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Ashli Babbitt Family Attorney To File $10 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Capitol Police Officer

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

A Capitol Police officer “ambushed” unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt and shot her during the January 6 riot at the Capitol building according to the Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts.

RealClear Investigations reported that Roberts is preparing a lawsuit for wrongful death seeking over $10 million in damages against the Capitol Police and the officer who fired his weapon killing Babbitt.

Roberts told the outlet that he has collected evidence revealing the Capitol Police plainclothes lieutenant remained silent before shooting Babbitt even though the shooter’s attorney has said that his client screamed warnings for Babbitt to stop before opening fire as she attempted to breach a barricaded door inside the Capitol Building.

From what everyone concerned about her murder saw on the videos that captured the incident and circulated the Internet, Babbitt was crouching up on a windowsill of a door where the glass was already broken and she was just looking into the hallway. She wasn’t a threat to anyone.

The Babbit family attorney said the Capitol Police officer not only failed to give Babbitt any verbal warning, but he “ambushed” her from the side where she could not see he had taken up position in a hall doorway where he drew his weapon. She had no idea he was aiming his firearm at her.

“It’s not debatable,” Roberts said.” There was no warning.”

Video shows the officer was off to the side ofthe screen, halfway in and out of a doorway, holding a gun, and Babbitt crouching, making her way through broken glass-paneled doors.

The officer’s lawyer claimed his client’s shouts could not be seen in video because his mouth was covered with a mask he was wearing because of COVID.

The problem with that story, according to Roberts, is that the video footage his team reviewed shows the other offices didn’t react like they heard any shouting on their side of the doors.

“Those other officers were within earshot. If he’s yelling, they certainly aren’t showing any reaction to it,” Roberts told the outlet. “If he was giving any kind of warning, why didn’t they react?”

Babbitt was shot as she was trying to go through a door leading to the Speaker’s Lobby as the Capitol Police got members of Congress out of the area during the assault.

If nothing else, the shooter acted recklessly as there were multiple police officers in the landing a mere three feet behind Babbit when she was shot. The shooter must have seen them because they were dressed in all black military gear with weapons drawn.

Ashli was taken to Washington Hospital Center, where she succumbed to the injuries she sustained from a .40-caliber bullet.

Neither Babbitt nor the killer cop was mentioned during the 3-and-a-half-hour hearing held by the Pelosi Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the January 6 riot, everything except the murder of Babbitt.

The fact that Pelosi’s hand-picked panel refused to mention Babbitt’s shooting infuriated her family and a country full of Republicans who continue to believe that the Capitol Police are covering up the circumstances that led to Babbitt’s death.

That cop the Democratic Party is protecting was the only person who fired a weapon during the entire Capitol riot on January 6.

Back in April, Merrick Garland’s Department of Two Tiered Justice refused to charge the officer with the shooting of Babbitt, saying “there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal prosecution” after a supposed investigation. Right, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.

Roberts maintains that there was no reason for the officer to use deadly force on Babbit, as the situation could have been handled by less force like arresting and detaining the Air Force veteran with handcuffs.

“I would call what he did an ambush,” Roberts said. “I don’t think he’s a good officer. I think he’s reckless.”

The Democrats have always believed in a two tiered system of justice; one for them and one for the rest of us. I believe the Democrats are covering for the Capitol Police officer because they planned (probably before January 6) to use the event to attack Republicans to make them look bad for the 2022 midterm elections. The murder of a Trump supporter during the riot would have taken the wind out of the Democrats’ corrupt sails to push the idea that a two-and-a-half hour riot that didn’t even stop what the Democrats wanted to do that day was an “insurrection.”

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