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ATF Agents and a Delaware State Trooper Show Up Man’s House and Demands to See His Guns Without a Warrant [VIRAL VIDEO]

ATF agents show up wanting to inspect his guns without a warrant.

A man in Delaware was relaxing at home when two ATF agents and a Delaware state trooper showed up at his house and demanded to see the three new guns he purchased without a warrant. They showed up wearing tactical gear and all of his neighbors could see them and wonder what was going on. That can become most embarrassing. The ATF agents said that if he would show them his guns they would leave.

The agents claimed that they just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t hiding a straw purchase.  He now admits that they had intimidated him, but now he questions the legality of the visit without a warrant. And the simple truth is that they could not get a search warrant because they had no probable cause. This seems to be intimidation on the part of the ATF. If you get a visit from them and they have no search warrant, it’s because they couldn’t get one. Order them off your property.

One of the agents said:

“The idea is when you purchase more than two guns at a time, it generates multiple sale reports. It comes to us, and we have to check them out.”

“The reason we’re out here is we’re obviously gun and violence [have] been an uptick, so we want to make sure… we’ve been having a lot of issues with straw purchases.”

“All I’m doing is verifying that you have it, you got two different purchases. If you have them, I’m out of here. That’s how quick it is. Yeah. Do you have them with you by any chance?”

From The Gateway Pundit

“It just came up. We came here… There’s an email from the federal side saying can you make sure this guy’s got his guns. If you recently purchased a whole bunch of guns, if we can look at them and just scratch them off,” one of the agents said.

More from Armed American News:

The homeowner believes he was coerced into giving his consent for what was legally a search of his property, even though no enforcement action was taken against him.

Since the ATF agents did not have a search warrant – they lacked probable cause to obtain one – they had to rely upon extracting consent from the homeowner.

When the courts consider consent, they look at its voluntariness – whether consent was freely given or coerced. They also consider whether the defendant knew he had a right to refuse. Other factors like the time of day and the officers’ demeanor and uniforms can also be considered by the court.

They pushed hard. They were clearly in a hurry, and the threat they might have to return was menacing.

“I was embarrassed,” the homeowner said. “My neighbors saw the whole thing – guys in these police vests standing in my yard. I was really uncomfortable. I felt really confused, like I was in some way being accused of something even though I didn’t commit a crime. It was quite embarrassing. I knew they couldn’t come in, but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to get put on some watch list. We just got new gun laws here. I didn’t want them coming back again. I felt like they were invading my privacy.”

Read the rest here.

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