White Female Progressives Getting Called Out: Shocking Black Woman’s Rebuttal To Alyssa Milano

White Female Progressives Getting Called Out: Shocking Black Woman’s Rebuttal To Alyssa Milano

Progressive White Women are getting called out for their reckless virtue-signaling telling people that it is they alone who are woke enough to understand the will and needs of the Black Community.

Progressive White Women in Hollywood face an especially intense rebuke from the public, such as the case of Alyssa Milano, in the following video:

“For those of us who are not Black men, imagine watching the news and seeing how people…” Milano said, in a video meant to attack the police. Milano is a highly radical Marxist Community Organizer, whose only known Black associates are other Marxist Community organizers she is told to support. Her Twitter timeline is full of the most advanced Marxist messaging known.


In a Tik Tok video, a Black woman chimes in response to Milano:

“Imagine that you are being told by a White lady on TV with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one and the same because you look alike. Imagine that being told by society that White people can be all that they can be but you as a Black Man, the content of your character is completely irrelevant and that you are the color of your skin and that is all you will ever be.  Imagine being told you can not figure out how to vote because of the color of your skin. Socioeconomics affects everyone but apparently, you are not as smart as the poorest White person. Lady, I don’t want to hate you, I am a 90’s kid. I grew up with you. So I know that you are very talented.  I understand that your heart is in the right place but you are everything you preach against,” she said, slamming Milano for her haughty, racist point of view.

“You are not helping.  You are making things worse. You are causing more division. You are causing more fear. Statistically speaking I am more likely to be shot and killed by my elderly Black neighbor across the street than a cop who is patrolling my neighborhood. Statistically speaking, Homicide by cop is very rare, but people like you find power in fear and so you keep in front-page news.  You don’t have to be a White Supremacist. You can be better,” she said.

Other videos are popping up that show similar anger toward White progressives, especially White progressive women, it is a theme that is being replayed.  This video is shocking in graphic language and intensity, but it is real.  It reflects a reality that the left refuses to see. Thie virtue signaling is causing real pain in the Black Community.

And White Progressive Women are humiliating themselves daily at this point. Here is Joy Behar telling a Black man that he doesn’t understand what racism is.

In the following video, a talk show host who has lived around the rich and famous her entire life is giving a rebuttal to US Senator Tim Scott, a Black man, who has grown up in America and become a power sitting Senator. Behar, a White female far-left progressive, says she knows more racism in America than he does. This is why few people respect White progressive women.

Someone really should explain to them that they are humiliating themselves. The Black community is over it.

Bill Maher Now Admits Russiagate was ‘Reported Erroneously’ After Years of Promoting Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative

Bill Maher Now Admits Russiagate was ‘Reported Erroneously’ After Years of Promoting Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative

HBO host Bill Maher spent years promoting the Russian Conspiracy hoax. He joined the chorus in accusing President Trump of being a lackey for Vladimir Putin but like everything else the press tried to tar him with, this was a total lie.

The FBI and Robert Mueller and his gang of angry Democrats spent over $40 million dollars investigating the president and came up empty. They fell flat on their face.

Now, ultra-liberal Bill Maher is finally admitting that the whole thing was nothing more than hot air paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

Hundreds of liberal media sites and hacks tried to perpetuate the lie that Trump worked with Russia to defeat the second worst candidate in history. (Joe Biden is currently number one.) But in the end, they had to admit defeat, although the Democrats still tell that lie, especially A dam “Liar” Schiff.

Veteran journalist Brit Hume went so far as to say the mainstream media’s narrative was the “worst journalistic fiasco”  he had ever witnessed in his life.

The entire lie collapsed when Robert Mueller finally released his report and he said that they were unable to find any collusion between Russia and Trump or any of his campaign workers. Mueller tried to brighten up the report by saying they could not prove there was no collusion.

Maher said:

“But did they involve themselves with other countries? I feel like, yes, we play dirty politics, but we always had one rule: no ringers, keep it in the family, do what you do, but don’t bring in the guy from Russia.”

“Look, a lot of this stuff we found out or we’re finding out was reported erroneously.” 

From The Blaze

Maher presented his theory that Trump was “both an idiot and crazy.” Maher brought up Trump’s quote from the 2016 campaign trail, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

“We, like, thought that it had to be more of a conspiracy. It may turn out that most of it really was just what he did in public,” Maher said. “When I look back, I’m like ‘Wow, we lived through this?'”

China Has A New Ap To Make Sure No One Criticizes The CCP, That Could Lead To American Commerce

China Has A New Ap To Make Sure No One Criticizes The CCP, That Could Lead To American Commerce

China has launched a new app that will allow citizens to report others who criticize the ruling Chinese Communist Party or question its account of history online.

“Released by China’s cyber regulator, along with a similar hotline, the app aims to crack down on ‘historical nihilists’ ahead of the Party’s 100th anniversary in July, the regulator said in a statement on Friday,” Dialy Mail Uk reported.

An arm of Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said the app and hotline will allow and encourage citizens to report fellow internet users who spread ‘mistaken opinions’ online in order to create a ‘good public opinion atmosphere’.

Such offenses would include ‘distorting’ the Party’s history, attacking its leadership and policies, defaming national heroes and ‘deny the excellence of advanced socialist culture’ online, the notice said.

“For a while now, some people with ulterior motives… have spread historically nihilistic false statements online, maliciously distorting, slandering and denying Party, national and military history in an attempt to confuse people’s thinking.

‘We hope that the majority of Internet users will actively play their part in supervising society … and enthusiastically report harmful information,’ it said.

‘Historical nihilism’ is a phrase used in China to describe public doubt and skepticism over the Chinese Communist Party’s description of past events.

China’s internet is tightly censored and most foreign social media networks, search engines and news outlets are banned in the country.


If you’re unfamiliar with “historical nihilism” here’s a little background. It’s China’s term for public skepticism about the Communist Party’s version of past events. It’s an expression that has been getting a lot of play in China in recent years, since the Party launched a campaign against historical nihilism – basically, against anything critical of the Party’s legacy, its past leaders or its leadership.

However, the term is like water off a duck’s back to Professor Robert Bickers, from the history department of Britain’s University of Bristol.

“I am very pleased to be labeled a historical nihilist – that’s now forbidden in China. It’s one of the seven ‘don’t speaks’ on university campuses and basically what it means is doing history properly, critically, assessing the facts,” Bickers told an audience in Hong Kong.


According to asia.nikkei.com:

The Communist Party of China will commemorate its 100th anniversary in July, as the country largely succeeds in containing the coronavirus and experiences a robust economic recovery.

But congratulatory remarks are hardly being heard from the rest of the world — the CPC under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping is reinforcing its one-party rule even at the risk of friction with foreign governments.

The atmosphere in the Huairen Hall in Zhongnanhai, a former imperial garden in Beijing where top CPC leaders have their offices, was filled with tension on Dec. 24 and 25 when Xi, who also serves as president of China, gathered the CPC’s 25 Politburo members there for a “Democratic Life Meeting” session.

Such a meeting is not an occasion for party cadres to discuss problems in daily life in a democratic manner. It is a rather a gathering where participants criticize themselves as well as their superiors and colleagues and reportedly started by Mao Zedong to expose his political foes.

Since taking the reins of China in 2012, Xi has placed emphasis on the meeting. The theme of the latest session was to “earnestly learn the thought of unique socialism in China in the new age of Xi Jinping.”

State-controlled China Central Television aired each of the 25 Politburo members reporting to Xi. They must have pledged fidelity to him.

It was likely no coincidence that on the first day of the meeting, the State Administration for Market Regulation, China’s antimonopoly watchdog, began an investigation into Chinese electronic commerce giant Alibaba Group.


Alibaba Group Holding Limited, also known as Alibaba Group and Alibaba.com, is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, and technology

>Is there Alibaba in USA?NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd BABA. … U.S. merchants, previously able to only buy on Alibaba.com, can now also sell to other U.S.-based businesses on the marketplace. Roughly one-third of buyers on Alibaba.com are U.S.-based. More than 95% of sellers come from China.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd BABA.N will allow small U.S. businesses to sell on Alibaba.com, the company said on Tuesday, as it seeks to tap into the business-to-business e-commerce market and fend off rivals like Amazon.com Inc AMZN.O

ARREST: [VIDEO)] BLM-New Black Panthers, Activists Storm Iowa Capitol With Intent To Harm, In Planned Organized Uprising

ARREST: [VIDEO)] BLM-New Black Panthers, Activists Storm Iowa Capitol With Intent To Harm, In Planned Organized Uprising

A group of organized Community Organizers and activists from a Facebook group called New Black Panther Nation of Minnesota attended a planned rally and storming of the Iowa State Capitol to protest bills they did not like, resulting in the arrest of one participant on Thursday.

A Facebook poster who identifies as Cortez Rice, an activist from Minneapolis MN, posted hour-long footage of the planned rally called “Kill the Bill,” where a small group of participants had a rally in support of George Floyd, claiming they wanted to defund the police and also “kill voting” bills that were being discussed at the Iowa State Capitol on Thursday.

Frequently in the view, Rice is heard saying that if the group didn’t get what they wanted, they would shut down the Capitol.

In a shorter video that went viral, the arrest is seen of a young Black girl who is identified as a “High School student”:

In Rice’s video is the before and aftermath of the arrest, showing the group discussing radical Marxist tactics to push for defunding the police, as well as a list of other demands the far-left political organizing group wanted, as inspired by the actions of Community Organizers in Georgia, who have started a determined Marxist campaign against the State government there over voting rights bills.

It is unknown if this is a copycat or if Rice is coordinating with the Georgia uprisings, Sen. Warnock, and Activist Stacy Abrams.


In the video, a group is seen and heard talking about numerous issues they have while rallying on the capitol’s steps while laying on the ground at the Capitol and organizing on the outside grounds. It is clear that the group intended to take over the Capitol area for their demands and to prevent people from using the building for business.

Rice claims, in a press release the event for Thursday was a combination of social justice events, including anger over the death of an infant, voting bills, and the trial for the death of George Floyd.

In another release for the New Black Panthers, Rice focuses on the death of an infant.

Thursday, April 8, 2021, at 4:30 PM EDT – 5 PM EDT
Price: Free · Duration: 30 min
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

The New Black Panther Nation Minnesota will be holding a Press Release 4/8/21 at the scene where a shooting took place that nearly murdered a 1 year old infant.

The Local Chairman Of The New Black Panther Nation Minnesota brother Nasiy Nasir says…
“You can’t speak about white crime when it’s more crime within our community amongst each other”.
After shots fired at a vehicle in St. Paul, the toddler was taken to hospital with a minor injury. A 1-year-old girl suffered a minor injury when someone fired gunshots at a vehicle on St. Paul’s East Side, police said.
Doctors weren’t able to determine if the child had a graze wound from a bullet or if she was cut by glass from a broken vehicle window on Monday afternoon, according to a police report.
Police are investigating what led to the incident on the border of the Eastview and Conway neighborhoods.

Officers were dispatched to White Bear Avenue and Conway Street at about 4:15 p.m. on multiple reports of a shooting. They found an unoccupied sedan in the middle of the street and numerous bullet casings at the scene said Sgt. Natalie Davis, a police spokeswoman.”


Another video account of the events:

Some people might call this an insurrection. This story is developing.



Prominent Democrats’ Farrakhan Ties Resurface After Capitol Attacker Revealed as Nation of Islam Follower

Prominent Democrats’ Farrakhan Ties Resurface After Capitol Attacker Revealed as Nation of Islam Follower

After it was revealed that the attacker at the Capitol was a Black Muslim rather than a white Christian the news media either dropped the story or did not reveal the attacker’s race or religion. But as it has been revealed that Noah

Green, the attacker is a follower of Louis Farrakhan it is reminding people of how many Democrats have close ties to Farrakhan including James Clyburn, D-S.C., Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill, Sen. Raphael Warnock, and Rep Maxine Waters.

The deceased suspect, Noah Green, included photos and videos of Nation of Islam rallies on his Facebook page. He also identified himself as a Follower of Farrakhan on his Facebook page.

Green was killed by a Capitol Police officer after he had already killed on cop and has a second one fighting for his life. He rammed the barricades surrounding the US Capitol and then he got out of his car with a knife and that’s when he was shot.

Democrats with connections to0 Farrakhan and their ties are:

From Fox News

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., shared a stage with Farrakhan in 2011. After the event, Clyburn told the Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s media arm, that he was “not bothered in the least bit” by people criticizing his appearance with Farrakhan. Clyburn’s office didn’t immediately return Fox News’ request for comment. 

Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill, praised Farrakhan in 2018 as “an outstanding human being” who “does outstanding things.” Davis also said he wasn’t bothered by Farrakhan’s position on “the Jewish question,” before later mildly distancing himself from the Nation of Islam leader. 

Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has also spoken positively about Farrakhan’s group. Warnock, in 2013, said the Nation of Islam’s “voice has been important for the development of Black theology.” Warnock’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment. 

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, has longstanding ties to Farrakhan and was seen on video hugging the Nation of Islam leader. \

Farrakhan praised suicide bombers:

“The Palestinians have nothing to defend themselves with, so they’re so exhausted and exasperated, think about that, strapping bombs to themselves, making themselves a weapon.” 

“And then for the world to get upset because Iran or somebody is trying to send them some weapons. Wait a minute. If you were Jewish and you saw unarmed Jews being persecuted, wouldn’t you come to your brothers’ aid? Do you expect Muslims to see their brothers suffering like that and not come to their aid?” 

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

What’s He Hiding? Georgia’s Secretary of State Raffensperger Petitions Court – Prefers State Not be Forced to Hand Over Ballots for Audit

One has to wonder why Georgia Secretary of State opposes auditors to review the ballots as they investigate the 2020 election in Fulton County.

He only wants them to review the images and not the actual ballots.

He has notified the judge of his desire and asked him to prevent the auditors from seeing the actual ballots.  It has been my experience that someone who is innocent does not worry about the facts being looked at.

Raffensperger changed the rules of counting ballots because of an agreement he made with Hillary and DNC attorney Marc Elias. That in itself does not pass the smell test. He is up for reelection and voters are not happy with him and with Gov Brian Kemp.

Should the auditors find massive fraud, he is finished and that might be why he is trying to hide the ballots.

The judge will decide on the request later in the month.

Per a report from creative destruction media from yesterday:

GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger seems like he has a secret. The man in charge of ensuring fair elections in the Peach State really doesn’t want anyone looking at the actual ballots from the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Fair election activists from VoterGA.org have worked hard and succeeded in gaining access to ballots from Fulton County, GA for a forensic audit. A judge will rule on the procedures later this month.

This is scaring the pants off those who enabled the massive election fraud in November’s general election and the GA Senate run-off in January.

We have seen the same obstruction of justice in Maricopa County, AZ and other swing-states which were hit by fraud.

The GA Secretary of State’s office filed an amicus brief yesterday in support of corrupt Fulton County election officials.

Raffensperger op0ened an investigation into Trump’s phone call even though he knew the news reports lied about what Trump said. He later deleted the recording but a copy of that video was found on a laptop computer.

It was later revealed that Raffensperger and his office lied.

The people of Georgia really need to dump this guy.

The audit will be done with the help of Jovian Pulitzer, the inventor of the bar code and many other technical aids.

Deep State Rod Rosenstein Now Admits He Talked with Andrew McCabe About Recording President Trump — After Lying During Senate Testimony

Deep State Rod Rosenstein Now Admits He Talked with Andrew McCabe About Recording President Trump — After Lying During Senate Testimony

The former head of the DOJ and accomplished liar Rod Rosenstein who epitomizes the swamp, has finally admitted that he committed perjury in his Senate testimony when he alleged that he did not offer to wear a wire to spy on President Trump.

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono asked Rosenstein about whether he had offered to0 wear the wire and also whether he floated the idea of implementing the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.

Rosenstein told her that he never suggested using the 25th Amendment despite several sources that swear he did. But he has in the past denied categorically that he never suggested that he wear a wire.

I guess it is a rule among Democrats to confess to only one lie at a time.

Rosenstein is the one who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate Trump even though he knew the whole thing was a hoax.

Rosenstein also signed documents extending Mueller’s reach at least one time after Mueller went beyond his mandate.

But at the same time that he was boosting the investigation into Trump he ignored the fact that Hillary Clinton was the source for the largest data breach ever by a cabinet officer by using an illegal server to hide her pay-for-play scheme and other possible crimes.

Rosenstein is now admitting he talked with Andrew McCabe about recording President Trump.
The Washington Examiner reported:

In his first TV interview since leaving the Trump administration in May 2019, Rosenstein told FOX 5 that there was talk of recording the 45th president for the inquiry but denied that he ever intended to wear a “wire” during the turbulent days that followed Trump firing FBI Director James Comey in 2017 before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

“I had a conversation with Andrew McCabe about an investigation that he was conducting involving the president. And there was a discussion about whether or not the president would be recorded in the course of that investigation. I never intended to wear a wire, and I think that if Mr. McCabe asked me to wear a wire, we would’ve had to reconsider the whole thing. Because you can’t run an investigation and serve as a witness,” Rosenstein said in an episode of the Siege on Democracy podcast published last month.

McCabe, Comey’s deputy who became acting FBI director for a couple months after the firing, made headlines in February 2019, when he corroborated reporting that claimed Rosenstein offered to wear a recording device while talking to other officials to tape Trump secretly.

Update: Trump Sent a Cease-and-Desist to the RNC Demanding They Stop Using His Name

Update: Trump Sent a Cease-and-Desist to the RNC Demanding They Stop Using His Name

Lawyers for Donald Trump have sent a cease and desist letter to the RNC, demanding that they quit using Donald Trump’s name in fundraising letters. The letters were also sent to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). President Trump plans on fundraising between now and 2024 whether he runs for president or wants to make contributions to candidates he endorses.

The letters can be confusing and lead people to believe they are donating to Trump instead of organizations that will fight for establishment Republicans, something that Trump would not favor. Once they contribute to those organizations, they may not feel the need to contribute legitimately to Trump. The cease and desist letter also covers displaying the likeness of Trump in order to urge people to contribute.

Politico also reported that:

“Trump was furious that his name has been bandied about by organizations that help Republicans who voted to impeach him — without his permission. Trump, who made his fortune in licensing, has always been sensitive to how his name has been used to fundraise and support members, even while in office.”

On Friday the RNC sent out two mailers using Trump’s name including one that asked people to sign a thank you card for President Trump:

“President Trump will ALWAYS stand up for the American People, and I just thought of the perfect way for you to show that you support him! As one of President Trump’s MOST LOYAL supporters, I think that YOU, deserve the great honor of adding your name to the Official Trump ‘Thank You’ Card.”

From The Gateway Pundit

The second urged people to hurry up and sign the “card” and give them money.

The report says that insiders are privately saying that it would be impossible not to use his name because of how popular he is with the Republican base.

“President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and electing America First conservatives, but that doesn’t give anyone – friend or foe – permission to use his likeness without explicit approval,” a Trump adviser told Politico.