Biden Gets Record-Setting Support From Anonymous Donors

Biden Gets Record-Setting Support From Anonymous Donors

Biden and some Democrats have voiced disdain from accepting money from anonymous donors in recent years.

However, that did not stop the president-elect from accepting a record $145 million in “dark money” donations this past election. “Dark money” is funds that come from “social welfare organizations” that are allowed to raise money to influence through means such as advertising but are not required to disclose donor information.

The previous mark for most anonymous funds raised was $113 million in support of Mitt Romney in 2012.

By contrast, in the most recent election, Trump only gained $28.4 million.

As part of his agenda, Biden wants to ban “certain types of nonprofits from spending money in elections and requiring that any group that spends more than $10,000” to release donor information to the public. Critics have long claimed that receiving anonymous money shrouds the integrity of the funds.

But if that is the case, why is it ok for Biden to raise a record-setting amount of money through dark money?

The answer is what it has always been in politics: As long as it works for the politician in question for as long as he wants, then it’s ok. 

Money is everything in politics to sustain a candidate’s push to office, and Biden has plenty of it.

But now that he can set rules for how future politicians raise money – including those who might challenge him four years from now – he could tighten his reign on potentially earning a second term simply through superior funding.

And with all of his shady business deals with the Ukraine, Iran, and Russia, there is a good reason why Biden would want to wait until his presidency to set this new standard.

Biden likely has something to hide with his money, but we’ll likely never know what it is because he can now change the rules of the fundraising game. The double standard shown here is quite discouraging.

Remembering Kobe Brant, The Father

Remembering Kobe Brant, The Father

On January 26, 2020, my college men’s ultimate had just wrapped up a weekend tournament. As we were doing recovery stretches after our final game, one of my teammates pulled out his phone, checked ESPN, and delivered some terrible news.

Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash.

He was flying to his daughter Gianna’s basketball tournament when the helicopter encountered thick fog just outside for Los Angeles and the pilot lost control. All other eight victims of the crash, including Gianna, who was only 13, died.

The NBA legend’s death sent the world into mourning. Across the globe, people painted murals and held candlelight vigils for Bryant  The Los Angeles Lakers, whom Kobe played for 20 seasons, suspended for games for several days as the organization grappled with the tragic loss.

Bryant ended his career as one of the most accomplished players in NBA history. He won 5 Finals titles, made the All-Star team 17 times, and scored 81 points in one game in 2006, the second-highest single-game total in NBA history.

Yet for all his accolades and incredible talent as an athlete, Kobe was an even more dedicated father.

Bryant had a grueling schedule as an athlete, not just because he was a professional, but because he was one of the most self-motivated and hard-working athletes that American sports have ever seen. Nevertheless, Kobe found a way to balance the rigors of an NBA life with being a normal dad who could pick up his kids from school.

He would take a helicopter from practice in Los Angeles to his home in Orange County so he could fly over the thick L.A. traffic. After practicing, eating, and handling media interviews, Bryant would fly back home and be waiting in the carpool line to grab his daughters. He fully embraced being a “Girl Dad” to four daughters, whom he loved dearly.

“I have road trips and things like that where I don’t see the kids,” Kobe once said. “So every time I get to see them and spend time with them, even if it’s 20 minutes in the car, I want that.”

That is perhaps what makes Kobe’s death so hard to embrace. The fact that the world lost an influential icon is sad, but a wife lost her husband, three daughters lost their father and a family lost their foundation. That should be enough to move anyone to tears.

Kobe’s love and dedication to his family is what the world will miss the most. The legacy a man leaves on his family is the most crucial one he can have, and Kobe’s legacy is rich and powerful. Father’s everywhere can learn from Kobe’s love and dedication to his family, which transcends any legacy he left on the court.

Donald Trump faces Impeachment – After He’s Left Office

Donald Trump faces Impeachment – After He’s Left Office

Democrats harassed Donald Trump during his presidency with baseless threats of impeachment.

Now, they – along with some Republicans – want to impeach him after he has left office.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-UT, claimed that “Trump’s effort to convince Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the state’s election result, as well as his call for a march on the U.S. Capitol at a Jan. 6 rally” were enough grounds for him to support the second articles of impeachment.

However, not every Republican has completely lost their mind by supporting this impeachment process.

Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., stated that the Constitution “does not indicate that you can impeach someone who is not in office,” thus making these impeachment articles a “moot point.” 

Certainly, many of Trump’s actions in office were questionable, but to cite these actions as ground for impeachment – especially after he no longer serves as president – are beyond ridiculous and a complete waste of time.

And anyone who supports this – especially Republicans – is just trying to virtue signal and keep themselves relevant in the political sphere.

Instead of focusing on continuing to tear down Trump’s reputation, politicians need to focus their energies on matters of this administration, as the soul of America likely hangs in the balance over the next four years.

Biden has already made it known that he hates the military, religious freedom and countless other hallmarks of the American life that make our country special. Therefore, our leaders must focus their energies on protecting our way of life before it is taken from us.

That should be the goal, not trying to harm Trump anymore.

Pelosi Supported Wisconsin Capitol Riots in 2021. What Changed in 2021?

Pelosi Supported Wisconsin Capitol Riots in 2021. What Changed in 2021?

On January 6th, hundreds of protestors stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C. to protest the results of the 2020 presidential election.

While the results of that election are certainly questionable, rioting in the most important building in our country is by no means an acceptable course of action just because Trump lost.

The riots drew stiff criticism from members of both political parties – as it should have.

However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed to have a change of heart regarding her stance on when storming a Capitol building is acceptable and when it is not.

In 2011, thousands of union workers stormed the Wisconsin Capitol “in an attempt to block a vote on collective bargaining reform.” They violently gained access into the building, but Pelosi and her fellow Democrats did not condemn their unruly demonstration.

Instead, she praised them.

Pelosi took to Twitter to say she “stood with the workers and students in Wisconsin,” and called their actions an “impressive show of democracy.” 

So what changed in the last decade to make riots no longer acceptable in her mind?

Was it how close the violence actually came to her? Was it the fact that the rioters were trying to force an agenda she agreed with in 2011, but not earlier this month?

Whatever the case, violence like this should not be tolerated on any level, by Democrat or Republican, and Pelosi should remain consistent on her stance. Violence like this needs to end so our country does not crumble into anarchy

But as is the case with politicians, they say what works for them in the moment to boost their image in the public eye, regardless of consistency.

Pelosi’s comments in 2011 compared to last month’s is the latest example of that.

And that is the sad reality of politics.

Biden Wants To Save Lives By Wearing Masks. Why Can’t He Save Lives By Stopping Abortion?

Biden Wants To Save Lives By Wearing Masks. Why Can’t He Save Lives By Stopping Abortion?

President Biden stated that part of his plan to combat COVID-19 while the vaccine is distributed to Americans is to wear masks for the next 100 days, regardless of where you may be.

Biden claimed that wearing a mask is “a patriotic act,” and that 50,000 lives could be saved by following this protocol. He said if Americans get together, “we will defeat this pandemic.”

Two things trouble me about Biden’s words.

First, he makes the pandemic appear to be an enemy in a war that we need to face with diligence.

While every American should do their part to be considerate of others, we should treat it like Iran, China, or Russia and rely on the government to defeat it. As has been the case since March, the government has seized an opportunity to gain more control over our lives by making us afraid through statements like Biden’s.

The virus is not something we have ultimate control over. It will spread despite our best efforts, and we cannot shut the country down and hamper the lives of millions of people to “stop the spread.” Masks will not, in the long run, accomplish much.

Second, his staunch support of abortion makes me doubt whether he values life at all.

Make no mistake, abortion is the greatest evil our country has committed in its history. He wants to repeal many of Trump’s pro-life policies in his term in office and allow thousands more babies to be killed. That likely reality is something that fills me with grief.

While many might think that Biden is taking a stance to protect Americans, he is not doing his duty to protect everyone’s constitutional right to life. The fact that he is failing to protect the unborn makes it more appalling.

Biden will likely continue to take this stance on abortion through the first four years of his presidency. His hypocrisy is something that Americans must realize will define his time in office, but we must continue to fight for the protection of the unborn and not let that hypocrisy stop us.

Parler Investigated For Potential Role In January 6th Capitol Riots

Parler Investigated For Potential Role In January 6th Capitol Riots

The social media site “Parler” could face FBI investigation after House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y, labeling Parler as a “potential facilitator” in planning the Capitol Riots on January 6th.

Maloney claimed that Parler was “a potential conduit for foreign governments who may be financing civil unrest in the United States,” and the site’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Wernick, potentially has ties to Russia.

While the Russia angle may be a legitimate lead  (I say legitimate with a hint of sarcasm), the fact that Maloney is labeling Parler as a major source of inciting violence is preposterous.

After Twitter and Facebook started heavily censoring conservative voices on their accounts, 4.5 million people signed up for Parler accounts.

However, in December of 2020, CNN downplayed the app’s legitimacy, saying that it was an upstart program that does not “have the vast resources of behemoths like Facebook (FB),” and that it “can’t handle an influx of traffic without problems and they lack the functionality that mainstream networks have built up over the year.”

So how did Parler, in the span of less than one month, go from an illegitimate social media competitor to a major player in inciting violence in D.C.? That does not seem to add up.

But then again, not much the Left does these days does.

This is simply an attempt to delegitimize a social media software that could break up Twitter and Facebook’s dominance in the social media world. Big Tech wants complete control over the flow of information on the internet, and they will do whatever it takes to do that.

As we saw with the last administration, the ever-reliable “Russian collusion” card will immediately hamper anyone or anything’s reputation. Parler will now have an asterisk after its name due to a baseless claim from power-hungry executives who want to keep the flow of information to themselves.

And that is a terrible thing.

Dear Christian, Stay Faithful Even In Hard Times

Dear Christian, Stay Faithful Even In Hard Times

After Joe Biden is sworn in today as the 46th President of the United States, he will seek to enact policies that are extremely anti-Christian.

He will continue to mandate churches to be closed, he will permit abortions to be carried out almost to the point of birth for any reason, and he will continue to allow for the government to redefine gender and marriage apart from the biblically ordained standards for both.

But even as evil spreads in our country, Christians need to be faithful to our God as he is faithful to us.

Only God gives us security, peace and hope in a world that does all it can to reject the Gospel. Because of the world’s hatred of Him, they will also hate us.

However, we were never guaranteed a life of ease this side of eternity because this is not where we belong.

Our reward is in heaven, and if that means we have to experience trouble on earth, then we will truly be following the example Jesus set for us.

Yes, many of us would rather have seen Trump win a second term, but he is not our ultimate protector and he does not deserve our ultimate allegiance. If we are faithfully following God, we will know that Romans 8:28 remains true even in dark times: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Even if we face economic, social, or physical persecution, we should not be surprised or dismayed. James 1:2-3 reminds us to “Consider it pure joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Even if our fears are realized, God will remain faithful to us if we remain faithful to him.

Biden’s presidency was part of God’s plan from eternity past.

Therefore, whatever happens over the next four years is divinely ordained and is meant for the good of his people.

Take courage from that.

Americans, We Must Unite Or Fall

Americans, We Must Unite Or Fall

Our country was founded with the noble idea that the people – not the government – should be given the ultimate power to govern themselves and to dictate how they wanted their lives to be.

Unfortunately, Americans face an administration that will seek to destroy that vision completely.

The Joe Biden administration will seek to censor free speech, continue to destroy the sanctity of life through abortions, restrict – if not ban – gun ownership and eliminate the freedom of religion.

This should alarm any American who values the way of life that motivated the Pilgrims and Founding Fathers to sacrifice all they had in order to make this a reality. and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Americans have too long wrapped themselves up in political identities that we have forgotten what a privilege it is to live in the United States in the first place.

This is a great country, but we have practically let it slip through our fingers because we have rejected be vigilant in protecting our freedoms.

We are too easily satisfied with giving over large amounts of control to the government and forgotten that “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Whatever happens over these next four years America, I hope and pray that we will cease to define ourselves as Democrats and Republican, but as Americans whose awesome duty it is to protect our way of life for posterity.

I pray we will do that over these next four years before the American Dream becomes a passing memory. 

Cleaver Ends Prayer With “Amen” and “Awoman” Before 117th Congress

Cleaver Ends Prayer With “Amen” and “Awoman” Before 117th Congress

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) concluded his prayer to opening the 117th Congress by saying “amen and a woman” on Sunday. Cleaver chose this ending to better comply with a committee’s decision to eliminate all gendered words from use in the house and to favor gender-neutral terms.

Cleaver’s unconventional and – quite frankly – ridiculous ending sparked a frenzy on social media, with some supporting the congressman for his word choice, while others claimed his word choice introduced a whole new meaning to the word “stupidity.”

Which of course, it is.

“Amen” is a word that means “so be it,” and is used in prayers as a closing remark to ask for the contents of a believer’s prayer to be accomplished (in Jesus’ name, so be it).

This isn’t rocket-science. Amen is even used in common speech by people who are not dedicated Christians when they agree with something in general. The average person should at least have a general sense of what “amen” means. It has no gender significance whatsoever despite its spelling.

I would suspect the congressman knew this as well, but because he chose to focus more on advancing an agenda than adhering to common sense, he chose to end his prayer in a fashion both comical and disheartening.

Cleaver did this in an attempt to continue to push a politically-correct agenda that wants to radically redefine gender, one of the most basic characteristics of our identities as humans.

Additionally, Cleaver’s prayer attacked one of the most sacred aspects of the Christian faith. Professing Christians should not use prayer as a way to support an agenda that hates God’s creation of the genders. But Cleaver’s use of words further blurs the line for everyone watching his statement about what Christians believe about gender and prayer.

Prayer is not something to be trifled with, much less on the national stage in front of millions of viewers. Cleaver’s prayer is the latest attack of the left on Christianity and must be counteracted with true prayer form Christians across the country.