Elon Musk’s SN10 Landed Then Exploded In a ‘Blaze of Glory’-VIDEO

Elon Musk’s SN10 Landed Then Exploded In a ‘Blaze of Glory’-VIDEO

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or ‘Space X’ is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars, according to the business website.

on Wednesday SpaceX’s Starship, SN10 became the first Starship prototype to successfully lift off, flip itself, and land. The vessel, however, exploded shortly after landing. SpaceX has not yet clarified the cause of the explosion.

“SN10 soared over South Texas during test flight Wednesday before swooping down to a pinpoint landing near its launch site. Multiple independent video feeds showed the rocket exploding on its landing pad,” ABC News reported.

SpaceX Starship explodes after it successfully landed during the SN10 high-altitude test at Boca Chica. SN1P0 lifted off at roughly 5:10 p.m. CT after earlier delays. It successfully touched down on the landing pad.

Elon Musk commented on his Twitter:

Another view:

On March 3, SpaceX’s Starship pulled off a successful high-altitude flight—it’s third in a row. Unlike in the first two missions, the spacecraft stuck the landing. Then, as in the last two, the spacecraft blew up.

What happened: At around 5:14 p.m. US Central Time, the 10th Starship prototype (SN10) was launched from SpaceX’s test facility in Boca Chica, Texas, flying about 10 kilometers into the air before falling back down and descending safely to Earth.

About 10 minutes later, the spacecraft blew up, from what appears to have been a methane leak. Still, the actual objectives of the mission were met.

Oof. SN10 has decided to join SN8 and SN9.

Still a great advancement with the landing.

➡️https://t.co/bOsEo1u0u0 pic.twitter.com/RiXV6e3u04

— Chris B – NSF (@NASASpaceflight) March 3, 2021

According to MIT:

What’s the big deal? This is the first time Starship has landed safely after a high-altitude flight. SN8 was flown on December 9 and went up 12.5 km into the air before it crashed in an explosive wreck when it hit the ground too fast. SN9, flown February 2 to 10 km in altitude, experienced virtually the same fate during its attempted landing. Both missions attempted to use only two of the spacecraft’s three engines to land. SN10, on the other hand, utilized all three, nailing the vertical landing, albeit ending up a little lopsided.

What’s the Starship? It’s the vehicle that SpaceX is developing to one day send astronauts to the moon, Mars, and other destinations beyond Earth’s orbit. It’s 50 meters tall, weighs over 1,270 metric tons when loaded with fuel, and is supposed to be able to take more than 100 tons of cargo and passengers into deep space. In its final form, Starship sits on top of the Super Heavy rocket (currently in development) and doubles as a second-stage booster. Both the Super Heavy and Starship itself will use the company’s methane-fueled Raptor engines.

What’s next: That’s not entirely clear. SpaceX has now proved that Starship can fly high into the air and land safely. SN11 might undergo the same flight, or the company might subject it to some other testing. But SpaceX is definitely closer to its goal to fly Starship into space sometime this year. CEO Elon Musk has previously expressed hopes of launching people to Mars by 2026 or even 2024.

This story is developing..

Massive Fraud: Absentee Ballot Corruption Causes Judge To Rule For Election “Do-Over”

Massive Fraud: Absentee Ballot Corruption Causes Judge To Rule For Election “Do-Over”

In a recent local Mississippi race, a judge found such massive fraud with absentee ballots that he ruled for a do-over of the entire election, and he had a woman, who acted as a notary for absentee ballots, arrested for fraud. A Mississippi judge ruled in favor of a new election following overwhelming evidence of mail-in ballot fraud, the National Pulse reported. “In the sixty-four-page order, Judge Jeff Weill not only calls for a new election but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place,” wcbi.com reported in their story about the case.A TINY LITTLE ELECTION – HUGE VALIDATION OF COURT POWERS

An election contest was filed last July on behalf of Robert Devaull against Nicholas Holliday, who was certified as the Ward 1 alderman race winner. Devaull received 44 percent of the vote, compared to Holliday’s 56 percent in the June 16, 2020 Democratic run-off.

In his ruling, the judge said that sixty-six of eighty-four absentee ballots cast in the June runoff were not valid and should never have been counted. Nicholas Holliday was declared the winner by a 37 vote margin. Robert Devaull challenged the results in court.

The story is sure to get some notice because of the absentee ballots’ irregularities, which was a problem for the 2020 Presidential election in numerous states.

“Judge Weill found many irregularities with absentee ballots. He issued a bench warrant for notary Dallas Jones, who notarized absentee ballots. During a hearing, Jones admitted violating notary duties,” local news reported.

The filing also stated testimony from a second notary public, Lu Stephens, was not believable.


“When you have an absentee ballot, there’s an envelope, you vote, fold the ballot, put it in an envelope, lick the flap, sign across the flap, then notary signs your election certificate; she testified that she didn’t sign in front of anybody, didn’t see anybody sign it, she just notarized it, just stamped them,” said Lydia Quarles, attorney for Robert Devaull.

The judge found that 83 regular ballots were counted without being initialed by election workers.

Judge Weill also said there was clear evidence of voter intimidation and harassment at the polling place on election day. State law says candidates and supporters must stay at least 150 feet away from the polling place. In his ruling, the judge said Holliday, along with Police Chief Henry Randle, and former Mayor Maurice Howard acted as if they were above the law, repeatedly violating criminal statutes.

Devaull is hopeful the judge’s order for a new election will mean a fair contest for the Ward 1 seat. Hopefully, the new election will not have 78% of ballots cast illegally, like in the last race.

The story of a small local Mississippi race happens as the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments against expanding absentee voting in the state of Arizona because of the damage that unfettered absentee ballots have on fair elections.

It is noteworthy that these claims about absentee ballots corrupting elections match exactly the claims that other states made about the 2020 Presidential election in numerous states,  which were never really investigated.

31 Missouri Judges Recuse Themselves from Lawsuit Alleging Family Court Guardian and Psychologists Orchestrated Money-Making Scheme

31 Missouri Judges Recuse Themselves from Lawsuit Alleging Family Court Guardian and Psychologists Orchestrated Money-Making Scheme

Think about it for a moment. 312 judges have to recuse themselves from what could be the largest racketeering scheme ever in the state of Missouri and possibly the entire country.

There seems to have been a plot for professional witnesses in custody battles to run up enormous charges for their services that necessitated fraud in order to keep it going if the accusations are accurate. They are destroying people in the process.

In St. Louis County, Mo., Evita Tolu has filed a lawsuit against family court guardian ad litem (GAL) Elaine Pudlowski, psychologist James Reid, and clinical social worker Jennifer Webbe VanLuven, alleging that the trio conspired to pad their wallets on her custody case.

The trio appears to have worked together on many cases and Pudlowski appears to be heavily involved with cases piling up daily.

Many people have tried to get Pudlowski removed from their cases but their motions were denied by the judges.

In at least two of the cases, Pudlowski was challenged on she was sending the child to live with a sexually abusive father.

It was not uncommon for Pudlowski to rack up fees of 70 thousand dollars that have to be paid by the parents. So besides the racking up of huge fees, Pudlowski was also putting children at risk.

From PJ Media

Plaintiff contacted parents from four cases which were pending at the same time as Plaintiff’s case in saint Louis County and Saint Louis City courts, where Pudlowski was a Court Appointed GAL. Plaintiff talked to [redacted] who filed a Motion to Disqualify, after Pudlowski recommended custody to father who was sexually abusing the child despite the DFS finding of abuse and pending criminal investigation. Pudlowski interfered with the DFS and criminal investigation. The court, however, did not disqualify Pudlowski in [redacted’s] case.

Another parent told Plaintiff that she filed a Motion to disqualify Pudlowski in her case after Pudlowski placed the child with the father who molested the child and who had a well-documented history of substance and drug abuse. In that case, Pudlowski violated every single GAL Standard, but the mother’s motion to disqualify Pudlowski was still denied.

In that case, Pudlowski’s bill for services was $80,000. According to court dockets, Pudlowski had 86 hearings on 86 separate cases just in the month of December, and Pudlowski and Reid worked together on twelve of them. Pudlowski’s caseload is the highest in the county, if not the entire state.

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

California School Official Compares Reopening Schools to ‘Slavery’ and ‘White Supremacist Ideology’

Dr. Carol Swain appeared on Fox News recently to talk about a few trending topics in education, including her reaction to remarks by the Vice President of La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, who said that reopening schools is like slavery, and she compared forcing children to attend school to White supremacist ideology.

“It seems a White Supremacist ideology to force people to comply with and conform,  without considering all of a person’s factors in intersectionality and factors and barriers that all of the families have to face. It is White Supremacy and privilege, check it, you guys, and I do not want to be a part of it,” a woman said.

“So making anyone do what they don’t want to do is slavery? By her definition, I am engaging in slavery all day long as a Mom.  This is about getting kids back into the classroom,” the Fox News host said. “This has to be frustrating for parents to hear this.”

“It is so absurd. She is an elected official, and she is clearly parroting the views of the teacher’s union rather than paying attention to the wishes of the parents.  If you look at the data, the children most hurt by being out of school are Blacks, Latinos, and Poor Whites,” said Professor Carol Swain, the Vice Chairwoman of President Donald J. Trump’s 1776 Commission education, in reaction to the audio of the school official.

Parents complained, and the school released a statement saying that the woman who commented is an elected position, and there is nothing they can do about the comments. However, they disagree with her statements.

“We do not condone her behavior, and she does not reflect our values, she is not an employee, and we can not release duly elected officials,” the school spokesman wrote in a letter in reaction to parent’s concerns.

Apparently, making parents abide by elected official’s agenda, which they did not vote for, but do pay for, is not considered slavery to the School board member.

On the topic of School districts canceling certain literature, Swain spoke about her point of view.

“There has been a battle against Western Civilization. That goes back to 1988 with Jessie Jackson, who was protesting Western Civilization at Standford University, for being too Eurocentric and white male-dominated,” Swan said.

“We see the fruits of that movement, and it is focused on White people and changing what is considered tradition. That is what Western Civilization is about,” she said.

“Canceling Shakespeare is about a protest against Western Civilization, and you can trace these attacks to Critical Race Theory.  So White Culture is being canceled by the elites, and it is destructive to minorities and all children. The Democrat Party has pretty much endorsed this whole agenda. In itself, to cancel it is racist.    Everything about it racist: poor children will get a worse education, and they are not being exposed to the essential skills they need to be successful,” Swain said.

FOOD JUSTICE: Undercooked, Tainted Food for Nat. Guard Soldiers In DC Should Be Investigated

FOOD JUSTICE: Undercooked, Tainted Food for Nat. Guard Soldiers In DC Should Be Investigated

Washington DC looks like an occupied city under military control with what seems to be miles of barbed wire, with our nation’s patriotic men and women in uniform patrolling the US Capitol and US Supreme Court to keep the safety of our civil servants.

Yet there are numerous stories about our bravest being mistreated by politicians, including a recent story about tainted food given to our service members, which should be investigated.

Senator Gary Peters released a statement and posted a statement from the National Gaurd about poorly cooked food.

The National Guard statement reads:

The Michigan National Guard finds the reports of undercooked and poorly prepared food provided to our service members in Washington, D.C., very concerning. The firsthand accounts and pictures of undercooked food being served clearly show that what is being given to Michigan’s service members is unacceptable. As soon as the first reports were received, Governor Gretchen Whitmer called Acting Secretary of the Army John E. Whitley to communicate Michigan’s concerns. Other Michigan senior leaders also engaged at the highest levels of the federal government to inform those in charge and to ensure that they knew of our displeasure with the conditions. Every assurance was given that the issue would be addressed and corrected.

The Post Inaugural Security Mission is a multi-state task force, including Michigan’s 1000 personnel, under the command and control of the Washington D.C. National Guard. A decision was made by the leadership in Washington, D.C., to provide contracted meal service for the troops there. This contract was awarded and is monitored by the National Guard Bureau. Michigan’s Adjutant General has communicated all concerns directly to the Chief of the National Guard, General Daniel R. Hokanson, who has engaged in addressing the reported shortcomings of the current food service contract.

The health and wellbeing of our Michigan National Guard service members are paramount to their success as they continue to serve in missions in the United States and around the globe. Senior leaders of the Michigan National Guard will remain personally engaged with this issue and will continue to push for accountability and a solution to the ill-prepared meals being served.

The troops are scheduled to return back to Michigan shortly after March 12, the agreed-upon end date for this deployment.

Michigan News, WXYZ reported:

A whistleblower is telling 7 Action News nearly 75 meals were thrown out Sunday after metal shavings were found, other meals showed up undercooked making soldiers sick.

A staff sergeant with the Michigan National Guard, whose identity 7 Action News is protecting, says the problem is not isolated.

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” the sergeant said. “Just yesterday, the lunches were, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

Undercooked meat made over 12 service members sick enough to need medical care.

According to the news source from a recording, the whistleblower said, “They said alright, we’re going to make sure we spot check them. And we’re also going to start having them add temperatures to it,” the whistleblower said. “At 140, you cook that chicken, undercook it to 140, and now you’re telling… you’re telling us that it’s… a 30-minute drive. This is what they say on the little placard that’s (inaudible) good for four hours. No, it’s not. It wasn’t good from the start, and now it’s had hours to become even more dangerous.”

The situation is so bad that soldiers are now paying for the own food.

The anonymous sergeant provided another update to WXYZ, saying, “Now after the raw meat yesterday for dinner, they have told us not to eat the meals for the next two days and are giving us MRE’s instead. Soldiers are now paying for all their meals for the next two days in order to get real food.”

John Brennan Publicly Emasculated and Mocked In 5 Seconds By Nicole Wallace

John Brennan Publicly Emasculated and Mocked In 5 Seconds By Nicole Wallace

John Brennan is a weird guy because he seems to really love to be humiliated in public on MSNBC, and Monday, he gave lispy Nicole Wallace the opportunity to twist him up. At the same time, he rejected his own gender and pigmentation level as if it was something he had any control over. Wallace busted out in a huge laugh.

Most people don’t like John Brennan because he is a weird, creepy, Jihadi- Communist with some other heavy character problems, not because he was born a very pale-colored male.

However, he took to the airwaves to grovel, and his better, Nicole Wallace, laughed at him while he did it.


It is often difficult to follow the conversation due to Wallace and Brennan’s obvious speech impediments.

Here is a quick transcript:

Wallace: There was great news reporting about the investigation to a police officer. It renders, you know, at best, hypocritical at worst cynical and false.  Any notion that the Republicans care (chuckle) about the lives and safety of law enforcement?

Brennan: Well, I must say that I am increasingly embarrassed to be a White male…

Wallace: [BIG LAUGH]

Brennan: these days from what I see of my own While males saying, but it just shows that with very few exceptions that like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, they are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty, and integrity so they will continue to gaslight the country the way that Donald Trump did and the fact that his had such security and safety implications for the American public and the members of Congress, again as Claire said it is just a disgusting of craven politics that really should have no place in the United States in 2021.

Isn’t that an interesting conversation for the people who supported the defund the police movement? And what about pronouns?  And does Liz Cheney identify as male now?  And what is with the racist and sexist attacks against their political opponents? If this crazy talk were put out there by Republicans, the drama would be endless.

Recall in 2016, after President Donald J. Trump won, the hysteria over whether Hillary R. Clinton would face any scrutiny at all for things that she was accused of doing with her computer, public office, and emails, if true, we obviously high crimes.

Yet, because it appeared to be political revenge, she never faced a moment of scrutiny at all from Trump, the media, or anyone else.

So, the left declared most of America is guilty of a crime because of who they support.

This clip shows the deranged logic the left is using to frame the narrative that Trump and his supporters are violent and crazy.

They are talking about serious grown-up issues, but they sound like children.

Watching this CNN clip is sort of like watching a tryout for a middle school drama. They do not attempt to develop their story; they laugh at the “poop” humor and call it a show.

All “White” Trump supporters or anyone else who supported Trump is guilty of everything terrible the left can imagine to the left.

And now every one of their shows will use that as their central theme.

The double standards are now so clear that they show how utterly ridiculous the left really is, and we should all be laughing at them.  We should laugh at everything they say and do all of the time.

CPAC Straw Poll Results for Mike Pence Proves Media Messaging Over “Civil War” Is Fantasy

CPAC Straw Poll Results for Mike Pence Proves Media Messaging Over “Civil War” Is Fantasy

The narrative is being set out that ‘crazy- fringe’ Trump supporters don’t like Mike Pence because of Jan. 6th at the US Capitol.  Consider Raw Story’s reporting about CPAC Straw Poll from Sunday: “Former Vice President Mike Pence has been the least favorite Republican since voting to accept the electors for President Joe Biden as the president in January.”

Along with news outlets like CNN, the message is that crazy Trump supporters chased poor Mike Pence out of CPAC.

But the truth is that Pence never had a following, to begin with.  No one knew who he was before President Donald J. Trump chose him as a running mate. Pence did not speak at CPAC that is true, but he was in town, and he did speak at an event hosted by a political pac.  No one went, no one covered it, and no one cared.

And no one voted for him at CPAC’s straw poll.  So did the scary Trump supporters also chase Nikki Haley away?

“Each year, CPAC does a straw poll for the next election, which generally gives bragging rights to the winners to fundraise. More than three years out from the 2024 election, the CPAC voters have agreed that they want President Donald Trump as their GOP nominee. But Trump only got 55 percent in the poll. That said, it is a dramatic shift from the 2016 straw poll won by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at 40 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at 30 percent.”

“This year, the poll also showed who the top Republican candidates are without Donald Trump. Among those, Gov. Ron Desantis (R-FL) leads,” left-leaning Raw Story reported.

Mike Pence got 1%, Haley got 3%

That is a weird “Civil War,” isn’t it? But the media’s narrative goes on.

The one thing that the entire establishment can not lie about or hide is that Republican voters favor Trump and then other pro-American candidates.   Try as they might, they can not get us to stop loving  America First policies.

What they can do is influence others to make Trump supporters look crazy.  So the establishment talks about a “Civil War” in the GOP.  But there literally is no Civil War.  There is no division.  There is a tiny bit of support for the establishment.

I just got back from a very busy CPAC, and one thing I can promise readers is that there is no Civil War in the Republican Party over the leadership or candidacy of President Donald Trump.

And people who support Trump do so because of his Ameria First platform, not because they are crazy.  Period.

But the propaganda media and the event planners will help push that very storyline out, enabled by some fame-seekers who unwittingly fuel the nonsense.

“There is a Civil War in the Republican Party over President Trump, and a small fringe group of people who will get almost violent, if you mention it,” Jim Acosta told his audience on Saturday about his Kabuki Theater at CPAC.

I was there, standing right by Acosta.  I saw the whole thing.  Few can report on what really happened during that incident.  For example, numerous outlets at CPAC this year were denied access because of  “COVID,” we were told.

Jim Acosta of CNN was obviously admitted.  His audience is a fraction of what many others can get. on their Twitter account.

While there, Acosta became the story and a so-called Trump supporter Media pundit became the story.  Something journalists should never do.

I saw Acosta taunt some very inexperienced ‘citizen journalist’ types into a confrontation while Matt Schlapp literally watched from around the corner.  It was a total setup.  That might be part of why CPAC admitted some very inexperienced people with zero web presence, like Citizen Media News, who got up to 100 views on an article and gave them media passes while shutting out numerous experienced freelance journalists, who would never get into a shouting match at CPAC or stalk another journalist.

Citizen Media News, who has a reputation for sloppy work and fame-seeking, proudly engaged in the bombastic shouting match with Acosta and proudly bragged on their social media that they had fought with Acosta as a “fearless Trump supporter,” furthering the establishment’s messaging that somehow Trump supporters are sloppy, lazy, and rage-filled.

The establishment wants the message out that Trump supporters are fringe, weird and scary, in the party because they are getting beaten at the polls badly.

The establishment “Pence types”  want the message out there that Trump’s policies are rage-inducing and need to be marginalized, and unfortunately, there are some self-centered “shock jocks” out there who will play that role for them like training monkeys and act rage-filled.

Just remember, that idea is not a true representation of Trump or his supporters.  It is generally understood within media circles that we have numerous grifters and fame-seekers out in the arena trying to get themselves ahead, feeding the Acosta’s, and establishment GOP the footage they need to lie about people.

Trust me that just like Jan. 6th, the shock media do not represent the voters, the news, or Trump or the policies that make Trump successful.

Just go back and read those straw poll results.  The GOP is Trump’s party, and it is perfectly sane and easy to understand why.

Because of Trump’s  “America First” policies.

Loony Defamation Lawsuit: Lindell Says He Has Not Been Served Papers By Dominion Yet

Loony Defamation Lawsuit: Lindell Says He Has Not Been Served Papers By Dominion Yet

Mike Lindell, the founder, and CEO of My Pillow appeared on the War Room Pandemic on Tuesday and updated the audience about the massive defamation lawsuit being brought against his company by Dominion Voting Systems, that went viral on Monday.

“Come on, Dominion, serve me the papers!” Lindell said.

“Dominion is a company which makes machines to destroy countries and to kill the American Dream; I am the American Dream.  I built a company from nothing, as an ex-addict, and that is the American Dream, ” Lindell said, in reaction to Dominion suing his company, My Pillow.

The news went viral on Monday that Dominion has filed a 1.3 Billion Dollar lawsuit against Lindell for defamation, and at first, Lindell said he was very happy because he wanted to release the information he had about Dominion,  and on what he believes is proof of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

“In the lawsuit, Dominion is saying that you are very smart and that you are conning the Depolorables to purchase pillows and to make money. They say it is all a marketing scam and that you are just hurting their company,” Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, said.

“I lost 20 Big Box companies and platforms, so it is rubbish what they are saying about marketing.  I lost 65 Million dollars in business over this thing that I won’t have this year, that I had last year.  It is crazy to think I would make money by going after Dominion.  The Wall Street Journal is going to write about me and say the companies dropped me because business was so slow, but that isn’t true,” Lindell said.

Bannon reminded him that the Voter Integrity movement is not getting anywhere, especially after the US Supreme Court refusing to address the issues.

“If someone said that My Pillow was made with rocks and bolts, I would invite them it to look at how the pillows were made and open up the pillows, but I guess Dominion does things in a different way, they just sue” Lindell said about his frustration that Dominion would not allow any auditing of their machines and investigation into the 2020 Presidential election. “My proof for the machines does not have anything to do with the Supreme Court.”

“Is there any hope about this election, and are you willing to put out more evidence?” Bannon asked.

“I am never stopping.  What I am investigating is not the same as the Supreme Court cases. I have done a deep dive, and the proof is out there, and there is a plan now in action.  Keep the faith.  I am going to put reports on Lindelltv. com.  I will be back on the War Room again,” Lindell said.

“This is a huge news story. Have you been on [network or cable news] at all?” Bannon said,

“Dominion has caused you to see a freeze on getting on shows, so they have been successful, right?  Their legal strategy seems to have worked,” Bannon said

“None of the shows will have me on.  Some called yesterday about the movie but have not watched it.  And that is part of the cancel culture, sure.  They are all scared to have me on because they are afraid of Dominion.  When you have the truth, you have everything.  Smartmatic sued over Lou Dobbs, so no one can talk about anything,” said Lindell.

“They want to keep the evidence from getting to the public with the lawsuits. When they sue me, they can delay and delay. They need to serve me, and then I can show evidence.  They are bad enough to try to destroy our country, and they are suing My Pillow, an employee-owned company. The employees do not have anything to do with what I am doing,” Lindell said.

“They attacked my Pillow, and they should have left the company alone.  I was very happy to hear they were going to sue me.  They have to follow through and serve me.  I can’t do anything until they serve me.

“I am making Pillows. They are making devices to steal elections.  They steal the American dream; I am the American dream.  I am coming from a place where anything is possible, and they are about The Big Theft. Communism is shutting us down.  So I want them to serve me so I can put the evidence out,” Lindell told Bannon.

“They want a jury trial in federal court.  They filed the lawsuit.  Have they not served you?” Bannon asked.

“No, they have not served me.  I hope they serve me.  I don’t want this to be smoke and mirrors just to scare people,” Lindell said.

“Evidence will be updated at Lindelltv.com; let’s go all in,” he said in closing.

Pestilence! Now Comes Brood X, Are We Living Out A Shakespearean Drama?

Pestilence! Now Comes Brood X, Are We Living Out A Shakespearean Drama?

Dear reader, do you know that we are about to enter a strange phenomenon that happens only once every 17 years? As if nothing else is going for us, we are about to be infested with up to a trillion large and loud insects.

Do you feel like you are in a strange drama?

“Against the wind a mile! A plague upon it when thieves cannot be true to one another.. a plague of sighing and grief!”  William Shakespeare wrote.

We got the plague. Check.

In Bard’s time, it closed theatres and ravaged life, and we have lockdowns too.  Check.

And yes, Shakespeare was all about locusts in Othello, the locust eater. Check it out:

“The food that to him now is as luscious as locusts shall be to him shortly as bitter as coloquintida.”

That’s it.  We are living in a drama-filled and strange time, and it is about to take a turn for the stranger with the anticipated “Brood X” in May and June 2021 for a handful of states.  We have pestilence everywhere.

Brood X are on their way as soon as the weather changes.

Expect cicadas, and here is some “inside baseball” they are not technically locusts. Locusts are not quite as romantic as cicadas.

Ok, the Shakespeare thing was a hopeful step too far. Shoot, we are just living in a weird mess.

“Although they are sometimes called “locusts,” this is a misnomer, as cicadas belong to the taxonomic order Hemiptera (true bugs), suborder Auchenorrhyncha, while locusts are grasshoppers belonging to the order Orthoptera,” a bug expert wrote.

Nice try… at least I tried to have some fun with it.  “Present mirth hath present laughter; What’s to come is still unsure.”

Brood X is cicadas. They are back this year. What to expect, a mess:

CBS News reported on the anticipated loud infestation:

“Meet Magicicada cassinii, better known as the cicada. Every year, a relatively small number of these insects emerge from the ground in the eastern United States. But once every 17 years, a truly massive brood of cicadas arrives in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest, filling the air with a deafening mating hum that can reach up to 100 decibels.

That phenomenon is named Brood X, or the Great Eastern Brood. It’s set to return in May 2021. For the five to six weeks that they’re above ground, the live cicadas — and their crunchy, discarded exoskeletons — will be impossible to miss.”

The Magic Cicadas say there are 10 Trillion expected.

According to the University of Maryland, In the spring of 2004, millions of 17-year cicadas emerged from the ground. They crawled over trees, houses, and cars. They molted leaving exoskeleton shells on every surface. Birds feasted. Squirrels gorged themselves. Newly planted trees suffered. Children tiptoed through carcasses on their way to school. Parents scraped goo off their car’s wheels. The air vibrated with the cacophonous sound of cicadas. Then they were gone. But next year they are coming back. Whether you anticipate it with dread or excitement, they are coming again.

In his colloquium presentation to the UMD Entomology Department, Dr. Mike Raupp, an emeritus entomology professor at the University of Maryland, brought us up to speed on the coming emergence of periodical cicadas. The last time Brood X, the 17-year cicadas local to this area, emerged from the ground, entomologists were in heaven.

Expect to see some very funky recipes and cicada mania to start.

Periodical cicada Brood X (10) will emerge in the spring of 2021 in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York (extinct or nearly so), Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Knowing the Democrats, they will get them registered to vote before the littler buggers emerge back for their next 17 years’ slumber. Let’s hope we have flattened the curve by then.