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Arrested! Peaceful Bannon Has A Message For The World: I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!

Steve Bannon, a political icon, and host of the War Room Pandemic Podcast had a message for the world on the very day he was arrested and led into the FBI building in Washington DC.

Just as his show’s cameraman filmed the opening of that morning’s episode, Bannon was seen arriving in a Black SUV, and then, mobbed by a crowd while making his way through excited reporters- he stopped and gave a brilliant message to his fans and followers, that they should remain on message in their activism, and continue to be positive about what Bannon describes as proof of their “winning” over historical government corruption.

The day before, President Donald J. Trump released a statement about the anticipated arrest, saying that no one had been treated by the establishment as poorly as Steve Bannon. Yet Bannon has never broken under the numerous attacks.

“Don’t take your eye off the ball of everything we do everyday. We are taking down the Biden administration.  I want you guys to stay focused and keep your eye on the ball,” Bannon said into the camera.


Interest in the story of what Bannon, a Navy Veteran, was facing was trending on social media on Monday with the hashtag #IstandWithBannon.In addition,  Bannon’s daughter, Maureen Bannon, an Army Veteran, appeared in unity, on the podcast as well and gave a riveting message from her Dad that she said was based on conversations she had with her Dad the day before:

The younger Bannon gave an inspiring, positive, and peaceful message about the actions of her Dad, which no doubt provided much comfort to the people who have come to depend upon the show and upon Bannon himself as the country’s top populist leader, at a time of their great suffering.

Bannon is being accused of orchestrating violence on Jan. 6th at the US Capitol. Yet, as the world is watching him be arrested and dragged into the FBI- when he could have called for violence, he called for a focus on peaceful activism.

The arrest of Bannon could have been a profoundly upsetting thing, except for the calm with which the two Bannon’s have conducted themselves, inspiring others to remain calm and positive.

“This was 100% him, because he didn’t want to let the War Room posse down. He had a smile on his face.  He has not yet begun to fight and they messed with the wrong person,” Bannon said.

The way the History channel tells the story about Jones, a Scottish born patriot:

“In 1775, the American Revolution broke out, and Jones — who could easily recall Britain’s cruel treatment of the Scots — sided with the colonists and joined the new Continental Navy.

With great skill and temerity, Jones began attacking British ships off the American coastline and expanded his operations from there. He captained the USS Providence, sailing to Nova Scotia and capturing British vessels.

Soon after, he took command of Ranger and set course to France, where his vessel was saluted by the French Admiral La Motte Piquet — the first American vessel ever to be recognized by a foreign power.

‘I have not yet begun to fight!’

In 1779 Jones would go down in history as one of the greatest naval commanders of the Revolutionary War. En route to raid British shipping, Jones’ warship, Bon Homme Richard (named after Benjamin Franklin), came head to head with the more powerful English warship HMS Serapis off the North Sea.

After three hours of relentless gun fire between the two vessels, Jones slammed Bon Homme into Serapis, strategically tying them together. Legend has it that when the British asked if Jones was ready to surrender, he famously responded:

“I have not yet begun to fight!”

After one of Jones’ naval officers tossed a grenade onto Serapis, causing severe damage, it was the British who ultimately surrendered. Jones’ surprise victory against the better-equipped British naval ship had turned him into an international hero.

And no doubt Bannon will continue to lead his movement for many days into the future.

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