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Atheist Transgender Activist Wants All (Your) Children Put On Puberty Blockers Until THEY Can Decide Their Gender!

There are some stories that can be skimmed over, and those who reject the topics, they go into the mental wastebasket to never be thought of again.

Transvestite, crossdressers, transgender, or whatever title people want to use, are the result of Gender Dysphoria and/or Gender Identity Disorders (GID), and there is a very small number of humans dealing with this mental disorder.

Even with extensive data and human history available for review, public facilities, such as libraries and even PBS, allow them access to small children. Trans book readings for children at the library and PBS cartoon characters, such as Arthur, have been used to introduce homosexual marriages etc to their very young audience. Disney TV has gone full-blown LGBTQABC123 which is why I cancelled my subscription.

A popular transgender activist recently called for all children to be put on puberty blockers until they are able to decide which gender they want to be. They all are promoting the idea of “born that way”, even though there is no science to substantiate their claims.

Lauren McNamara, born Zachary Antolak in 1989, now known as Lauren McNamara, and known by his followers as “Zinnia Jones, is an atheist American commentator who has “posted numerous videos critical of religion, especially in regards to its attitudes towards LGBT people. Zinnia is openly transgender and has been on hormone replacement therapy since September 2012.”

McNamara, argues that children should be legally able to consent to the administration of puberty blockers since they already de facto consent to the “permanent and irreversible changes” that come naturally through puberty.

“If children can’t consent to puberty blockers which pause any permanent changes even with the relevant professional evaluation, how can they consent to the permanent and irreversible changes that come with their own puberty with no professional evaluation whatsoever?”

McNamara continued, “an inability to offer informed consent or understand the long-term consequences is actually an argument for putting every single cis and trans person on puberty blockers until they acquire that ability.”

To summarize – McNamara promotes; children are subjected to their bodies developing which they should be allowed to intervene (consent) stopping the genetics from fully developing. And since they must be allowed to make this decision, why not allow them to change genders, identity, during the same time. Thus to stop anyone from preventing this from happening, the culture should put all children on purity blockers, until they decide what they want to allow their body to end up as.

In the end, mentally ill parents who think their child is a different gender pressuring them, gender confusion leading to suicide, accidental sterilization etc.

The only solution, let the children develop and encourage them to live their life to the fullest with the body and gender they were assigned at birth.

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