders.

Across the Sacramento area, there are four new billboards seeking to demonstrate how the fights against systemic racism and the coronavirus pandemic are foundational to Islamic beliefs.

As part of a five-week campaign by the Sacramento chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America, one billboard reads “We the people can’t breathe. Stop racist killings.” Another says, “Saving one life equals saving entire mankind (Quran 5:32). Thank you, healthcare workers!”


Counties Nationwide Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Counties Nationwide Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

California’s Orange County is the newest to consider joining the long list of counties to declare racism a public health emergency.

Eighty-three cities and counties, across nineteen states, have passed such resolutions pointing to systemic racism as a root cause of health problems that disproportionately affect minorities. 

According to experts supporting these resolutions, disparities found in the health and well-being of different ethnic communities is a direct result of systemic racism.

Dr. Ravi Kavasery, a physician with AltaMed Health Services, serving the Orange County and Los Angeles communities, told the Orange County Register that patients “are scared to seek medical care because of policies such as the ‘public charge’ rule.” 

The “public charge” rule is a factor the Department of Homeland Security uses to determine whether immigrants seeking permanent resident status are likely to become dependent on governmental assistance. 

Dr. Kavasery asserted in his statement that the rule “actively discourages immigrants and people of color from seeking medical care. It’s an excellent example that shows the link between systemic racism and public health. You see unequal access and health outcomes.”

Paula Tran Inzeo, director of Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health with the Population Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, explained that the “toxic stress they experience due to racism and discrimination puts their bodies in a constant state of fighting. They get sick sooner and stay sick longer.”

Milwaukee County was the first U.S. county to declare racism a public health crisis over a year ago in May of 2019 . 

Both King County and Pierce County in Washington State passed resolutions back in June of this year. 

In the Board of Health of King County’s resolution, they stated their commitment to address “institutional and systemic racism”, to create policies “with a racial justice and equity lens” and committed themselves to continual education and involvement in antiracist work. 

The King County resolution reads in part:

“racism harms every person in our society and is the root cause of poverty and economic inequality…”

“we recognize that historically and currently King County has been complicit in maintaining and perpetuating structural racism, and that as an institution the Board of Health must stand in support of dismantling oppressive systems grounded in white supremacy.” 

These resolutions have seen pushback. The Inland Empire Citizens Action Committee and Foothill Taxpayers Association – located in Southern California -wrote a memorandum calling the resolutions “Collectivist/Marxist rhetoric”.

“If racism is defined as systemic or structural,” the memorandum read, “the narrative is set in stone to demand reparations from the current generation to the current generation of blacks and people of color. Defining it as systemic indicts the entire nation for the sins of past generations without a trial.” 

Dems are so Confident that Biden Will Win They Demand the Whole System Changes for November

Dems are so Confident that Biden Will Win They Demand the Whole System Changes for November

As the Summer rolls on, the 2020 Presidential Election is drawing to completion with the Media allies and the Democrats in full swing promoting radical far-left Democrat Joe Biden as the winner, leaving political watchers scratching their heads about the demands to the electorial process the left is demanding.

Social Media was abuzz Monday with the narrative that Presidential candidate Biden will refuse to debate his opponent, President Donald J. Trump, before the election.

Democrats were on board pleading for Biden to reject debating Trump.

Biden also has yet to name his running mate, which is keeping the party on edge.

And Biden, the Presidential hopeful has refused to take questions from the Press according to Trump’s former Senior Communications Director, Jason Miller.

Monday Vice President Mike Pence made a statement that the Trump administration is already planning on going to court over the Democrat’s demands for a massive ballot harvesting scheme.

“We are going to court over it,” Pence said.

The radical left media, WashingtonPost has even resorted to floating the idea that Biden could choose Former President Barack Obama as his Vice President Pick, just to keep people following the story.

And potential running mates, for the Vice President seat,  have to claim they are not Communist to hope to keep their base engaged.

NBC reported, “In an interview with NBC News, California Rep. Karen Bass touted her decades-long work alongside Latinos in community work and in Congress, said she was not a Communist”.

The radical far-left New York Times claims that Biden should protect his lead and not debate at all.

Lily Adams from the Biden campaign was on FoxNews Tuesday and said that Biden has agreed to debates, telling Erin Perrine Trump 2020 Communications Director, “we are excited to these three debates that the Presidential Commission on Debates”.

Perrine said Trump campaign wants more debates and sooner, being concerned about early voting. Adams, smirking said, ” we have agreed to the debates and their timing with the Presidential Commission on Debates”.

This story is developing…


Trump Pushes Personal Responsibility ,Democrats Want Free Money for Losers, Expect EO on Stimulus

Trump Pushes Personal Responsibility ,Democrats Want Free Money for Losers, Expect EO on Stimulus

Jobless aid is about to expire for American families and a picture is emerging exposing the differences between political opponents in Washington DC over how the public tax base is best spent in mutually beneficial ways for all American citizens, with the leading socialist Democrats pushing for bails out for Democrat states that have been reckless and negligent in the eyes of Conservative President Donald J. Trump who wants money for the American family.

“We’re having a very good discussion with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The problem is they want to do bailouts of their various Democrat-run states and cities, and they want a lot of money,” Trump said Monday.

Socialists want bailouts while Conservatives want responsible spending.  Socialists want benefits for States and Conservatives to want benefits for individuals.

Trump is doubling down on radical left Speaker o the House Nancy Pelosi, who has been responsible for numerous schemes to unseat Trump since he was elected in 2016, and who is demanding huge amounts of Federal money for pals in struggling states who don’t want to face the consequences of their egregious mismanagement.

The Democrats have been fighting the release of funds to struggling families because they want funds for poorly run states.

“I call it Speaker Pelosi’s No Liberal Plan Left Behind Act that they filed shows you where they really want to go. We want to help people and schools reopen after the pandemic, but where they are going is that they want over a Trillion dollars to bail out states that were broken before the Pandemic, they want mailing ballots to people who are on voting rolls illegally, what does that have to do with the Pandemic? It shows you their priorities,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said about Pelosi’s bailout plan.

Late Spring when Democrats started to eye stimulus money as a way of bailing out their friends in the Democrat-run States, Trump said, “there is a big difference between someone who needs some stimulus because of the pandemic and a state that has been poorly run for 25 years.”

The Resistance movement in DC, who has done everything imaginable to stop Trump from assisting families turned to Twitter to push their demands for big funding for States, by gaslighting the American people and lying to them about who is doing what in the Halls of Congress on their behalf.

Radical leftist Rep. Maxine Waters who has bombarded the American public with Socialist propaganda is still pouting about the Tax cuts American taxpayers received under Trump:

More Gaslighting:

Trump has signaled that he is considering an Executive order on the stimulus if parties can not reach an agreement.

US Woke SJW “Karen’s” Grasp Reaches Past Trinidad, Kentucky Fried Chicken Pulls Ad

US Woke SJW “Karen’s” Grasp Reaches Past Trinidad, Kentucky Fried Chicken Pulls Ad

An advertisement for Kentucky Fried Chicken Drumstick caused chaos on social media for being “racist” until people realized it was made by brown people of Trinidad and not White people of the United States, and then there was chaos about who should be offended and why, in the end the ad was pulled and everyone was confused.

People were having fun with the ad until the grievance culture started to make demands, and the company then retracted the ad and apologized.

“KFC has apologised for ads posted on social media on Emancipation Day which drew negative responses from followers.

In a brief statement posted to its Facebook page later in the day, the fast food restaurant acknowledged that it may have gotten it wrong and apologised for any offence caused. The posts have since been removed,” reported.

KFC’s statement read:

At KFC Trinidad, we always strive to recognise our nation’s multicultural history and make up, and to play our part in recongising it.

Our intention was to support and recognise the importance of this historically significant event. We recognise that our posts commemorating Emancipation Day drew some negative responses.

Clearly, we got it wrong and we want to unreservedly apologise for the offence caused.

As a result, we are reviewing the approval process of all of our communications to avoid situations like this reoccurring.

Here is the ad:

Responses on Twitter ranged in response:

“In case y’all didn’t realize, the website says (the .tt means Trinidad and Tobago). This would of been made by Caribbean people and is right up their alley for a sense of humor in Trinidad. Now if this ad been made in USA or Europe, then yes it’d be racist,” said one poster on Twitter. 

Others agreed that it was funny, and good humor was displayed by others who normally would have been marching on DC demanding all sorts of things:

The whole thing is so complex.

Woke Social Justice Warriors responded with demands:

There was anger directed at Caucasians.


Perhaps no one should say a thing- ever, about anything.

Many people do not understand why Chicken is racist, but White Supremacists are brought up.

White women from Canada chimed in to virtue signal.

Remember, it’s racist to say Black people like Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Whew.. just everyone chill. Because Lord only knows what is going to happen NOW, Round 2? :

This story is developing.

Economic Nationalism is Gains in Manufacturing

Economic Nationalism is Gains in Manufacturing


The administration of Donald J. Trump has seen an acceleration in U.S. manufacturing activity, to its highest level in nearly 1-1/2 years in July according to Reuters, even with the combined supply and demand shocks that have ravaged the world economy with the most severe downturn since the Great Depression.

Bookings Institute asked, “Is the future one of deglobalization, decoupling, and reshoring of economic activity?” Things seem to be point in Trump’s direction.

“About 72% of industries reported growth last month,” Reuters reported.

They added the technical details reporting, “The  Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity raced to a reading of 54.2 last month from 52.6 in June. That was the strongest since March 2019 and marked two straight months of expansion. A reading above 50 indicates growth in manufacturing, which accounts for 11% of the U.S. economy. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the index would rise to 53.6 in July.”

That is much stronger than was expected, allowing Trump to celebrate a little bit along with the overall expansion in the economy for the third straight month

The White House Rapid Response team reported the good news Monday, calling the announcement, “The great American comeback”:

The ISM also reported, “Demand is growing as is evident by the strong gain in the New Orders Index at 61.5%. That represents an increase of 5.1 from the June reading of 56.4%. New orders are being supported by the New Export Orders Index re-entering expansion.”

The New Orders (61.5%) and Production (62.1%) indexes show rates of change that signify a U.S. manufacturing sector returning to work in July after the pandemic induced slowdown. Both had their highest readings since summer/fall.

Manufacturing gains is a large part of Trump’s 2020 Presidential platform:


Protecting the country from too many imports and employing citizens over foreigners, is generally what is called “Economic Nationalism”. President Trump’s America First platform comes from a Populist movement of workers and small business proponents after at least a decade of frustration over the loss of employment and opportunities.

Under former President Barack Obama, there was massive loss of opportunity and jobs.

Republicans were not the ones to champion Economic Nationalism or protecting the American worker until President Trump was elected.

No matter how much his opposition tried to stop him, until the Pandemic, Trump’s economy was soaring.

Trump took care of the most neglected American workers, including Farmers.

The 2020 Presidential election could see a huge amount of crossover from the Democrats, because of the pro-American working-class, Farmer, and pro-small business victories for Trump.

VIDEO: Tensions Escalate as Pompeo Says US has to Deal With Reality on China, Feinstein Called Out

This Summer while providing a stabilizing influence on violent domestic uprisings, the Trump administration is also sending out warnings that something is about to break loose in the working relationship between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  and the United States, pointing out that American business needs to pay attention to regime’s negative history on Human Rights in their own region for what looks like bad Pubic Relations for those American companies.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping made a choice to violate the Chinese Communist Party’s promises to the Hong Kong people and in an UN-registered treaty. He didn’t have to do it. But he did. We have to deal with China as it is, not as we wish it to be,” Pompeo said Monday.


Sunday Pompeo was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo and spoke in-depth, giving warnings to American companies such as the National Basketball League (NBA), who have been boldly advocating for the CCP over the past year.

“We are sending a message to China, if you want to participate on the world stage you can not behave like this, you can not use slave labor, forced sterilization, and abortions, and they have deep ties to businesses in the United States. We are going to impose deep costs on those businesses.  We have told US Businesses to take a deep look at their supply chains.  Some brand names do not want to be connected to what is happening there [in China],” Pompeo said referring to the shocking video of people being blindfolded, shackled and being led to trains, below.


“The NBA and other companies who want to do a deal with China are becoming more aware of the national security problems we have with doing business with China, in the past we let things go on that we should not have allowed. We have told them they need to stop participating in these systems have had human rights problems. I am confident American business will evaluate what is the best thing to do,” Pompeo said.

“The mission President Trump gave us is zero percent risk to the American people to deal with these issues, and that is what we are going,” Pompeo said.

“The CCP is running espionage and attempting deep influence of politicians and businesses, to undermind democracy and put America at risk, and we are acting upon it.  We are going to protect the American people from these influence operations. We are getting almost every member of Congress inline with understanding the human rights violations and the threat from the CCP.  We have Nations coming inline together and on the side of freedom. We hope to get every member on board,” Pompeo said.

Talking about the problem with Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein, Pompeo answered questions about the statement she had made about China just days earlier.

“There is something not quite right there, [with Feinstein] and her statement about China, these are adversaries who intend harm to her citizens in California and she is undermining America’s effort.

“Freedom-loving people in Hong Kong were inline to crush the party, so the party canceled the election. This is the kind of thing we have seen from the CCP leadership. We have increasing support from the world. It is in other nation’s best interest to be sovereign against the Communist Party as well, he said.