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Associated Press Says Riot at Capitol Building Was Coordinated Using Twitter. Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Them To Be Banned Too

It now comes out, after the Democrats wrongly impeached the president for inciting the riot that took place at the Capitol building on January 6, that the FBI did warn law enforcement agencies before the attack at the Capitol that there would be potential violence, according to the Associated Press.

During and after the riot, the Fake News media pushed the argument that President Trump incited the violence that took place and those lies were used as the excuse for the tech tyrants to ban him from their platforms.  Facebook initially suspended his account for about a week. Twitter permanently banned not on President Donald Trump’s personal account @realDonaldTrump, but they banned the POTUS account as well.  Many others who supported Trump’s allegations that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election were also banned.

And the tech giants weren’t through.  Google and Apple attacked Parler by removing their app from their app stores.  They purported that the free speech platform was used to coordinate the assault on the Capital.  It’s funny that the Associated Press did a random act of journalism and reported that Twitter was also used to coordinate the attack om the Capitol building.

“Defense and National Guard officials, including McCarthy, have said in interviews over the past several days they were told by D.C. that they believed the protests would be similar to the ones on Nov. 14 and Dec. 12. And they said that federal law enforcement authorities said that there was activity on Twitter, but that they weren’t expecting the level of violence they ultimately saw last Wednesday.”

So there was activity on Twitter that matched what was done on Parler.  I haven’t yet heard Google or Apple dropping Twitter’s app from their store.  It seems to me that the fact that people were using both platforms to coordinate the attack on the Capitol wasn’t really the reason why they went after Parler.  If that were the case they should have gone after Twitter as well.  The reason they went after Parler is that Parler is known as a safe haven for conservatives who value free speech.  Twitter is known as a leftist haven that values free speech… but only for other leftists.

It wasn’t bad enough that they kicked conservatives off of their platform and the ones who are still there they treat very badly with shadowbanning and censoring of all kinds and types but now they don’t even want conservatives to have their own space to communicate in America.  Fascism and communism have two things in common: they silence the opposition.

Even Amazon who not only sells books and products on their website they also run Amazon Web Services which is a hosting company for websites. They joined the other Silicon Valley dictators and kicked Parler off their hosting platform. The excuse they gave was that Parler was incapable of removing posts that were threatening violence. That’s misleading and should be censored on Twitter and Facebook.  Kidding.  I know for a fact that Parler was very active in removing such posts.

The left wants you to believe their narrative that it is the conservatives who are all barbarians and that they are for violence and that they let people do any damn thing they want.  The reality is they are projecting what leftists are like.  Conservatives aren’t the ones who were rioting all summer long.  That was the violent Left.  Conservative leaders weren’t the ones who were allowing it to continue by not lifting a finger to stop the carnage against their own constituents in neighborhoods throughout Democrat-run cities all summer long.  That was the Democrats.

The three tech tyrants have a decision to make if they want to be seen as consistent.  Either restore Parler to use their services or ban Twitter the same way they banned Parler.  Now that we have evidence that Twitter did the same thing but did not suffer the same fate, Parler can sue all three tech tyrants involved for discrimination.

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