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Antifa Storms ‘Residential Area’: Attack Police Officers, Reportedly Doxx Woman

Antifa rioters reportedly stormed a residential neighborhood on Friday night, where they attacked the police and continued their long streak of violence. If Portland had a mayor or a police chief this would not be happening. Ted Wheeler, the figurehead simply ignores the violence.

The mob was making its way towards the police union building that they had attacked before, so the police tried to head them off. as a result, Antifa started shooting commercial fireworks, throwing rocks, bottles and chunks of concrete at the police officers.

as a result, the police declared an unlawful assembly and announcements were made and the mob was ordered to disburse. The police had to move in to disburse the crowd and they were attacked again. It must be hell being a police officer in Portland, Seattle or Chicago where the police cannot do anything to stop the attacks like they would in a city with a Republican mayor.

Reporter Andy Ngo, who recently testified before the Senate as an expert on Antifa posted a video of the action:

I would be willing to approve building walls around Portland and Seattle to keep whatever it is they’ve got from spreading and face masks just won’t do it. If you have a grievance and you want to protest it, I’m down with that. But you lose me when you loot, burn buildings and assault people.



  1. LenorJohnson

    August 20, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Bring the army in to stop this shit

  2. Christopher A Harper

    August 23, 2020 at 5:47 pm


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