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As Washington Post Pushes Communism for Youth, Real Life “Mulan” is Arrested by CCP in Hong Kong

Agnes Chow, a young freedom fighter in Hong Kong was arrested for leading a youth movement to protect the struggling sovereign country from the invasion of the Chinese Communist Party, and at the same time, an American Media giant is promoting Communism as good for the region’s youth.

“The Chinese Communist Party is continuing to reward and coerce American businesses, movie studios, universities, think tanks, scholars, journalists, and local, state, and federal officials to influence the public debate here in America,” Vice President Mike Pence said in 2019.

It is possible that the Washington Post falls into that category.

“Democracy dies in Darkness,” is the Washington Post’s motto, however, they often promote the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology, supporting the very political party mechanisms that are sweeping up a youth freedom movement in Hong Kong.  The CCP is also stifling the pro-democracy media there.

The Washington Post is supportive of the CCP’s new sweeping National Security Law which puts a target on the back of independent journalists and activists, who want to hold on to their independence from China.

One of the leading organizers of protests against the CCP in Hong Kong is Agnes Chow, a Chinese born 23 year old who gave up her British citizenship to fight for Hong Kong, getting national notoriety.

According to the BBC:

“Chow was one of a handful of activists and media figures arrested this week under a controversial new security law imposed by Beijing. She was detained on a charge of “colluding with foreign forces” – if convicted, she could face up to life in jail.

She’s now been released on bail, but her arrest prompted an outpouring of support, with many tweeting the hashtag #FreeAgnes.”

Chow had warned her supporters that she might be arrested for her activism to keep Hong Kong liberated from the Chinese Communist Party control.

She posted on June 25  about the new National Security Law that she suspected would help make the case for her arrest.

“According to media reports, the China NPC Standing Committee is likely to pass the National Security Law at a meeting held on 28th and 30th of this month. If the law goes into effect in July, I and my colleagues may be arrested and may be taken to a “special detention agency” in Hong Kong or China. It’s a so-called life problem,” Chow posted.

Reaction to her arrest was swift. Supporters turned to Social media to post their concern.

“Arrests of #AgnesChow & others under #HongKong Nat’l Sec. Law confirms #UN Rapporteurs’ concern that enforcement of vague law may constitute arbitrary detention. Int’l coordination needed on sanctions & other actions to protect rights, including the UN,” said The US Congressional-Executive Commission on China that was created to monitor human rights & rule of law.

Supporters of Chow are calling her the real-life Mulan, who is a character from a very popular Disney movie, who saved China.

Mulan is the story of a young woman who dresses as a man to help save her Father and China from invaders

In an ironic twist, it is the Washington Post that is promoting Communism for youth.  The Washington Post often posts positive messaging about the CCP.

Apparently Washington Post doesn’t have a local office in Hong Kong and have overlooked a large youth movement.

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