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As Chuck Schumer Continues to Complain About GOP Using Dark Money A Schumer-Aligned Dark Money Group Raked In Record $92 Million

One of the most despicable members of the US Senate is the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). To me, he always looks like he’s having an evil orgasm. His whole schtick is to invent a problem for any particular group of people and claim that he and the Democratic Party can fix it for them, but the evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, ista-phobe-phoba-phobic-istaphobe Republicans want them to suffer. Meanwhile, there was no legitimate problem to begin with.

For example, every week, Schumer tweets out that today would be a great day to forgive student loan debt. He virtue-signals that the government could pay off everyone’s college tuition debt, and he goes on to make it sound like college graduates cannot start their lives while they have to pay off the student loan(s) that they legally took out by signing a contract with a bank.

What Schumer doesn’t say is that if the government goes through with such a pandering scheme, every other taxpayer would then be on the hook to pay off all those student loans. I paid off my student loan and I don’t want to have to pay off other people’s student loans. And there is nothing wrong with thinking that way. I didn’t sign for the their loans, so why should my tax dollars have to pay for them?

There is a “dark money group” with ties to Senator Schumer that raked in a record $92 million in dark money from anonymous sources. While that was going on, Schumer slammed Republicans for using dark money. Democrats are the masters of using dark money.

Dark money is money spent on politics by nonprofit groups, 501 and 501(c) groups, etc., that are not required to disclose who donated. These types of organizations can take in unlimited donations from corporations, individuals, and unions. So, like everything else, Democrats abuse the system by getting leftist activist billionaires like George Soros to donate to a tax-exempt nonprofit group so that they don’t have to disclose it was him who allegedly donated the money.

Majority Forward is a nonprofit organization affiliated with Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC (Political Action Committee). Between July 2019 and June 2020, Majority Forward raked in $92 million, according to the most recent tax forms released.

In 2020, Majority Forward handed Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC $51 million. They were the largest donor to the Majority Leader’s PAC.

While on one hand Schumer himself got millions in dark money, and on the other hand he attacked Republicans for doing the same thing.

In an attempt to hide his darkness on the matter, Schumer urged the Seante to pass the For the People Act that has provisions in it that require political nonprofits to disclose who their donors are that donate over $10,000. Mark my works, now you will see donations coming in at $9,999.99 for Democrats.

Capital Research Center investigator Parker Thayer said, “Majority Forward is kind of a dark money empire that the Democrat Party really doesn’t want to talk about, especially Chuck Schumer.”

Thayer told Fox News, “The Democratic Party makes a big deal in public about getting rid of dark money, getting dark money out of politics, but the reality is even the New York Times is now reporting on this.”

Thayer pointed out the hypocrisy, telling Fox News, “Democrats use much more dark money than Republicans do, and they’re more than willing to take that funding as long as it benefits them, but they’ll still simultaneously call out conservatives and Republicans for using dark money as well.”

For example, according to a New York Times story, 15 of the most active Democrat dark money organizations outspent by a margin of $600 million more than the top 15 Republican groups. The 15 Democrat groups spent $1.5 billion during the 2020 election, compared to Republican groups that spent $900 million.

Yet, Democrats will openly complain about Republicans accepting dark money.

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