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As Violent Crime Soars Across the Country George Soros Gives $1 Million to Group Fighting to Defund the Police

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Radical leftist billionaire George Soros poured $1 million into a political action committee (PAC) that supports the Defund the Police movement even though violent crime is skyrocketing throughout the country right now.

Soros granted a million dollars to the Color Of Change PAC, according to Federal Election Commission files obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

This group defines itself as the country’s largest online racial justice organization “focused on building Black political power, uplifting Black voices, and celebrating Black joy.” I bet you never heard of them.

Color of Change president Rashad Robinson has said that he doesn’t just want to defund the police, he wants them abolished all together. He’s nuts.

“Policing is a violent institution that must end,” Robinson said. “We imagine a country where there is enough money to educate our children, care for our sick and feed those who are financially unstable. Defunding the police allows for this vision.”

It’s funny that most black people disagree with him because they like police in their neighborhood going after bad guys.

Robinson was all in when the bar scene in Star Wars, otherwise known as the Minnesota City Council, said they wanted to disband the city’s police department back in June 2020. The moon bats then said they wanted to replace police with a “transformative new model for cultivating safety.”

Then they voted to get rid of the police department but keep the police.

“Today’s announcement of a vote to disband the Minneapolis Police Department is a historic moment, brought about by the tireless activism of thousands of protesters who have put their lives on the line for nearly two weeks,” Robinson said. “This is the power of black activism.”

This is the power of stupidity is more like it.

“This is not a time for tweaking or tinkering – it’s time to start over,” Robinson went on. “Minneapolis has taken the first step towards remaking public safety in a way that protects black lives and invests in black and brown communities. We hope cities across the country follow.”

And then crime skyrocketed in Minneapolis. When the damage they inflicted was generating expected results, the morons on the Minneapolis City Council tried to repair the damage by approving $6.4 million in extra funding for cops.

City Council members who voted to eliminate the police department had the audacity to ask, “Where are the police?” They also had the audacity to hire private security after voting to defund the police.

City Residents sued the city over the rising crime due to the lack of police on the streets and at the beginning of this month a judge ordered the city of Minneapolis to hire more cops.

The same Color Of Change idiots referred to the NYPD as a military with an “arsenal of chemical weapons, tanks, sniper units, surveillance towers, and sound grenades, they look more like an army prepared for war than a city police department.”

“When we begin to invest in social services, public health infrastructure, quality mental health programs, and community-based alternatives to policing, Black communities will grow to be safer and healthier,” the far-left organization said. “So that’s why we’re calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to immediately reduce the NYPD’s budget by $1 billion and invest that into community-based alternatives.”

Thanks to the incompetent leadership of NYC Mayor Bil de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a giant surge in violent crimes happened this summer, and when you compare this summer to last summer you find that shootings went up about 22 percent, sex crimes up 24 percent, grand larceny rose 24 percent, and hate crimes rose a whopping 110 percent. This is all according to the NYPD’s compstat data.

Robinson apparently won’t admit that though he may have some legitimate beefs with police that he was wrong to demand that police be abolished. That is unless he doesn’t care that people living in black communities where police has been attacked by politicians are getting harmed by the rising crime rates. Could it be that Color of Change is willing to let black people be innocent victims of crime just push its agenda?

George Soros has done multiple projects to weaken our policing, our communities, and out laws. He did a project to get radical progressives elected to secretary of state offices in as many states as possible knowing they would rig election laws to favor Democrats and election fraud. He gave money to fund radical progressive candidates for district attorney knowing they would not prosecute certain crimes for one race of people while prosecuting others. He has funded Defund the Police candidates as well.

Soros gave $2 million to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón’s campaign because he promised he would get rid of cash bail and not prosecute gangs for guns or ask for the death penalty no matter how heinous the crime.

The America-hating billionaire spent close to $2 million to get Larry Krasner, the progressive district attorney in Philadelphia elected. Under his watch, Philadelphia has the highest murder rate per capita among the top ten largest cities in the country. In Philadelphia, where I was born and raised, the homicide rate rose 25 percent this year.

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